In this story Sam and Jake have never met. Also sorry about my grammar, and if I don't have commas in the right places. I am trying to get better at grammar though. Also if you haven't heard the song In Love With The Girl by Luke Bryan you should look it up. It is amazing!

Bryanna was the only one home, and was watching TV while Sam and Wyatt were out buying supplies. As she was flipping through the stations a commercial came on about a new reality TV show.

"Is your daughter twenty-two or older? Are you worried that she won't ever find true love? Well your worries are over. Send us a letter saying all you can about your daughter and if the guy likes it he will get her a plane ticket. She will then come to Farmington Kentucky. The girl must be twenty-one or older. But no older then twenty-five. To find more about what to do go to our website findlove. com. (This website is made up) the end date for the letters is tomorrow."

When the commercial was done Bryanna ran to the laptop, and typed in the website. As she read she noticed that the guy was named Jake Ely and that he seemed cute. It also said that he was a runner, rodeo star, and also starred in movies as rodeo champions. So of course he was rich. He lived on a farm in Kentucky. Bryanna clicked on what happen if she got picked. TV cameras would be everywhere except in bathrooms and bedrooms. The cameras would be there for the TV show so the people watching the show would know what was happening. After a couple of months Jake would pick the girl he wanted to marry. Bryanna liked the setup and started writing the letter.

Dear New TV Show,

I think I have the perfect girl. Her name is Sam and she grew up on a ranch her whole life. She is twenty-two and works hard. She loves horses, and every other animal you can name. In her free time she likes to ride and be with her horses. She trains horses for a living but doesn't make a ton of money. She is not a girly girl and loves to have fun. She hates wearing dresses, but loves her jeans. She loves kids and is one of the calmest people. She is very stubborn but in a good way. She has had a couple of accidents with riding. She got attacked by a cougar while riding. The worst one was when her old horse she fell off of it and he kicked her in the head. That's all.


She then attached a picture, and then printed a form about what you had to read, and sign. Bryanna signed the form since Sam didn't know about this. The form stated that Sam has to allow cameras to follow her. Also that she realized that anything they record goes on the TV.

Bryanna then sent everything through speed mail so it would get there in two hours.

Bryanna went into Sam's room to start packing for her when she noticed that Sam had no good clothes. In disgust Bryanna called one of her friends that was a fashion designer.

"Hey Gracie Sam is going to do one of those reality TV shows and she needs outfits so go shopping and get outfits that would work. The guy is twenty-five and Sam is twenty-two. He lives on a farm in Kentucky. I need you here in an hour." Bryanna hung up not giving her friend a chance to say one word. Bryanna then heard the doorbell ring two hours later and opened the door to find Gracie with at least two hundred shopping bags.

"Hi Bryanna go I got suitcases so I need you to put all of her shorts in one and everything else. I got her shorts which are short shorts of course and then some normal. I got her mini dresses and full length dresses. I got her some shirts that are all different. Then I got her some heels and other shoes. Skirts I got her miniskirts and then full length ones. I got her sunglasses, jewelry, oh and I got her makeup to wear."

Together they worked on putting everything in suitcases and smiled when it took up ten suitcases.

Sam then walked in and noticed the suitcases.

"Wow who is moving out?" Sam asked hoping that the answer was Cody was back from college.

"Sam you are leaving for Kentucky tomorrow morning so get ready for that and someone by the name of Ely's limo will pick you up. As soon as you get there they will give you a copy of what you are doing. The suitcases are all yours and you will be staying there for at LEAST six months." Bryanna smiled at Sam who was looking shocked.


The telephone rang just then and Bryanna ran to get it.


"Hi this is the reality TV show Sam has been accepted. She will leave at six in the morning tomorrow." The person hung up and Bryanna took Sam and made sure that Sam packed everything she needed while Sam had no idea what was happening.

I know this chapter was kinda boring but trust me this story will get way better!