I wrote this for a school project so im just gonna post it.

10 feet away

Sun-jo and I were arm and arm. I was half carrying him now. He looked about ready to pass out. His face had gone a ghostly shade of white and he seemed to have trouble breathing. But I knew he could make it these last few feet.

"Come on Sun-jo!" I said, "The summit is right there. We can do this."

"Peak," Sun-jo said, "Go without me. I can't make it. I've already made it farther than I expected. You have to reach the summit. Don't let me stop you."

"Sun-jo!" I shouted at him, "Were ten feet away from the summit and then all we have to do is climb down the south side. You can make it!"

Sun-jo and I were going to finish this together whether he was conscious or not.

8 feet away

6 feet

With every step I took Sun-jo seemed to become a little heavier. I hoped he would make it. He had come too far just to stop a few feet away from the summit.

"Come on Sun-jo were almost there," I said.

Sun-jo used all his strength and kept walking.

"Yash," I said, "Will you record us reaching the summit?"

Yash came up behind me and I passed him the camera.

4 feet away

2 feet away

Sun-jo and I took the last few steps and collapsed next to each other. We were both breathing hard. Before, when I was just climbing buildings in New York, I never thought I would reach the summit of the tallest mountain in the world.

After a couple of minutes of resting and another tank of O's, Sun-jo and I stood up and Yash took a picture of us arm and arm with the beautiful view from the summit behind us.

I stood and looked out towards the horizon. The sky was a beautiful shade of light blue and there wasn't a single cloud in sight. For miles around there was snow covering the land. I thought about the long trek I had just been on. But in spite of everything that happened I had made it to the summit. I was now the youngest person to climb Mount Everest.

Sun-jo, partially recovered from his dilapidated state, came up behind me. "It's beautiful Peak, isn't it?"

"It sure is Sun-jo," I said.