Ok so before you read this let me say that I had this idea that Alex had a lover before all hell broke loose on New York city, this is my own original idea, things in the actual game may be changed, not much but minor things...I'll probably add in more of my own characters as well. So enjoy I guess, oh and please review and let me know how I'm doing! Oh one more things sorry, this isn't really that important but the dream scene in this chapter is an altered version of a nightmare a character has in the book I'm writing so please don't steal it. Thank you :)

It was an ordinary night in New York city, the sky was dark and dotted with stars. I walked the streets like I normally do, gazing at my surroundings and taking in it's beauty. Yeah I know what you're thinking; beauty? What is he talking about the entire city has been taken over by the infection…what could possibly be beautiful about that? I'm not sure why or what it was but this mass destruction seamed somehow beautiful in my eyes. Maybe it was the way the sky looked in the dark of the night with the stars illuminated by the crimson fires which swept over the city, or perhaps it was the simple way that people interacted with each other that I find beautiful. It was always interesting to me, the way humans moved, the way they spoke….the way they seamed so….innocent yet vile at the same time. I walked like them and looked like them for the most part, but I'm not one of them… I've always wondered what it would feel like to walk among them and know that I belong and not feel like an outsider, like a monster. But I'll never know what that feels like, not now, not ever….but at least I can pretend right? I can pretend to be one of them, to walk among them, feel the emotions they felt, to see the world the way they see it.; but that's all in my head. I'll never be like them, never be able to understand them the way they understand each other, to see the world the way they do….because I perceive the world as my hunting ground, and the people as my prey…

The wailing of sirens woke me from my stupor. I looked about myself to find that I was walking directly in front of a military base. I walked closer to the base and took a seat right there, out in the open, with my back up against the wall of the base. Now I know what you're thinking, why would I choose to site directly in front of a military base? I know it seams kind of crazy to just sit down were you are surrounded by you're enemies...but I had an idea. I was bored of running from them, I wanted to see what they would do..go ahead and call me crazy...but I got an adrenaline rush from things like this, I loved to see there reactions...

I sighed and let my head flop to wall then closed my eyes and began to drift off.

I was walking in a forest, dense with trees of every kind. I heard the familiar sounds of forest animals, screeching birds and chirping tree frogs. There was a flash of color and a high pitch laugh that fallowed soon after.

"Hello, anyone there?" I yelled out as I looked around for where the sound came from. Just then a woman popped out of the trees, she was of medium height and had long blonde hair that came down to about her waist. She had a heart shaped face accompanied by huge dark blue almond eyed. I stood still gazing at the women, at her white gown that looked to be made of silk and covered very little of her body. She gave me a smile then began to run in the opposite direction.

"Wait!" I yelled out as I chased after her. As I ran I noticed I was barefoot and nearly naked wearing only a pair of jeans. After running for what seamed like hours she stopped. She turned towards me then motioned for me to come closer. I took careful steps as I came closer to her.

"Where are we?" I gasped as I looked around to find all the trees of the forest gone; in fact there was nothing in sight except for the gorgeous woman standing before me.

"Why have you taken me here…?" I asked. She starred at me for a long moment then began to speak.

"We can be together now, just you and I" She replied smiling.

"I don't understand, am I... dead?" I asked walking closer to her.

"Here we may be together, forever." She said.

"Lisa, I'm sorry I can't I… I have to keep fighting the infection, I'd stay here with you but I...I can't just leave the city like this. You of all people should know this...you died from the infection after all..." I said. My mind was fogged, why was she asking me to stay here with her? How could I stay with her in a dream..unless...she doesn't mean to stay here in a dream...unless this isn't a dream...

"Alex, I love you forget about the city and stay here with me where you belong. Leave the others to stop the infection and stay here with me." She pleaded.

"I… I can't. I'm responsible for this mess and now I have to clean it up" I said shaking my head and backing away from her.

"I can't Lisa, where you're at you have to be dead to go, I'm not dead yet..I'm not sure that I'll ever get to stay there with you I have to fix this. I can't stay here with you!" I said. The scenery along with Lisa disappeared but I could still hear her pleading.

"Alex I need you, please stay." Was the last thing I heard her say. My eyes shot open and I sucked in a deep breath of air when I woke, it felt like during my dream I hadn't breathed. When I looked around I found that I was still at the military base, sitting in the same position, only the sirens were getting louder and military personnel began to point their guns at me. I sighed, brought my knees up to my chest hugging them with my arms and let my head drop to my arms. I felt warmth on my cheeks before the tears racked my body.

