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:: Succeeding ::

"Everyone is a Moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody."
~ Mark Twain

He aimlessly searched his barren surroundings, finding nothing. He had woken up cold…and alone.

Where…? What…happened?

Something was off; different. He slowly reached for his chest. He was breathing…but he wasn't so much as alive.


There was no pulse; no beating. Empty…

He let out a scream, but even that was void of feeling. It was just a wail of nothingness.

A dark portal opened before him and out stepped a stranger in a black cloak. Its voice was cold and unfeeling. "Pitiful creature. You're will to live has granted you a gift."

A feral growl escaped his lips. It was animalistic.

The mysterious being removed his hood, revealing a familiar person. Cold, gold eyes…


"Xehanort" raised his hand, showcasing a familiar name. With a flick of his wrist, it rearranged itself after the insertion of the letter x. "Heed this now. You have been reborn. You are no longer a person…but a Nobody. From this day forth, you shall be known as…Saïx: Number VII of the Organization."

"…Sa…ïx…" his voice cracked. He had a name again. Memories of who he once was came flooding back.

Isa was no more.

It was Saïx who would succeed him now.