Something More

It was a average day in the Idea Warehouse, Rich, Scott and Smitty were watching a Burro show on the TV, while Carolanne was assisting Dave with his new invention. They were enjoying the slow morning when all of a sudden there was a knock on the door, All at once the Movers and Carolanne ran towards the door bumping into each other, As they unscrambed themselves the door opened and two girls walked in, "Caitlin? Meaghan?" They greeted as they got up,

"Hi guys" Meaghan smiled as she looked at the five people wearing blue jumpsuits, Carolanne looked at them both

"Wait a second? You guys know Caitlin and Meaghan?"

"Yeah" Dave explained "We met them in Ohio on our 2011 US tour"

"Tour?" Carolanne thought back "Oh yeah, That's when you brought your kids in here to help me run the Warehouse"

"That's right" Scott joined in,

"So anyway, you never said you were coming to see us? We would have do a umm... 'Hi again' party" The Yorkshire lass giggled,

"Well we were here on vacacion and decided to come in and see you guys" Meaghan said coming down the three steps with Caitlin,

"Guys? So it wasn't to see me and my Awesome new job?" Carolanne joked,

"Of course we came to see you Caz... and the Movers...and Warehouse Mouse" at the sound of his name the little mouse came from his mousehole and up onto the counter when the others were standing,

"Mitty...Mitty...Mitty" squeeked the little mouse as he looked at the red haired man,

"What's up my little buddy?" he replied,

"Cheese please" Smitty dipped into his pocket and pulled out a piece of cheese,

"Here you go pal" Warehouse Mouse took it and began to eat.

"Hey wait a second, We should take you on a tour around the Warehouse" Carolanne smiled as she looked back at the Movers after watching Warehouse Mouse.

"That's a great Idea Caz" Rich agreed,

"We should go round in pairs, so we don't get lost" Scott advised even as he huged Freedy Bear

"Good idea Scott, I've been here over four month now and I still get lost" Carolanne remembered

"Alright then, Me and my little buddy will be a pair" Smitty explained

"I'll take Scott" Meaghan smiled

"Dibs on Me and Dave" Carolanne chuckled as she took a hold of his arm.

"That's leaves me and you then Caitlin" Rich stated, Caitlin walked over to him to be honest she liked the idea of her and him being paired up, She had always had this feeling for him ever since they first met in Ohio two months ago.