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Edward smiled to himself as he shut his phone. He knew getting her number from her phone was a risk, but it was one he was so glad he had taken.

Bella Swan.

Beautiful, intelligent and a mystery.

She had seemed so timid and delicate at the bookstore. He could remember that blush that had spread across her cheeks when she had dropped her books, so innocent. And yet, she hadn't been scared away by his forwardness.

All of it just served to make him more curious.

Edward Cullen loved a good mystery.

"Hey Eddie, stop looking at your phone like an idiot. Did Tanya send you something dirty or what? If it's a picture, I want a glimpse!"

Edward was brought out of his thoughts by his best friend Emmet.

At 6'4 and with a bear-like frame Emmet could scare the shit out of anyone. But Edward of course saw him for what he really was. A 5 year old trapped inside a large teen's body. It was like a hilarious version of the movie Big.

But what really caught his attention (and it wasn't the fact that Emmet was drawing a naked lady on his sandwich bread slice with spray cheese in their friend Jasper's kitchen) was the mention of Tanya.

Tanya Denali had been Edward's obsession since 6th grade.

With strawberry blond hair and legs that made a grown man want to cry, she was every teen boy's wet dream.

Edward had pined after Tanya since the moment he saw her flip her blond trusses with her perfectly manicured hand.

Yes Edward was considered apart of the "bad boy" group along with Emmet and Jasper, but he knew he had good looks. His rough exterior hadn't stopped any girls in town from trying to make him theirs, and even a perfectly groomed girl like Tanya had given in to his charm.

They had begun dating a few months prior.

She tried to fight it at first, dating almost all the guys in school other than him, and in response he had had a tryst with more than a few of the girls that attended Forks High, but in the end he had won.

And it had been mind blowing.

She was well experienced and it rocked even a fooling-around-veteran like him self.

But it wasn't all he had been expecting either…

Edward couldn't put his finger on what felt odd in their relationship and decided to ignore it. Tanya was great, and Bella was just a new friend and a new puzzle to be solved.

"No Emmet, no nude photos. And if you keep asking to see my girlfriend naked, I might have to kick your ass."

Emmet laughed, biting into his sandwich.

"Sure, like you could take me," he managed to say through a mouth full of turkey and cheese.

"I'd get Jasper in the fight."

Emmet looked at Jasper with a faux look of hurt, "Say it ain't so brother."

Jasper laughed at his bear of a friend and ruffled his hair like he would a little kid, "Sorry, Edward made me swear after the last time he drove my drunk ass home. You on the other hand, were passed out in the back if I remember correctly."

Emmet opened his mouth as if you defend the claim, only to smile and laugh, "Yeah sorry dude, I was pretty far gone that night."

He then continued to munch on his sandwich.

As the trio of boys sat down to watch some T.V. Edward's mind went to the strange brunette he had recently acquainted himself with.

Sure, she had nothing on Tanya's oozing sex appeal, but she was charming. Quirky almost, and he couldn't get her out of his head.

But he didn't have to worry right? After all he only was interested in friendship, wasn't he?

Edward sighed and turned off his phone, deciding perhaps to be a little more cautious. After all, anyone would kill to have his girlfriend, and he shouldn't mess it up for some prep school girl he had barely uttered 3 words to.