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"I hope everyone knows we're fine." Sam mumbled to Jake before falling asleep feeling very comfortable against Jake.

"They do Sam. I called them telling them not to rescue us because I wanted to spend time with you." Jake told a sleeping Sam.

He kissed her forehead, and let sleep claim him.

Sam woke up the next morning to see herself in Jake's arms. She blushed a deep red when she thought about sleeping here the whole night. Her back felt a lot better, and she could feel the cuts healing.

"Morning." A deep husky voice told Sam.

Sam looked up to see Jake looking down at her.

"Morning. Did you sleep okay?" When the question left Sam's mouth she did a mental face palm. Of course he didn't sleep well! He slept outside in the cold night air on hard ground.

"I slept fine. Does anything hurt from your fall?" Jake was worried that she had broken something by the way that she had fallen.

"Nope nothing. My back feels a lot better today too." Sam then realized that Jake still had his arm around her waist. Quickly she got out of it, and stood up.

"We should probably get back. They might send a search party if we don't get back soon." Truth to be told Sam didn't really want to go back to those girly girls, and the cameras following them.

Jake nodded and stood up brushing some dirt off of his clothes.

"How about I show you around my property before we go back?" Jake asked Sam who was already tacking up her horse, Lola.

"That sounds great actually! That way if I'm bored I can go trail back riding, and not have to worry about getting lost."

"Okay." Jake was worried about what Sam would say, but as soon as she agreed he felt relieved.

Jake tacked up his horse Witch and mounted as soon as Sam did. Jake started Witch at a nice trotting pace to warm up. Words weren't spoken until Jake came to a quick stop. Sam stopped quickly almost having Lola run into Witch.

"Why did we stop?" Sam asked Jake only to have Jake point to his left.

Sam followed his finger to see a small path on a tiny hill in front of them. Without waiting for Jake, Sam led her horse down the tiny path. The scene that was right in front of her – when she finished going down the hill – took her breath away.

It was like a magical land. On the side of the hill there was green grass and purple flowers. Once you got off the hill there was white sand that led up to a big pond that looked at least fifteen feet deep. To make it even better there was a huge oak tree that had a rope tied to it. You could swing off of it, and fall right into the pond.

"Jake this is amazing! It is so pretty. Can we stay here a little while? That pond is calling my name." Sam exclaimed dismounting Lola quickly.

"Sure. I like it here too." Jake dismounted and rolled up his pant legs, and took off his shirt before jumping in the pond.

Within the very few seconds that Sa m saw Jake shirtless she had to admit he was ripped.

'Stop it you shouldn't be thinking about that.' Sam scolded herself while making her way up to the rope. After rolling up her jeans Sam finally decided that it was best if she left her shirt on.

Grabbing the rope that she had to climb up a small tree to reach, Sam swung herself over the pond only to let go, and make a big splash.

"This is so awesome!" Sam exclaimed having a blast swinging and dropping into the pond.

After her fiftieth time swinging and landing in the pond Sam decided to splash Jake who was just lazily swimming.

"What was that for?" Jake asked his lazy tomcat grin in place.

"Nothing I just felt like it." Sam explained shrugging her shoulders.

"You're a brat. You know that right?" Jake asked splashing Sam back.

Instead of answering Sam just splashed Jake again with the water. The water fight began and went on for over a half hour with Sam being the winner after she dunked Jake under water. Dripping wet and tired they both made it to their horses.

"That was fun I really enjoyed it thank you. We should get back though. We've been gone a while." Sam told Jake who nodded his head in agreement.

The whole way home was spent in comfortable silence. That silence was gone when they reached the barn of Jake's house. They handed their horses to the stable hands, and screams were heard when the girls' saw Jake. Questions were asked to Jake like "Why are you wet? Are you okay? What happened?" No one asked Sam anything and she just stood there awkwardly.

"Jake we have a new girl coming to the show to compete. I know it is late but I think she is amazing so I let her be on it." The manager of the show told Jake, and all the girls seemed worried.

A limo pulled right up to them, and the door opened up revealing the most beautiful woman they had ever seen.

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