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What kind of lover you are

In Abby Sciuto's opinion the evening couldn't be more beautiful, than it had been so far.

It was the night before her birthday and she spent it with Leroy Jethro Gibbs who managed to not forget the date, though Abby was certain one certain ME had something to do with it.

As always they were in her favourite restaurant, drinking, laughing and eating a delicious meal.

The conversation was light and nowhere near a work related topic, instead they talked about her family, the planned trip to Louisiana, his upcoming trip to visit Mike, Tony and Ziva along with Abby's favourite topic 'when do they finally get it on'. That part of the conversation was rather short and ended with an eye role from Gibbs which said it all.

As the evening went on Abby's face ever so often became unfocused, glancing through the room instead of the man sitting in front of her.

If he hadn't seen the particular facial expression often the last few weeks, he would have thought her absent-mindedness was a follow up of not enough sleep or something along the lines.

No her absent-minded state wasn't caused by the lack of sleep; something else seemed to bother her. Maybe not bother but it made her at least pensive, more pensive than he had ever seen her before.

Eventually Gibbs had enough.

"Is something wrong with the food, the drinks or the company?"

His gentle voice shook her out of her reverie.

"Sorry," Abby smiled apologetic, "no the company is great and so is the food and wine, like always."

"Then what's going on in that head of yours? I've never seen you so distracted at one of our pre-birthday dinners."

She watched him mirror her movements as both took a sip out of their glasses.

Abby placed her glass back to the surface of the table and spoke up, her voice soft, barely above a whisper.

"Trust me, there is nothing wrong."

Hoping she could make him switch the topic, not sure how much longer she could avoid telling him what crossed her mind lately, as is every other thought that crossed her mind.

"I want to know what thought let the smile vanish from your beautiful face, especially today."

Abby studied his face, the worry he felt was present in his features.

*Ah what the hell…*

The forensic scientist watched him as he took the wineglass back in his hand and guided it towards his mouth.

She waited till his lips were at the rim of it, sipping at the red liquid before she whispered loud enough for him to her.

"I wonder,"… she paused… "I wonder what kind of lover you are."

Her eyes were focused on her fingers so she didn't see Gibbs nearly spitting out the liquid he was about to swallow.

His eyes were wide open as he stared at the woman in front of him. Not believing his ears, not until she spoke up again adding a few more sentences to her confession.

"I wonder often if you are a rough and demanding lover like your demeanour is."

Abby lifted her eyes a little until his hand came into view, the one in which he held the glass in such a firm grip that she could watch his knuckles turn white.

"Or are you gentle and loving as you are deep down inside?"

She let her gaze linger for a few more seconds on his hand, wondering if the stem of the glass would hold the pressure his hand was creating or if the glass would just snap into two pieces.

Eventually she lifted her head and focused on his eyes, speaking up again.

"Maybe you are playful and teasing, or a bit of everything mentioned just now."

His face was unreadable, something Abby had expected.

The young woman saw the tension in his body coming in waves and decided it was time for a retreat, hoping she hadn't destroyed the bond to the one person she needed most in her life.

Abby sighed and emptied her glass with one big gulp.

Watching his none responsive face she tried to smile, unsure if he saw it at all.

"Gibbs." No reaction.

He was shocked, that much was easy to see, Abby was unsure if he at all noticed her sitting in front of him or if he had heard more than the first sentence.

"Leroy Jethro Gibbs."

He blinked a few times but still wasn't able to focus on her.

"Gibbs, lets just pretend those two minutes never happened. Okay? I'll go home now and tomorrow everything will be the same like it always has been."

With a note of authority she added.

"Tomorrow you'll bring me a Caf!Pow, give me my usual morning hug, before you hurry me for results. I will tell you 'you can't rush science' and everything will be just back to normal."

Without giving him the chance to respond in any way Abby got to her feet, rounded the table till she was at his side, where she kissed his cheek and hurried away towards the entrance without turning around.

Praying that indeed everything would be just fine and moreover not awkward once they would see each other again in the morning.

Rather then to wait for a taxi Abby turned left and walked along the packed sidewalk destination home.

Her knee length black dress swayed softly around her legs, as the night was guided into the town with a soft wind.

She had walked much slower than she normally would but that night she needed some fresh air to clear her mind.

For the way she normally need roughly 15 minutes, she needed about an hour to reach her home.

Once the door was closed behind her, Abby leant against the wooden surface, while she got rid of her boots. With a sigh of relief the hairpins which held the bun in place followed.

Not bothering to switch on the lights she went straight into the kitchen, where she opened the cabinet next to the fridge.

With the bottle of bourbon in hand she took a few more steps into the kitchen, stopped at the cupboard with the glasses and helped her self to one.

With both items in hand she crossed the short distance to her black painted kitchen table, built and painted by none other than the man she tried to avoid thinking about right that moment.

Abby shook her head to suppress the image that threatened to appear but wasn't really successful.

It had been a slow afternoon at the navy yard. Abby Sciuto- scientist and hyperactive bunny used the little free time she had to search for a table which would fit her newly purchased kitchen chairs.

Completely engrossed in her search she hadn't noticed the familiar aftershave until Gibbs was right behind her, bending over her shoulder looking on the screen.

"What are you looking for?"

She had turned slightly till she had been able to look into his eyes.

"I bought the perfect chairs for my kitchen now I need to find the perfect table that fits me, the kitchen and the chairs."

"Found something?" His warm breath had caressed her cheek; she had been only just able to suppress a shiver.

Abs had cleared her throat and had clicked on a link she had put on her favorite-list a little while earlier.

"This one would be the perfect fit it's just too big for my kitchen."

The scientist had watched Gibbs scan the details of the table, or that had been what she thought he had done.

"You're right, though I might know a place where you can look for a similar table."

"Really?" She had beamed at him.

"Yup!" He had kissed her cheek before he had turned ready to leave again.

"Gibbs? Where?"

"Saturday." He had said with a smirk. "Oh and there is a Caf!Pow in the fridge."

"You're the best."

That Saturday she had found herself in Gibbs basement staring at the copy of the table she had shown to him only four days earlier.

"But Gibbs, how?"

"I printed out the picture."

She hadn't been able to stop herself from kissing has cheek a thousand times while hugging him real close.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

She finally sat down and switched on the small skull formed lamp, equally a gift from Gibbs.

When she was done purring herself a generous drink she closed the bottle lifted the glass and toasted into the empty room.

"Here is to the fucked up end of a wonderful evening."

Before she had the chance to take a sip a voice became audible.

"The evening isn't over yet."


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