They apperated back to camp, and set about sorting out food. Scabior was in a much better mood the second they were away from the house of the muggle born woman. He laughed and made jokes, as Luna trotted behind him, trying to keep from getting under the feet of the men. Foxy leapt onto Scabior's back and bit his ear playfully, causing him to scoop her round and throw her over one shoulder. She stuck her tongue out at Luna, who wrinkled her nose, and poked her chin in the air. As the three passed under the oak tree, Foxy grabbed hold of a branch above her head and pulled herself free of Scabior's grip. He rolled his eyes at her, and then beckoned to Luna. "You won't object to fetching wood again." It was a statement, not a question, but she nodded anyway, and they headed off towards the outskirts of the wood.

They went a little further this time, walking a mile or so, before Scabior set Luna to gathering smaller sticks, while he took it in turns to watch her or chop down larger branches. They worked in silence for some time, then, quite suddenly, he spoke; ""ere, come up this way, I want ter show yer somthin,"

She stacked her pile of wood against a tree, and scuttled after him, up a ridge, that had no path. It led up, out of the trees, onto a thin strip of moorland, dotted with granite rocks and purple heather bushes. Long stems of grass and tiny yellow flowers hunkered for shelter in any crevice they could find, away from the strong wind that Luna had not been able to feel amongst the safety of the trees. Scabior was stood a short distance away, at the tip of the moorland, at the top of a cliff, emerging out of the forest. She skipped between the gray boulders to stand next to him.

Below them, the forest stretched out, so large it was impossible to see the edges. It rose and fell like waves, and mountains were visible in the distance. Fog rolled across the landscape, slowly getting closer. Not all that far away, the oak tree at camp jutted above its fellows, a hint of colour showed Foxy's hammock.

"It's beautiful." Luna breathed; her words were swept away with the wind.

Scabior looked down at her oddly, and then briefly placed one hand on the back of her head. "its home." He turned, and walked quickly back down the hill.

That night was oddly relaxed. After eating a delicious stew, made out of mushrooms, and pheasant Foxy had caught in the night, they sat around the fire. Foxy was playing with her wind chime, Tomos was writing a letter, a raven waiting next to him to deliver it. Grey back picked his teeth with one long nail, while Scabior, leaning on the oak tree, was silently twisting threads together, forming a long blue and black string. Luna stared into the fire, her head in her hand, entranced by the dancing flames.

Once again, Scabior called for bed, when it was almost nearly completely dark. Luna, was glad, she was exhausted. She thought back to that morning, the tiny boy in her lap, the look his mother had given her.

She hurried to the cabin before Scabior got there, checked the door, and quick as she could, pulled off her shoes and jeans, before shooting under the blanket, so that he wouldn't see her as he came in. She hated sleeping in jeans, and thought longingly of the wide, curved bath at home. She lay on her side, facing away from the older man. She felt him lie down next to her, and one again; he threw one arm over her waist. She thought he had fallen asleep when his voice floated out of the darkness.

"You haven't tried to run yet."

She paused for a moment. She thought of her, Dad, of home. Suddenly, she felt like she was going to cry. "I know there's no point." She whispered. She shook, trying to hold in tears. Very gently, Scabior, put one hand on her shoulder, and pulled her closer to him. She didn't know why, but after a few moments, she turned over to place her head carefully on his bare chest, and slowly, she drifted off to sleep.

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