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I wished for death, begged for it even, but it never came. Only more pain greeted me each day.

I tried to will my heart to stop, but it didn't. Instead, it taunted me by beating on, reminding me of each passing second I was trapped here.

How long had it been since I was taken?

I felt like my mind was slipping away. I fell to my knees, exhaustion overtaking me, tears streaming down my face.

"I need you, Edward. Why aren't you here?" I whispered. "Where are you?"

He's gone. They're all gone.

I heard the soft sound of footsteps approaching.

Not again, not yet, I wasn't ready. I couldn't take anymore.

"Please, Alice, see me! Somebody please.I'm scared. I need you!" I cried.

"Oh, silly child, what have I told you? They don't want you, they never did," a cold voice answered me.

What scared me more than the impending pain was that I was beginning to believe those words.

"You'll learn to like it. You'll learn to trust us too."

I followed obediently. I had no choice, after all.