"Why do I keep seeing her in my dreams...she's been dead for months now, I haven't thought of her once and now I can't stop thinking about her..." I mumbled to myself. Moments later I felt a dull pain in my side; someone had kicked me.

"Just, leave me alone ok? I'm not attacking you, I just...*sigh* I just need to think.." I said lifting my head up, wiping at my tears with both hands.

"Uhh...sorry I just..uhh...they...they wanted m..m..me to t..t..talk to you." I heard a voice say. I looked to my left and standing before me was a black watch officer, shaking in his uniform.

"They wanted you to talk to me? What happen to shoot on sight?" I asked, trying to keep my voice at a neutral tone. I looked away from the soldier and turned my attention to the dark sky, which was now begging to lighten up.

"Let me guess, they sent you out here to see how long you'd last near me for there own entertainment?" I asked looking back at the soldier.

"Uhhh... " Was the only answer I got from the officer.

"Ya know what, never mind." I sighed standing up from my spot. The soldier now had his gun trained on me and he was shaking even more.

"Relax, I'm not going to hurt you." I said gently pushing the gun out of my face.

"You're...you're not?" He asked puzzled.

"No...I've actually been thinking and ... believe it or not, I don't want to be this monster anymore, I don't want to kill innocents any longer...I..I want to some how regain my humanity back.." I said almost in a whisper. The soldier gave me a quizzical look before cocking his gun and pointing it back in my direction.

"How do I know if you're not lying? How do I know that when I turn around to leave you won't slice me in two?" The soldier asked, his gun shaking in his hands.

"Yeah, I wouldn't trust me either if I were you but I'm being serious...and why I'm confessing this to you is beyond me, I guess it's because I have no one else to really talk to, no one that'll listen, after all everyone I loved is dead...even Dana...I lost her not to long ago..." I said, beginning to walk down the street. The soldier fallowed after me keeping him self at a safe distance. As we began to walk a few soldiers surrounding us stopped and starred, stunned that I hadn't already ripped this guys head from his throat.

"You know before this whole thing happened I had a significant other, someone who I loved with all my heart, someone I'd die for..." I stopped and looked at the soldier who seamed baffled at my words.

"I..I'm sorry, I'm rambling and you're probably not even listening.." I trailed off.

"Uhh..no no.. please, go on." The soldier said, lowering his gun and looking at me with bewildered eyes.

"Her name was Lisa...and she was my world...we were going to get married, have a family...but when the infection started she died." I took a deep breath and pushed back my tears. The soldier gestured for me to continue so I did.

"At first when I...when I became this thing, I didn't feel emotions the way humans did...I didn't care that she died. But since I've been around humans for this long, I guess I'm beginning to act like one, to feel like one. At first I never thought of Lisa, she was a distant memory, but now that distance has closed and I can't stop thinking about her...I guess that you could say that I'm grieving for her..." I said. I stopped walking and looked at the soldier who now had tears begging to spill over his eyes.

"I'm so sorry..." The man choked, holding a hand over his mouth.

"It was my fault she died... I guess at first I was just angry...angry that I had become something like this...and I wanted revenge, that's why I started killing...but I no longer want revenge..I want...I want redemption...to make up for my wrongs." I said. I leaned against the nearest building for support, the soldier by my side did the same. A few soldiers around us came up to us, curious to see what was going on, everyone in the surrounding area, well the soldiers that is, knew I was Zeus, and they were wondering why I wasn't running around rampant, killing everything in my path.

"Uhh..please go on...I'm still listening." The soldier said. I looked about my self, at the curious soldiers who had surrounded us, when my eyes met their's they cringed and took a step back.

"I have nothing else to say really...I'm sorry, I shouldn't have even said any of that...I should just leave." I said heading off in the other direction, the soldiers in my way clearing a path for me. The same soldier from before came running up behind me, shouting.

"Wait! What if I could help you find a way to redeem you're humanity?" The soldier said. I stopped in my tracks and spun around until I was facing the solider.

I did take the idea of the officer walking up to Alex from another prototype story and I give credit to them, I'd put there name on here but I don't remember it at the moment. If you don't like me using this idea I understand, just let me know and I'll change it. :) Tell me if this completely sucks, I don't really know where I'm going with this right now, I had an idea for this story and it took a completely different turn. Any suggestions would be great!:D Don't forget to review please!