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Probably like most drabbles I write, this will undoubtedly contain fluff. Haha. I'll post two themes per chapter so this doesn't get so long. Expect fifty chapters of family interactions between Laguna, Raine, and Ellone with lots of Laguna/Raine moments. 8D

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~ 001 ~

He tried to move once he regained consciousness, but that only resulted in pain shooting up throughout his body. Laguna couldn't help but hiss in aggravation.

Gentle hands were suddenly urging him to lie down. "Don't move around so much! You'll reopen your wounds."

Tired and confused, Laguna opened his eyes to reveal a female brunette helping him settle down. Green eyes got lost in pools of serene blue.

She smiled. "I would hate for you to be in any more pain."

It was only chance that they met, but that brought the beginning of a tale just for them.

Beginning :: Dream

~ 002 ~

"I had a funny dream last night." Ellone smiled, sitting between the older man's legs.

Laguna persuaded her to go on, "And why is that, Elle?"

"Yoor leg! It was acting funny again!" she told him with a giggle.

"Hey!" Laguna pouted.

"Raine was there too!"

"To scold me?" he asked with a teasing grin.

Ellone shook her head cutely. "Nope! She was smiling at yoo!"


"Yup! In a white dress and flowers in her hands!" the little girl laughed before noticing Laguna's lack of response. "Uncle Laguna?"

Laguna wouldn't tell Ellone, but his leg was acting funny now.