Chapter 6

Crazy Dreams and Sunday Schemes...


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AK(All Knowing) p.o.v.

Double D lay on his bed, a smile plastered on his face as he lay there with his hands joined behind his head, his girlfriend laying on top of him with nothing but two simple towels hiding their secrets from the world and each other. He may have bruised the under side of his chin to get that shower but it was very much worth it.

Looking down at Marie sleeping peacefully on his chest he reconsidered that thought. It wasn't worth it, it was necessary that he had to get to that shower. A girlfriend this beautiful and loving should never have to take a hot, steamy shower without her caring boyfriend there.

'Wow,', He thought slightly shocked, 'Marie has seriously turned me into a tamed and thoughtful pervert.'. A small chuckle made it's way up from his narrow yet firm chest. She had basically made him into a far more docile yet masculine version of herself, though that flood of testosterone and adolescent hormones during puberty had pretty much acted like her very own brand of cheat-cheat.*

He suddenly felt natures call calling at it's peak. But that's where he was screwed. Here he was, needing to pee with his girlfriend a sleep on top of him. And the last time he had tried to wake her up she had judo flipped him onto the bed and straddled his chest gently yet firmly enough to hold him still. Yet somehow she stayed asleep even as she held his hands over his head. When she had woken up fifteen minutes later to see him staring up at her with a scared face she simple chuckled saying, 'Heh, heh. You know I was having a dream like this, only in it we were wearing a lot LESS clothes.'. Then she had muttered something about whipped cream that he'd rather not repeat...

...Well not so long as he was still under his parent's roof that is...*

He then decided, move and get your ass flipped and pinned by a girl in her sleep or lay here to you eventually piss yourself. Yeah, he'd take his chances with the flipping, he wouldn't mind the view... And there goes the perverseness again...

Lifting himself up slightly he moved his hands so that they were gripping her shoulders and pushed her to the left slightly...

Right on cue she latched onto him with her blue nails clinging to his shoulders and her strong thighs gripping his left leg possessively. This would have made any other guy proud that a girl was clinging to them like their life depended on it, but Double D just saw another obstacle to get by at the moment.

'Okay, what next?', He thought as he contemplated his next move. This was like the world's most pondering game of chess.

He suddenly found it hard to think as Marie started to mumble in her sleep and move her hips slightly.

'Ah, damn it! She's not even awake and she's taunting me! What is she dreaming about!', He immediately tried to stop her movements but Marie wasn't one to be held still...Well not unless they were making out, 'Damned perverted thoughts, not now!'.

Life was so not fair right now...

**-Marie's Dream-

A young man ran threw the forest as fast as he could, a crack and crunch of leaves being crunched and branches being snapped reached his ears. In result he doubled his efforts, pushing his legs to make longer, harder strides and trying to keep his lungs filled with fresh oxygen.

This young man was once known as Double D, an alias that was meant to represent his name, Eddward.

He couldn't get caught! If THEY caught him then he was a dead man. Just like his friends Eddy, Ed, Jimmy, Rolf, Johnny & Plank, not so much Kevin, and Billy. Even the girls had been infected...

He was one of the survivors. The Amazon Rage Plaque had claimed most of the world's females, including his precious Marie and her sisters Lee and May. Half of the remainder of the world's females had surrendered themselves to the AR Plague, claiming they had wanted to become the Goddesses they were meant to be.

He had found refuge in a camp not to far from where he was running but it all went to hell when one of the infected had found the camp and broken through their defense gates that morning two weeks ago. The part that had made his heart ache was the fact this Amazon Infectee had sapphire blue hair and sea green eyes...

He was brought out of his thoughts as he felt claw like nails graze the back of his neck and heard a small tree being obliterated into splinters and leaves as the pursuing Amazon neared her prey of choice. Amazon's never gave up a chase less they were sure they'd lost their prey or they had caught it.

He was willing to bet this chase had been going on for well over two straight days now, and he was starting to feel the affects of it.

