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Chapter Seventeen

The Punishment

"Collette!" Professor Wood called out to her. "I would like to speak to you over here please." Professor Wood started walking away from the class so Collette had to jog to catch up to him. Collette had no doubt what he wanted to talk about but she was hoping that he would leave punishing her untill the end of class. "Collette," Wood began. "you know what you did was not only wrong but also dangerous. To throw a broom at a person's head can do said person a lot of injury. Now I know Harry is hard headed but it still would have hurt him when it made contact. Do you have anything to say for yourself before I tell you your punishment?"

Collette thought for a few moments before she responded. "I hate being treated like a child. I know that I am still a child but I would like to be treated like a young adult. Much like you are right now, Professor. Might I ask why you pulled me away from the class to tell me my punishment?"

"I will answer your question but first I am happy that you told me this. Now I will make an assumption that when Harry called out to the class you took offense to what he said. Now the reason why I brought you away from the class to punish you is because I, as a student, hated when the teachers would punish me in front of the entire class. So, now as a teacher I am resolved to do as little of that as possible. Now for your punishment; you will have detention with me tomorrow night from six to eight where you will help me polish the broom handles by hand. Yes I will be polishing by hand as well because I feel that polishing by hand is better than by magic, then you will apologize to Harry for throwing and hitting him upside the head with the broom, and finally you will apologize to your classmates for interrupting their lesson." Wood concluded with a smirk like he knew that that would be the worst of the punishments he gave her.

Collette heaved a sigh and agreed out loud to Wood but inside her head she was screaming every curse word she knew in Gaelic, French, and English. When they came back to the rest of the class Collette sigh again before speaking. "I would like to apologize," Collette began speaking between her teeth, "for interrupting your lesson and learning."

"Now was that so hard?" Wood asked with a laugh in his voice. Collette gave Wood a death glare before joining the rest of her classmates. "Class please step up to the left side, if you are right handed, and the right side, if you are left handed, of your broomstick. When you have done that please place your dominate hand over the broom and confidently say up." Only a handful of the class's brooms jumped up into their hands such as: Collette's, Annabelle, and Andrew Gawian. About a third of the class's brooms rolled over like a dog and the rest just stayed where they were. "Keep trying and when you have a hold of your broom raise your hand I will come around and help you get seated on the broom. (An: for the rest of the lesson refer to the first HP book. As Wood would have modeled his lessons after his flying instructor.)

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