Chris looked behind her. She was definatly afraid. A murderer was on the loose. Who wouldn't be? She wished Jaden was with her. She wished Jaden was still here. Glancing around the shadowy dark street made her feel wary. It made her feel exposed. There was a dark alley way not far away with graffiti plastering the dark walls and a closed candy store to her left with yet, more graffitti on the closed shutters. This was a bad area to be in. She wished her boyfriend would hurry up and get here. She wished that she were home, in the safeness of a warm dark house with the crimson carpets and the flickering fire. The rain sheeted down, covering her hair in a wet coat of water and made the street seem yet, grayer. When Chris looked up she couldn't see the sky, just straight slants of rain coming at her from the heavens. People hurried by. Old women with plastic hoods and lacy brollies, women pushing prams with rubber wheels sloshing through the rain, kids mostly running to get home, and men with they're hoods up and peeking cautiously through. It was those men who scared her the most. Who knew what was in those pockets? What scared Chris is that each of the killings going on in Bruke were all people somehow, something to do with her. Looking up to the iron fence of the cemetry across the road she got a shiver of coldness and fear run through her. Somebody was in there. Somebody was watching her. She could feel it.