He felt more adrenaline pump through his system, but his body wasn't reacting well. He'd been running for most of the day, only resting when he managed to lose a Amazon. But this one was too smart, too experienced. it knew to chase him to this section of the forest, where the trees were farther apart and the land more flat.

He ducked under a low branch and ran around the tree hoping to get away. He was met with the amazons large hand slapping him across his bare chest and flipping him onto his back after completing two full revolutions. A clothesline? New. Ouch!

He lay there dazed and out of breath as he looked up to the sky through the thin canopy of vines and leaves.

'This is it. I'm dead now. If only I had managed to find the cure for-', His thought was cut off as the now circling Amazon let out a small giggling noise. An all to familiar giggle if you asked him.

He craned his neck, trying to find the Amazon before she went for the kill. His blues were met with a large set of sea green eyes staring down at him with a predatory grin playing across pink lips that he could never forget.

"Marie?", His voice was hoarse but loud enough for her to hear.

A purring sound reverberated from her C-Cup chest as she circled closer to him.

"Miss me?", She said sultrily as she grinned revealing blue tinted white teeth, a sign of the Amazon Rage Plague.

"H-How? I thought you were gone...", He trailed as the memory of her running away into the forest as her skin became adorned with bright green stripes with several others following suit was still fresh in his head despite that being four years ago. She had really changed, and he could tell.

First off was her height, due to the nature of the AR Plague she had grown from her normal 5 '3 to a towering 7 '11, making her a whole foot and two inches taller than he. Secondly, she had filled out and that was quite notable in her now C-Cup breast that were held up by the remnants of her black T-shirt as well as her hips widening into a nice even hour glass figure. Her skin was covered in bright green stripes that matched her eyes and gave her a far more exotic look. She wore a stretched and torn pair of jean shorts that were tattered beyond repair, yet it gave her a more attractive appearance.

The thought made him blush.

"Trust me, Hon, I'm ALL here.", She stated as she gestured to her figure with a roll of her wrist.

Before he could say anything else she reached down and lifted him up with ease, slinging him over her shoulder with out so much as a grunt.

Eddward couldn't believe this, his girlfriend was still alive and she still remembered him. He could have jumped for joy but lets face it he was to drained from running for his life. He was too content to be carried like a killed prey animal to care really, his girlfriend was back and wasn't trying to kill him like he had thought, he was the happiest man on Earth at that moment.

Sometime later he heard a commotion, it sounded like they were nearing a camp/village of some sort. He managed to look around and found that they were nearing a village.

A village of Amazons, that is.

As they walked in he felt the Amazons' eyes sweep over him like metal detectors, only he didn't have any metal. Just an old pair of cargo shorts held up with a thick leather belt. After a few minutes of staring he figured out what they were looking at.

Four years on the run had done a lot. He had developed intense muscles from near constant chase but he wasn't overly muscular, just built enough to avoid fatigue and exhaust for a while before resting in a safe tree or something. He had tanned to a simple honey tone, grown his hair out-though not by choice- and he gained a bit of a wild look to himself. That was due to the dirt smudges on his body from lack of a bath or two, heck the closest he'd gotten to a bath was when he had jumped into a river and stayed there as the Amazons chasing him ran by not more than a day ago.

"Um, Marie?", He asked as he lightly tapped her shoulder, "Why are they looking at me like that?", He said as he gestured to them when Marie turned to look at him.

"Oh, their just jealous. I'm the leader of this tribe and have rights to ALL THE GOODS. Plus, I happen to have caught and tamed the BEST male specimen ever caught in The Time of Heat.", She finished her sentence with a smack to his rear, which caused him to jump up slightly. His hands had found something soft to grab onto in order to keep him from falling off...

"Wow! Your already getting the idea, Honeymuffin.", She said slyly as she glanced over her shoulder to his hands.

He followed her gaze and realized what she meant. His hands had unknowing gripped her buttocks when he had jumped.

