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A/N: Yup. Started on another Wishing-Fire challenge. :P He/She already posted five challenges and so far, this is my third one from him/her. LOL XD So this one is focused on pre-berserker Nobody, Isa. :) It always fascinated me how different Isa is from Saïx. All I can say is, major one-eighty personality twist. LOL Well also, since Saïx is my favorite Organization XIII member, I thought this would be a good place to start writing on Isa/Saïx. :P

Also, mentions of Somebody!Larxene here because I do have a thing for the crack triangle, Axel/Larxene/Saïx. XD Don't ask why; I just do! D: And since Larxene doesn't yet (or maybe never will) have an official non-Org XIII name, I'm referring to her Somebody as Arlene. :)
Other than that though, the focus is really on Isa, his relationships, and all that jazz.

I hope you enjoy and I would greatly appreciate reviews! ^^

:: His First Love ::

"As long as the Sun shines, one does not ask for the Moon."
~ Russian Proverb

"Why don't you go home now? Girls aren't wanted," Lea snapped, shooing the girl away.

Isa watched as the feisty blonde narrowed her green eyes at the redhead and crossed her arms. "Make me!"

Lea groaned and glanced over at his blue haired friend. "Isa! Do something about Arlene already!"

He blinked once slowly dragging his eyes to Arlene's face. She glared at him, dead set on standing her ground. Isa wasn't one to let people stomp all over his – or even Lea's – personal boundaries, but…

"She isn't really doing anything. Leave her be, Lea."


"Ha! At least someone has a brain. Too bad, Leanna!" Arlene gloated, leaning over Lea in victory.

She and Lea started getting into another one of their heated arguments, but Isa decided to sit out. Girls had never crossed his mind before, but Arlene was a category all on her own. She blossomed from the meanest girl in the neighborhood to just a girl to just a crush and finally to Isa's first love. He would never admit that to anyone though; especially his redheaded friend.

After all, it was obvious to Isa that Arlene only had eyes for Lea and no one else.