Luna pulled on a thick red jumper that had been lying on her bed, and grabbed the rod and bucket from behind the door in her room. It was only about half three, and yet it was already nearly dark outside. She glanced out of her curved window, to see the silver river winding around their house, and over a hill towards the bridge a little while away.

As an afterthought, she quickly pulled a silver backed hairbrush though her white blonde hair, and tied it behind her head with a string of pale blue beads. Her Dad had given them her as a birthday present the year she had started Hogwarts. They were made out of a special type of jade, which was meant to keep away blibbering humdingers. Although they were mainly gentle creatures, they were known to be notorious thieves.

She slid down the spiral staircase in the side of her room, and into the kitchen. She stopped for a while, to gaze at the ceiling. She had finally finished painting it that morning. It was midnight blue, with miniature silver and gold stars, and a huge full white moon. She had begged her dad until he had finally agreed to enchant it, so that it really glowed, lighting up the rest of the kitchen.

The insects painted on the wall seemed alive in the half light. It wasn't surprising; they moved. Although, when the sun went down, they tended to go to sleep. Apart from the moths. It had apparently become their latest quest to break free from their painted prison and reach the ceiling moon.

Luna smiled to herself. She loved watching the insects move around the yellow walls. She turned to the scrubbed, round kitchen table in the middle of the room, and picked up the wicker basket waiting for her. It contained a flask of tea, two apples and a small parcel, containing the tiny feathered hooks she needed for fishing. This evening, she was going after trout for tomorrow night's dinner.

She stepped out into the cold, winter air. It was the first official day of the Christmas holidays, and Luna hadn't been to the fishing hole under St Catchpole Bridge in months. She hurried along the winding dirt path that wound between the small, grassy hills to the hollow where the bridge stood. The air was cold enough to make her think that there would be heavy frost in the morning.

It took her about half an hour to reach the bridge, and by the time she had arrived, the sun had finished setting. It was a clear sky, so the light from the moon cast a sentient light over the valley. She carefully put down her basket, rod and bucket on the bank, and reached into a gap in the bridge, where a stone was missing, to pull out a wooden stool she had hidden there two years ago, when she first started to come fishing on her own.

Her father would have joined her, but had been forced to visit one of The Quibblers writers that evening, to sort out some difficulties with an article. He would be back later that night, so for now, Luna fished alone. She tugged her red jumper down, so that it was closer around her body. The thick wool scratched at her arms slightly, but it didn't bother her. She poured herself a cup of steaming herbal tea, and set it down next to her stool.

Next, she carefully unwrapped the little packet of feathered hooks. She held one up to her eye, studying the two tint black bead eyes, the silver foil of the fly's body, and the tufted red feathers, surrounding the wickedly sharp barbed hook.

She carefully threaded the fishing lie through the loop at the top of the hook, and tied a knot as tight as she could. She flicked the line into the water and settled down, one hand on the rod to wait for the tell tale tug of a bite.

The night was completely silent, and eerily still. A cold breeze tugged at her shoulders as she waited. It seemed like the fish were reluctant to bite that night. Just as she started to feel the rod begin to tug ever so slightly, the moon went behind a cloud. She reached for her wand, to cast some light, but the bright orb reappeared just as she laid her hand on the smooth wood. She looked around her. She was no longer alone.

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