He would have let go but something told him to just leave his hands where they were, no one was gonna die if he touched his girlfriend's...

'I see my perverted thoughts have survived all these years. They must have went into hibernation or something...', He thought with a bit of a smirk. His thoughts-and in turn, he himself- must have somehow knew that Marie would come back, no matter how she came back, he had known deep down in side that she would. The heart and brain were some seriously mysterious organs.

'But what is "The Time of Heat" anyway?', He pondered before he suddenly realized what it could only be...

He was brought out of his thoughts as he felt them enter a large hut, the warm sunlight of the forest was replaced with the cool room temperature air of a surprisingly well built hut greeting his backside.

"Girls! Wakey, wakey! You would not believe what I caught!", Marie called out into the shed.

"Shut up! I'm tryin' to sleep!", Yelled an all too familiar voice from his childhood growing up in the culdesac.

"Yeah! Do you know what time it is? It's...EARLY!", Said another slightly more fear inducing voice.

"If you two don't quiet down, I'm going to rip both your throats out.", Threatened another slightly calmer but all out fear radiating voice.

"IF YOU BIMBOS DON'T GET YOUR ASSES IN HERE I'M GONNA COME BACK THERE AND RIP OUT MORE THAN JUST YOUR FUCKING THROATS!", Marie yelled while setting Eddward down bridal style on a small pallet made of furs, especially lion, tiger, and...leopard? He was pretty sure that leopards weren't seen around this latitude due to the temperature and climate. Then again he could be wrong, he had thought the Plague had taken Marie away from him forever.

He found himself nearly collapsing into the VERY soft furs, he hadn't felt a bed this good since the outbreak had started all those years ago. That had mostly been because he hadn't had Marie in his arms as he slept... Also the sound of gunfire several stories below his Hide Away was hard to ignore when men were screaming at an unnaturally high pitch as they fired into the massive towering swarms of females as they charged with the thundering force of a rhinoceros herd...

A sudden blur of motion caused him to turn to his left jumping up on instinct despite the fact that he'd been lying flat on his back half a second ago. Another side affect of running for four years, you became jumpy from quickened reflexes and damn near flew across the ground when anything over 5'8 step into your range of sight. What he saw made his eyes widen unbelievably and turned his feet into lead weights.

There, in front of him stood the Cul-de-sac Girls...

Nazz, Sarah, May, Lee and Mandy stood staring down at him with Marie standing next to him with a proud smirk on her face.

Eddward could only gawk as he took them all in.

Nazz was just several inches short of Marie's height. She wore the remnants of her old black shirt-which cupped her C-Cups nicely- and torn pants, which barely covered her slender smooth legs anymore. The pants had fallen apart to the point where he would soon be seeing pink lacy underwear if the lost another three inches. Her sun-bleached blonde hair was now long enough to reach her upper back but was held up in a messy ponytail. Her slightly tanned skin had blue stripes that accented her sapphire blue eyes. She had a look to her that said she was the second fastest runner for hunts.

Sarah was surprisingly his height. Her strawberry blonde hair was slightly frizzy at the ends, but she kept it in a large thick braid. Like everyone else's clothes, her signature pink tank top had survived the years and held back her rather perky B-Cups. Her jean blue pants were now skin tight shorts that were frayed at the edges and stopped above her knees. She looked to be built for ambushes and short sprint chases. She had light brown stripes that ran along her arms and legs but only to were visible on her face, two high arches above her left eye.

May had filled out as well as the other two, only she had more of a swimmer build and her blonde hair now reached the back of her knees. She had larger B-Cups than Sarah. She stood just two inches over him. The remains of her old baggy gray shirt and red shorts clung loosely to her body. Her skin was decorated with green stripes much like Marie on her stripes were narrower and slightly lighter in shade. She had developed a powerful yet swiftly fast swimmers build. Her teeth luckily hadn't reverted back to their bucked nature.

