Chapter 1


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Double D's POV

Cracking my eyes open just a smidge, I glance over to the clock on my night stand and reach out and hit the stop button just a split second after the device went off at 5:30 a.m. After a second to rub the sleep from my eyes I push myself up from the pillow that bore little evidence that I slept there minus the small drool stain and the slightly face shaped dent. As I sit up I cast a glance at the silver picture frame holding the picture of my lover and couldn't help but smile at the memory it brought back.

Getting up from the bed and grabbing the rubber band that I always keep on my night stand I make my way over to my bathroom while pulling my hair back and placing the rubber band on it to keep it from getting caught all over my face but I don't bother to try to manage the small bang of hair that forever protrudes from over my forehead like a horn. Once I was in the bathroom the first thing I did was look in the mirror and look at my appearance from a good night of sleep. Small bit of dried drool on the left corner of my lip, small bits of crust in the corners of my eyes, and my eyes still half dull from sleepiness. Reaching for my toothbrush I notice the light blue sticky note on the mirror and lean closely to see it was addressed to me, obviously, and that it was from my beloved. It read, 'Had a great time last night. See you in school, Darling. With love...', near the bottom left corner there was an arrow pointing to the end of the paper. Lifting the paper from the mirror's surface I discovered a lipstick mark on the back of the note and smiled at the color...

Walking back to my nightstand, I place the note on the lamp next to my alarm clock and back to the bathroom...only to turn back to the note and readjust it so that it was now sticking to the side of the lamp at a straight flat angle. And with that I returned to the bathroom and commenced with my usual morning shower after a night of...rather joyful yet tiring activities('O_o). Sadly, while making my way to the bathroom I failed to notice the eight or so pairs of eyes watching me threw the slightly fogged window of my room. Cursed these early autumn winds...

-Out side of Double D's bedroom window-

Kevin was the first to speak up, "See? What did I tell you? Double dweeb's got a girlfriend! And none of us knew a thing about it!", He whispered so as to not let Double D know of their snooping-err secret investigations.

"No duh Kevin! We can see the lipstick on the sticky note from here!", Sarah whispered, furious at the thought of another girl had already 'claiming' Double D as her own. And just as Sarah had come to terms with her feelings for Double D. The same went for Nazz.

After her and Kevin had broken up two years back she had found comfort by confiding in Double D that she had never felt very cared for despite her parents and Kevin. He had assured her that she wasn't alone because she had him...and also every one else beside Kevin. But she had been stuck on the part where he said, 'Nazz you're not alone, no matter what you still have me...'. So now she was here staring threw his bedroom window at the sticky note trying to guess which girl at the school wore that shade of lipstick and knew Double D. She then let out a silent sigh as she remembered that Double D was in charge of the E.H. Club, Educational Helpers Club, and that just about all the girls and guys were signed up for it, The Col-d-sac Kids included. Not to mention that since his apparent growth spurt girls had begun to flirt with him despite rumors going around about him already having a girlfriend...

Marie's p.o.v.

I open my eyes and stare at the ceiling above then turned to look at my digital clock, which unbelievably read 5:30 a.m. 'Damn my Honeymuffin must be rubbing off on me more than I thought...well that's not such a very bad thing. At least I'm not sore from last nights 'activities'. Well, might as well make use of my extra time and get a good morning breakfast in before sneaking over to Double D's.' Getting up and stretching with a yawn I turned around for the bathroom only to see Lee and May standing in the door way smiling like a couple of idiots. What were they planning? Beats the hell outta me! Feeling around for Eddward2 I find the small stuffed blue furred monkey wearing an orange shirt just under the covers. Feeling around some more I find his little black beanie cap with a white stripe near the edge of the bed. After fixing it on to his head I look up at Lee who was still grinning. "So...What's with the grins?", You could hear the grogginess in my voice as well as the tone that said, 'I know you're not gonna tell me.'.

Lee's grin shrunk into a smirk before saying, "Oh nothin'. Just wanted to make sure ya had a good nights sleep is all.", What a liar...

Rolling my eyes I say a quick, "Whatever.", and walked pass her and May who was still grinning and made my to the bathroom. When I closed the door I could hear snickering that was probably held back laughs, I didn't bother to open the door and question them cause I already knew they weren't in the hallway anymore. Turning the water on, I splash some warm water on my face to wash away the usual morning grog fog then went to grab my toothbrush when...

"Hey Marie, guess what?", I swear May just knew when to catch me off guard just to piss me off!

"What do want?", Even threw the door you would be able to tell that my tone said I wasn't in the mood for a game of Guess Who?/What?/When?/Where?/Why should I give a fuck?.

It was, again, Lee's turn to talk, "The word at school is...", She paused...Not good!

"DOUBLE D'S GOT A GIRLFRIEND!", That last part they yelled at the same time. But whether they whispered or yelled it didn't stop the thought that ran threw my head, 'Oh FUCK...They know...'.

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