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~ 051 ~

"Raine?" Shocked out of her thoughts, the brunette gazed into emerald eyes so familiar. Laguna tilted his head to the side, ignoring how Ellone tugged at his pants for attention. "Are you…okay?"

What was she supposed to say? Once again, Laguna Loire was at her doorstep; this time, without the injuries. Didn't she make it a point to move on? In fact…it hasn't even been a month! Laguna's sudden reappearance threw the brunette out of her element.

"Hey, Raine…" Laguna anxiously rubbed his neck. "Did I do bad?"

…He was really here again.

Beaming brilliantly, Raine answered. "Welcome back, Laguna."

Element :: Top of the World

~ 052 ~

It was pretty much now or never.

He spent all afternoon with his surrogate family – playing with Ellone and helping Raine prepare dinner (he was so proud of himself) – but Laguna wanted to solidify it. However, making that happen scared him to death.

Would she reciprocate his proposal or laugh in his face?

Laguna started chickening out again before Raine showed up in the field as requested. Once his eyes laid on her and that beautiful smile…his anxiety melted away.

This woman he loved with all his heart…

And he was on top of the world when she said 'yes'.