DISCLAIMER: Teen Titans are not mine. If they were I would not have canceled the show

"Hey, Rae!" Beast Boy shouts, jumping over the back of the couch landing next to the dark empath. In response, she flips a page in the book she's reading. "Wanna hear a new joke?" the self -proclaimed jokester asks.

Raven sighs, "My name has two syllables, Beast Boy. Is it really that hard to remember the second one?"

"No, I just like calling you Rae, Rae." Beast Boy answers. "D'ya wanna play a game with me? You can pick."

"Sure, we can play the Quiet Game." The half-Demon replies sarcastically.

"You're no fun. C'mon play a game with me. Just one and I'll leave you alone. I Promise." The emerald joker swears.

"I said no, BB." Raven growls, unknowingly using Beast Boy's famed nickname. Beast Boy freezes up before grinning widely.

"You used my nickname!" He cries gleefully. Raven's right eye twitches.

"Beast Boy…" she warns.

"I knew it! You just couldn't resist my Charms." He brags.

"Beast Boy, leave me alone!" Raven roars, slightly aggravated. Beast Boy falls silent, and only then does Raven begin to feel guilty. But only a little bit. She turns away, before she can see the look on Beast Boy's face.

"Meow?" A tiny green paw pats her knee, but she ignores it. Beast Boy continues to mewl and try to get her attention. "Meow?" he tries yet again. Raven turns away to hide her ghost of a smile. The green kitten seems to take this as his permission, and climbs into her lap.

"Beast Boy, no." Raven says firmly. Her answer is a small rumbling sound. 'Is he…' Her suspicions are confirmed when he begins to purr louder. "No, Bad Kitty." She tells him firmly. She puts a hand on him to push him away, but he closes his eyes and nuzzles her hand. "W-We can play that game now." She stutters.

"*Nah. I think this is my new favorite activity.*" came the content reply. Instead of throwing him out the window, like she normally would, Raven timidly begins to pet the emerald kitten.

5 minutes later, the door opens, and then closes, but no one comes through. Robin backs out, deciding not to disturb the reading empath or the green changeling sleeping with his head in her lap, purring while she plays with his hair.