Chapter Sixteen

The Accident

Colette was having a perfect day and was just going to get better because the first year lions were having their very first flying lesson. She had been waiting for this since her letter came and her mother told her she that after her first year she could get her own broom for her birthday or Christmas. The day was going great till she heard the savior of the Wizarding world talking to her and her classmates as though they were five years old. Before she even knew what she was doing she was picking up her broom and chucking it at Harry's head.

The broom was flying straight at Harry's head and He didn't have enough time to dodge out of the way; so the broom sent Harry flying away from the class. "Harry!" Oliver yelled as he ran toward the boy-who-lived. "Are you alright? Do I need to get Madam Pomphery?"

"No Oliver I don't need Pomphery. But I would like to know who threw the broom at me and why?" Harry said walking slowly back towards the now trembling first years. Well all but one: Colette wasn't trembling but staring back at Harry defiantly as if daring him to challenge her. "Colette, did you throw the broom?"

"So what if I did? What can you do?" Colette challenged.

"Nothing but Oliver can. However I would like to train you to hopefully become a Chaser if you are up to it." Harry spoke quite calmly for someone who just had a broom to the head.

Colette's face lit up while she nodded energetically. "I would love to train with you, Harry. Thank you for the offer."

"Your welcome but training will only begin after your flying classes are done and after any and all punishments from Professor Wood." Harry said before turning toward the castle as a voice had yelled "Harry!" Ginny was running down the slope looking for Harry. "Harry!"

"Yes, Ginny. What do you need me for?" Harry asked smiling at his fiancé.

"Harry, you need to get to the Hospital Wing now!" Ginny continued when Harry looked like he was confused. "Your Aunt fainted in class. One of the guys carried her there."

Ginny barely finished her sentence before Harry was taking off up the hill toward the castle.

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