AN: A short preview of what's to come in one of my upcoming stories, Complications. See my profile for details on the story, and I hope you enjoy!

-Maggie the Mad Majesty of Muchness

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Noticing for the first time that Elphaba seemed to be in a better mood than usual made Glinda become suddenly wary. "Yes?" she said slowly. "Well, last night, Fiyero sort of...He asked me to marry him." Glinda's heart skipped several beats. "...And your answer was...?" She carefully lifted the cup to her lips to take a sip as she waited for her friend's response.

Elphaba took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Grinning broadly, she blurted out, "I said yes!"

Glinda coughed and began to sputter on her drink, the cup slipping out of her hands and shattering when it hit the floor. Elphaba's eyes widened as she set her mug down on the coffee table. "Sweet Oz, Glinda! Are you okay?" Glinda shook her off as she stood up.

"I'm fine!"