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Jake went off going to look for some wood to build a shelter. Sam knew one thing when she was trying to clean her cuts on her back. This night was going to be a long night and interesting.

Sam sat against a tree waiting for Jake to come back with some wood to build a shelter. She tried to ignore the feeling of loneliness and the feeling of not being safe that she felt when Jake left. Not knowing what to do Sam made sure the cuts on her back were treated, and that they stopped bleeding. Hearing footsteps Sam looked up to see Jake walking toward her with a bunch of wood.

"Okay Sam I'm going to build the shelter, and I don't want you to help me because of your back/" Jake pleaded to Sam who rolled her eyes, but did as told not helping him.

After fifteen minutes of Sam twiddling her thumbs her thumbs to waste time Jake was done. Resisting the urge to say took you long enough Sam looked at Jake.

"Wow great job!" Sam told Jake whole was standing there admiring his work.

Jake had put five poles on the ground on one side close together, and did the same thing on the other side then laid big logs across them. (Hope that makes sense. I have no idea how to explain it. LOL)

Sam crawled into the little shelter and laid down exhausted.

"You coming in?" Sam asked Jake who looked uncomfortable.

"Yeah." Jake answered crawling in as far from Sam as possible. Sam ignored it, and tried to fall asleep which was easier said than done since she was laying on the hard cold ground, and her back was full of cuts. Knowing that she wasn't going to get any sleep she crawled out of the shelter, and went to explore the woods.

Sam made her way through the woods, and ended by a stream. Sitting down on the grass Sam watched the water flow freely. Watching the water made her think of the stream she always met the phantom at. For the first time since she got here Sam thought about the ranch, her horses, family, and the phantom. She realized how much she missed everything, and tears escaped her eyes.

Sam was thinking that she didn't belong here with all the other pretty girls. She felt like she was dreaming here, and not living in reality. Another sob came up, and Sam allowed it not wanting to push it back.

Sam heard footsteps coming her way, and she quickly tried to wipe away the tears and made herself stop crying.

"Sam! There you are. I woke up, and you weren't there I thought something happened." Jake told Sam walking to where she was, and sat down next to her.

"Sorry I couldn't sleep, and didn't want to wake you." Sam's voice came out weak and raspy which made Jake look at her face to see that it was tear stained and she had puffy red eyes.

"What are you so upset about?" Jake asked Sam rubbing the back of his neck in discomfort.

"Just thinking about how much I miss home. I miss the horses and my family." Sam told Jake hoping her voice sounded strong, but she even knew that it sounded weak.

"Oh." Was all Jake said looking like he wanted to bolt out of there the first chance he got.

"Yeah. Just to let you know I know that I'm not that pretty especially compared to the other girls. You can let me go anytime you want." Sam told Jake only half telling the truth. She did want to go back and see her family, but she also was starting to like Jake a little.

"You make the show entertaining, and you are the real one out of most of the girls. Sam any guy would be lucky to date you." Jake told Sam mumbling the last part that she almost didn't catch it.

"Thanks. I'm tired lets go back to the shelter." Sam told Jake walking back to the "camp."

Jake followed laughing to himself of how fiery this red head was. Sam crawled into the shelter followed by Jake. There were at least one or two feet apart, and Sam was cold.

"Jake I'm cold." Sam complained to Jake who rolled his eyes.

"Come here." He ordered Sam who did as told. Jake pulled Sam to him wrapping his arms around her waist. Both of them couldn't help but notice how perfectly their bodies fit together.

"I hope everyone knows we're fine." Sam mumbled to Jake before falling asleep feeling very comfortable against Jake.

"They do Sam. I called them telling them not to rescue us because I wanted to spend time with you." Jake told a sleeping Sam.

He kissed her forehead, and let sleep claim him.

Aw wasn't that cute of Jake. When he was in the woods getting wood he called back home, and told them don't come and get us because I want to spend some time with her. Well I hoped you liked this chapter. Big plans for the next one!