Lee was a close comparison to Marie in height, build and...figure but like May her stripes were far thinner then Marie's and lighter. Likely chance it was a dominance thing, that would explain why they responded to her calling them without a remark or disobedience. Lee herself looked like the second most skilled fighter, Marie obviously the best as she was the leader/Queen.

Mandy was the most shocking. She stood level with Marie, had D-Cup breast that were all to noticeable under her frayed pink shirt with the flower resting over her cleavage. She wore black short shorts that revealed powerful yet smooth pale legs. She struck him as a strategist, a thinker and doer, with the way her silvery grey stripes formed intricate designs over her visible skin.

"Is that who I think it is?", Nazz said as she stepped forward and picked him up under his armpits. "Double D!", she chirped and crushed him with a hug that had her soft breast mushed into his muscular chest and stomach. This of course caused him to blush as he felt the fleshy globes pressed oh so nicely to his body.

Suddenly he heard a collective purring as all the girls minus Marie crowded around him rubbing their hands all over as they greeted him.

"Double D! It's so nice to see you again!", Sarah, chirped behind him as he felt a pair of arms wrapping around his waist sneakily, pulling the back of his hips to the front of hers and grinding against him vigorously. The slight blush was visible on both of their faces, only Sarah was blushing for a different reason.

A perverted thoughts related reason...

"Now, your what I call a rare delicacy!", Lee said as he her hand squeeze somewhere he'd rather not be touched.

Why were girls so interested in grabbing his butt?

On second thought he'd prefer it if that hand sneaking around front would suddenly find interest in his backside instead...

"He's cuter than when we last saw him!", May said as she ran a finger along the underside of his chin, feeling the smooth stubble that had begun to grow there. Okay he had to admit that felt good. Wait was that her hand on his belt buckle or Nazz's?

Okay THAT last one out of view was most definitely Sarah's!

"I'll say.", Mandy said with a seductive purr as she went to touch something he couldn't see from his position.

Suddenly Mandy was tackled by a blur of raging Marie as she was pinned to the floor with a loud feral growl escaping between Marie's clenched blue teeth.

Mandy immediately stared making a sort of cooing sound in her throat, which made Marie calm down enough to release Many's neck from her vice like grip.

As Marie stood back up, Double D noticed that the others seemed to crowd around him tighter to the point where he could tell his legs from theirs. And they had some very nice legs, smooth and warm too...

'Okay, I think it's about time these perverted thoughts took a seat in the back.', He thought to him self as he saw Marie slowly stalk over to them.

As soon as she had stopped right in front of them she held her right arm/hand out as if she were demanding something.

Demanding HIM, to be precise.

The others didn't comply and he felt their hands began to roam more viciously this time.

Marie must have seen their hands because she suddenly bared her teeth in a snarl as she growled. He could see that she was baring her blue tinted fangs at them, "Give me my man, dammit! I hunted him down! HE'S MINE!".

And before any of them could react she leaped at them and tackled the mass of limbs and bodies to the hard floor of the hut.

Double D wasn't hurt from the fall as he was surrounded by warm cushioning bodies. He soon felt those bodies being ripped away from him, colder air assaulting his skin. This was a wierd case of de ja vu, but he couldn't quite remember how...

Before he knew which way was up or down, he was yanked away from the girls and his face was pressed into Marie's cleavage as she held him possessively to her body. Several other Amazon's were at the doorway watching as the queen of their tribe asserted her dominance over her subordinates and newly caught mate.

With another growl at her outmatched housemates, Marie turned and stomped to the back of the large hut/house complex, Double D's face and most of his head still buried within her cleavage.

Double D felt every step as her breast bounced on either side of his face. He didn't really have a though nor care as to what was happening outside of Marie's cleavage. Just so long as he wasn't separated from her she could grow a tail, wings and breath fire and still he wouldn't budge.

Then that bitch called Reality stepped in and he suddenly found himself needing oxygen. And quickly!

