written for One Sentence Weekend at fiefgoldenlake dot proboards dot com.

Sometimes Daja dreamed of the man in the blue box who had scooped her up from the ocean and deposited her on Niko's ship, even though he broke his promise when he said he would visit.


Sandry didn't know who had saved her from the mob in Hatar; all she remembered was strong arms, a pinstriped suit, the oddest shoes she had ever seen, and a warm smile as she was carried to safety.


Briar knew the Bag in the leather coat had been following him, but when he turned around to pick the fight, all he caught was the flash of a smile, the sound of feet tearing off in the distance, and a warm meat pastry sitting for him on the cobblestones.


He had told her something better was coming soon, he had said he was a doctor and she could trust him, and it was those words that Tris clung to as her parents deposited her in the Living Circle temple with cold eyes and stone faces, telling the dedicates that they no longer wanted her.