Title: Coming Home.

Pairings: Bella/Rosalie, Leah/Alice, Esme/Victoria.(Very weird I know)

Rating: M

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, it all belongs to Stephanie Meyer.

Summary: The Cullens left in New Moon, Victoria changed Bella, together along with Jacob, Seth, and Leah they've lived in Forks for over a century. What happens when the Cullens come back.

AN, Warnings for language, Femslash, Violence ect. Be cautious this is my first fanfic, so I'm sorry if it bores you to death or if the characters seem too OOC. Also it will contain serious Edward bashing because I hate his depressing ass.

Chapter one.

It was just your average day down in the reservation meaning the rain was coming down in buckets, the fog had gathered at the cliff faces, the sky was a gunmetal grey with lighter grey clouds. Only the mood didn't fit the atmosphere, two stunning vampires and three strong werewolves were racing through the forest carefree laughter bubbling from each of them.

"Okay so once again I win" the red headed Victoria proclaimed confidently.

"I think we've found your gift" Bella said to her maker, finally appearing from the bushes, the rain had plastered her mahogany hair to her forehead.

"Oh yeah 'cause its not like she didn't cheat" the youngest member of their family, Seth, growled sulkily coming into their clearing with his sister Leah and their pack leader Jacob, both of which looked like they wanted to laugh at Seth and his childish behaviour.

" You know, baby brother, over a hundred years old and you still act like a fourteen year old boy" Leah said while running her hands through her short raven hair.

"Yeah, Seth you should by now that, V, just doesn't lose" Jacob said with a little laugh, flexing his massive muscles slightly, over the years the wolves had continued to grow, Jacob now stood at seven foot exactly with his arm muscles the equivalent of two of Bella's thighs. Seth wasn't as broad as his pack leader and he was six-foot-seven In height. Leah was a lot more slender than both of them and was about six-foot-three still a lot taller than both vampires. Victoria still looked like a feline, though her clothes were a lot more tame, designer jeans and a plain white tank top both of which were plastered to the red head's curvy body leaving not much to the imagination and for the past century Bella had convinced her maker to wear shoes ,brown leather boots adorned her feet, and came up to just below her knees. But perhaps the biggest changes had happened with Bella, Victoria's venom had brought out the natural red high lights in her once completely dark hair, she wore an outfit very similar to her maker's, black, flared designer jeans clad her long legs and a red tank top hugged her now generous chest, her top had black graffiti going down diagonally, from her left shoulder to her right hip. The venom in her system had made her taller than when she been human she now stood at five-foot-ten, the same height as her maker.

" Enough children, we have school tomorrow and at least three of us need an early night" Victoria said happily, still a little giddy over her win over her family. There was a chorus of groans from the younger members.

" Come on V, there is only so many times that you can sit through algebra" Bella said, the whine clear in her voice.

"Bella, my childe, do you want to be forced to leave, according to the Volturi, so long as we finish school and have a job for at least five years we can stay here for as long as we like" Victoria scolded softly.

"Oh I disagree" Leah laughed " after last time do you really think they'd come anywhere near us, I believe I heard Felix say " I will never go near a wolf with PMS again". Leah finished with a grin remembering when she'd bitten the large vampire on the ass. Bella gestured towards Leah with a "there you go" look. Victoria smiled at the memory but quickly added.

" We really don't what to deal with the hassle, and the paper work do we?, I mean what kind of ruling vampire class files assault charges" Victoria reasoned, it had taken them weeks to fill out all those "yes, I might of let my wolf bite a member of the guard, but she didn't mean it" papers, Jeez one of the questions had actually been "does she have any rabies and/or any other diseases". They all shared a laugh.

"All right, lets go home" Bella growled, admitting defeat.

TBC . . .

AN: loved it, Hated it, let me know. Next chapter Bella and the crew go to school, and the Cullens will be in there. Oh by the way Bella is meant to be OOC, I can't write Timid to save my life. LOL.