Bella Swan stared out of the window of her room. Holly Whether may not have had many sparkling personalities in its domain, but at least the grounds were beautiful. Trees and ponds and flowers could be seen everywhere. Even the stone wall that circled the school had beautiful ivy crawling up the wall that made you feel like you were in a secret garden.

Bella had been at Holly Whether School for Girls since she was twelve. Her parents weren't like many here. Most were rich parents that didn't want to have to deal with their daughters, but Bella's parents traveled lots for their work. They felt terrible whenever they had to leave, so Bella decided to take matters into her own hands, and told them she wanted to attend a boarding school.

Four years later, she sometimes wished she didn't have to deal with the snobby girls that felt like they were better then everyone or the strict rules that came with the school, but luckily she had her friends.

"Bella!" Speak of the devils.

Mary Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale were saviors when it came to Holly Whether. Though they were wealthy, they had depth and were kind. Bella had lucked out when they were all placed as roommates.

"Yes Alice?" Alice had to have been the most hyper person Bella had ever seen. She bounced wherever she went. She was tiny. 5'1 at best. With her black pixie hair, she looked like a very fashionable fairy.

"The first town visit is this weekend!"

Rosalie rolled her eyes. Had the blonde not been one of her best friends, she would have been very intimidated by her. Rose was tall and all legs. And she knew she was gorgeous, but unlike most of the girls here, she didn't feel the need to point it out every chance she got.

"Alice, why are you so excited about the town trips? Most of the towns' people don't even like us!"

Rosalie was correct. The town that was just down the road did not appreciate Holly girls. Especially the teenagers. There was only one school in town, and it was a public school. Most girls who went to Holly hadn't even stepped foot in a public school let alone wanted to hang with public school kids.

"You can't be saying you aren't excited to get away from here every other weekend!"

Alice had a point there. Getting away from all the essays and guided readings would be lovely.

Rose went to sit next to Bella on the windowsill. "I'm not looking forward to all the gossip that will occur afterwards. Jessica and Lauren will be whining about the lack of class after every trip."

Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory had to be the meanest girls of their year. As two of the richest, they felt like they were better then everyone, and weren't afraid to show it. Whether it was showing off their new designer bags or talking about their "Trips to Switzerland with mummy and daddy."

"Did you hear how they were talking to the older girls about public school boys they met?"

Lauren and Jessica had snuck out plenty of times with the older years, and always had story to tell about how just low-class the public school kids were.

"They are just annoying bitches. I'd like to break one of their noses."

Alice and Bella stared at Rose, but she just shrugged and they all broke out into laughter thinking about how much they whiney girls would scream about ruining their expensive noses.

"Um, dinner is ready."

The girls looked to the door and saw Angela Webber, a shy brunette with glasses. Unlike the many girls here, Angela was likable though she didn't have many friends. She was picked on by the mean girls for her glasses and mouse brown hair, but Bella liked her. She was nice.

"Thanks Angie, we are coming."

She smiled at the nickname and left was a slight nod.

"Well girls," Alice began, "time to go deal with the wolves."