Struggling against her iron grip he managed to pull his head back enough to get a decent breath of air, resting his head on her left breast like a throw pillow. God were they soft!

Marie looked down at him and grinned, her green eyes glowing down on his like lust fueled spotlights, "Enjoying yourself, hon?".

"Very,", He said as he snuggled closer to her, if there was any space left between them, "Don't you think you were a little too aggressive with the others?", He said as he could hear their loud growls just behind her.

"Nope.", She said as she smirked at him shaking her head in a no manner, "They know the rules: I get first in meals, I lead the village, I get the most power of anyone in this tribe, AND,", She trailed off as she shot a glare over her shoulder and the growling silenced, "I GET TO CHOOSE THE BEST POSSIBLE MATE! SO IF ANY OF THEM HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT, THEY CAN JUST STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND GET KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!", She roared back at them, her stripes thickening and glowing with a menacing yet attractive green light.

"Wow. Who knew a fast spreading plague could have caused such a beautifully aggressive master piece?", He said not knowing he had spoken what he was thinking.

He realized his slip of tongue and was about to apologize when he was suddenly tossed on to a bed and bounced several times. He jolted up and tried to sit up only for Marie to pounce him, her hands expertly catching his wrist and pinning them over his head without ripping them off.

"Thanks, Honey!", She squealed down at his blushing face while still carefully straddling his stomach.

"Marie...Would you mind answering a question for me?", He said as his face turned completely scarlet beneath the green glow of her now fully neon green eyes and stripes.

"Sure.", She said as she adjusted herself so she was lying down on him, his arms now held tightly to his sides with her breast pressed down against his chest, "What do you wanna know?".

His tongue tried to crawl down his own throat as he struggled with his question, "You wouldn't happen to have a mating season, would you?".

Marie's smile vanished as her eyes darken and shone down on him. He was suddenly afraid he'd asked the wrong question, when she was whispering lustfully in his ear, "Supposed we Amazons did have this mating season you're talkin' 'bout. Wouldn't it be a gift from above that you would happen to be delivered to me at the very height of the Heat?", She breathed against him, the heat on his stomach increasing ten fold as his shorts 'mysteriously' vanished...

"I-I-I suppose.", He stuttered as he felt hands where they shouldn't be. More hands than Marie should be able to have.

"You suppose? You hear that girls?", She said as she smirked and several other glowing eyes appeared behind her, matching glowing stripes adorning the bodies of the owners... *

Correction, the noticeably bare bodies of the owners...

**Reality-Don't I just suck?-

Marie opened her eyes to find a pair of scared blue eyes staring up at her as she straddled the boy, HER BOY, and had his arms bent aggressively behind his back like he was a sacrifice... Or a peace offering...It depended on who you were and how you think that really mattered...

"Well...You know I was just having a dream like this.", She said smiling down at his blushing face.

"Marie...could you please get off me? I have to use the bathroom.", He said feeling two unwanted pressures beginning to build up in the area out of his limited sight range. What his limited sight range allowed him to see wasn't exactly helping his predicament...

"That depends, Hon. What will you for me if I do get off?", She then leaned down and suggestively whispered in his ear, "Or what will you do if I don't?", God she never knew how evil her love for him and torturing him could be...


The cul-de-sac kids stood crouched in a circle, watching intently as Kevin drew plan designs in the dirt with a stick, "...and Nazz will rally the cheer leaders and tell them to separate Mandy and Diouble D at all cost! Am I understood!", He said loudly as he drew a circle around a DD written in the dirt, which was separate from a large M surrounded by multiple CL's. The DD was surrounded by a mass of FJ(Football Jocks) and other letters representing the various groups and clubs at school.

The other boys all saluted like soldiers and said a quick, "Aye-aye, Sir!".

They'd all got their parts and they all knew what they had to do. Keep Double D ans Mandy apart, get answers and decide what to do after that.

If they were going to get answers, they were going to be careful with this one.

Who knew what Double D and Mandy were planning in their secret little 'relationship'?

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