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The War Lock


It has been three hundred years since Ashera's War, as it was came to be known, where the Beorc and the Laguz put aside their differences and banded together to defeat the goddess Ashera. Lehran has returned to this world, and the Heron Laguz has prospered.

Beorc and Laguz have finally started to see each other eye to eye. Stefan, after aiding the Tyrant's Guard as Ike's group was called soon after they returned victorious, went on to found a country for the Branded. Micaiah, after seeing her country rebuilt, gave rule of Daein to Almedha, and she and the Dawn Brigade (including Pelleas and Sanaki) disappeared. About two years after Ike's departure from Tellius he was spotted at the Greil Mercenaries fort in Crimea. The next day the Greil Mercenaries (and Haar) disappeared off the face of the earth.

Kurthnaga has become king of Goldoa following his father's death. Lehran's Medallion has been altered to hold Ashera, and has been given a special spell created by Lehran himself: The War Lock. This safe-guard spell causes the fire from the Medallion to burn green if Ashera is about to be released and casts a spell on the land that causes everyone to be allowed to see the goddess Ashera and see what she did the last time the Medallion release its prisoner. The vision that everyone sees is lined with magic to make the warring countries to fear Ashera, as they should.

The Discovery

Nuetral territory: early spring

"Fardread! You said you would go easy on me!" Calisa yelled as Fardread's wooden sword broke her wooden lance. "Stop being such a baby and get back on your horse" Fardread mocked as he performed the same waving of his sword that Edward did when he beat an enemy as a Myrmidon. "I'm not a baby, I have the blood of royals" Calisa teased as she got back up on her Pegasus, "And besides she's not a horse; she's a Pegasus"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever, and just because your related to Queen Elincia doesn't make you better than me" Fardread shot back. "Yes we all know that you're related to Edward, big deal. Marcos over there is the great-great-great-great-great and so on greats, grandson of Pelleas" Calisa snickered jerking a thumb at Marcos "Can we please not bring that up I really don't like being compared to him!" Marcos yelled as he picked up his Worm spell. "Hey can we please train with-out actually drawing blood?" Bontis pleaded.

"Oh how can we forget Bontis? The descendant of Rhys" Ginda asked sarcastically from her Wyvern. "Hey just because your ancestor was a great warrior, doesn't mean that you can insult the only medic in this group!" Bontis yelled as Vintelle nocked an arrow. "Hey Ginda you want to get shot down? If so keep talking she yelled as she pulled back on the bow string. "Ok, ok, fine" She grumbled as Brom and Nephenee's descendants arrived. "Hey if we're going against Ginda all at once do I get to use my actual axes?" Zix joked, getting a laugh from almost everyone.

"Hey you know why is it that our group doesn't have the descendants of the Greil Mercs?" Zepher asked as she donned her Soldier armor. "Don't know, probably the same reason that we don't have Laura, Aran, Sanaki, Fiona, Tauraneo, Zihark, Volke, Stefan, or Jill's descendants: we haven't found 'em yet" Saxon replied in a bored tone as he picked up his axe. "I'm goin' for a walk. You wanna come with Fonta?" he asked walking to the door. "Sure" Fonta said as she followed him out of the Tyrants Guard HQ.

They walked until they reached the top of the hill that was next to the HQ. When they reached the other side of the hill Saxon sat down and began to lie back, looking at the stars. Fonta sat down next to him and fell backwards so that she was staring at the stars as well. They lay like that for about an hour before Saxon asked "Fonta, you never told us who you were related to, so who is it?"

Fonta turned her head to stare at him for a moment before replying "Micaiah, I'm related to Micaiah" Saxon pondered this for a second. "So that means that you, me, Vintelle, and Fardread are like the Dawn Brigade incarnate, right?" "In a way I guess, but what about Sothe's kid?" "I think that you're the offspring of both Sothe and Micaiah" Saxon said slowly. "Oh, well that makes sense doesn't it?" Fonta asked no one in particular. "It's getting late, I think that we should get back before the others think that we're doing something we shouldn't" Saxon said helping Fonta up. Fonta nodded as she and Saxon turned for home.

On an island off of Goldoa's coast

"Come on Honten, their getting closer!" a girl yelled as Honten pulled his knife and killed one of the bandits. "Yeah no shit, how you holding up over there Trinjo?" "Good, how's Kilsi?" "Fine, except she just lost her Heal staff" "Damn" Trinjo muttered as an axe hit his lance arm. "Be careful" Honten yelled as he Silencer-ed a bandit. "Almost done" a swordsman yelled as he brought his blessed sword down on another enemy.

"Dánte that's enough, they're running" Honten said grabbing Dánte's shoulder to hold him back. "Just calm down man" Trinjo said when he got to where they were. "Sorry, it's the Laguz blood" Dánte said only to be cut off by Honten. "It's okay, we know" he said before he turned and continued down the cavern. "What are we here for anyway?" Dánte asked after about twenty minutes. "That" Honten said simply when they reach a giant cavern with a solid block of ice in the center.

That had people in it. Unfortunately all that they could see was dark shapes in the ice but they had the unmistakable look of Beorc. "This ice smells almost three hundred years old" Dánte sniffed. "Maybe they came from the time when people thought Ashera should be worshipped" Kilsi suggested snickering at the thought. "No, these people seem familiar somehow" Honten said as he wiped some of the condensation off of the ice. Then when he looked into the ice he yelped in surprise and fell back onto his butt. "Hey what is it?" Kilsi asked as she bent down to him. "L-l-l-look in the ice" Honten stuttered. "OH MY FUCKING GOD!" Dánte exclaimed as he looked in the ice. "Who is it?" Trinjo asked. "It's the Dawn Brigade" Dánte breathed out.

End Chapter

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