Now up for grabs! I do not have the modivation or interest to keep this story going and I don't think it's fair to just leave it unfinished like this. If you are interested in continuing this story please pm me.

There are just a few things, if you do decide you want to take the story:

- Do NOT take any credit for what I have written already; give me credit for my work please!

- Do NOT edit my writing (with the acception of grammar... there could be some things I missed)

- Keep the formating and writing as close to what I have as you can, that also goes for characters, rating etc

- Keep the story up! I don't want to hand the story to someone who will loose interest and forget about it, that would defeat the purpose of my adopting it out

If the story does get adopted out, I will leave my part of it up on this site, just as a heads up, I wont completely take the story down and I will add who took the story in the last chapter. Also, I will be keeping an eye on it, I'm curious as to where someone would take this :)

Again, if ya want the story, pm me and I will give ya a basic idea of what I had planned with the story, I don't expect you to stick with my ideas, hell you can go crazy! Just don't stray too far from the plot and make it completely random... please don't screw my story up :O

I doubt anyone wants this, but I thought I'd give it a try. Please don't try and take this story without my consent, I will report it.

Also, if you try and take credit for my part of the story, or completely edit it I will not hesitate to report it.

If ya wnat the story, send me a pm, and add "You're gonna go far kid" somewhere in the pm so I know ya read this whole thing, and yes that is the name of a song :)