"Caitlin there's something I need to tell you" Rich whispared,

"About what?"

"Well..." Rich's voice drifted off he couldn't just come out and say it, no it had to be done a way in which she would understand,

"Well what?" Caitlin asked,

"I...umm...It's really nice to see you again" Rich stated changing the subject he knew he was suppose to tell her but something inside him told him now wasn't the right time,

"It's really nice to see you too Rich" she smiled they continued to watch the sunset as it sank lower and lower in the sky finally it had gone and left a dark sky full of millions and millions of shining stars,

"That was amazing" Meaghan sighed happily she had never seen anything more beautyful then a sunset on the beach surrounded by friends,

"We should head back to the Think Tank don't you think guys?" Smitty asked as he rose picking up his little friend too,

"Yeah, It's dark" Scott cried hugging Freddy Bear,

"Don't worry Scott, I'm here" Meaghan smiled as she took a hold on his arm. The small group got up, They walked out the room leaving Carolanne, Rich and Caitlin alone.

"Hey guys you coming?" Carolanne asked as she turned around to face them.

"No thanks Caz, We'd like to stay longer" Rich smiled as he looked at her, "Well alright then" she opened the door and looked for the other Movers, she saw a glimes of a blue jumpsuit going round the far corner, "Hey guys wait up!" she shoted "I might get lost again and you rememeber last time?" she raced off to catch them up. Rich and Caitlin laughed

"Is she always like this?" Caitlin smiled,

"Only when she has orange juice or runs around alot" Rich chuckled, They looked up at the stars "Cait, I need to tell you something"

"What is it?"

"I don't know how to say this but...I like you, I like you a lot and ever since we first met in Ohio two month ago, I hadn't stopped thinking about you" They both looked at eachother "You think I'm stupid now don't you?"

"No Rich, I don't because I really like you too"

"You do?"

"Yes, and Yes I will go out with you" Rich sighed happily he had finally told her how he felt. "Come on, We'll go get some Ice-Cream" he smiled as they both got up, They walked hand in hand out the Sunset room towards the Think Tank.

"Hey guys, We were wondering if you had got lost" Meaghan laughed followed by the others, The Movers suddenly stopped and look at them for a long moment,

"Nope, and we're going out for some Ice-Cream, If any of you would like to join us" Caitlin suggested,

"Oh, I'd like to come" Scott giggled, He was about to get up when Smitty stopped him,

"We're good guys, You two go enjoy yourselves, It wouldn't be right if we were there with you two on your umm 'honeymoon'"

"But Smitty, I really want some sinemon punkin ice cream"

"Scott, we'll go get some Ice Cream when they come back, They need to be on their own for a while" they all smiled watching as the two friends- now lovers walked out the Idea Warehouse...