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(Chapter Revised)


When humans first walked the earth there were no soul reapers or hollows, when humans died there souls would move on to next plane of existence or remain behind till they moved on or faded away. Then it happened, two humans, who died at the exact same time, whose souls seem to have developed a connection to the other world in life, they were the first, the first soul reaper and the first hollow. Unaware of the power they now had they stayed with one another and traveled the land together. Over the years they slowly started to realize, that through their resurrection, not only could they now continue with their lives, but could live indefinitely for they no longer aged.

However as the years went on the hollow felt something strange, he felt hungry, no matter how much he ate he felt hungry all the time. He couldn't explain it, it was never ending. One day when he was on his own he came across a soul, an unbelievable urge overcame him. He lunged at the soul and devoured it while it screamed for mercy. His hunger seem to lessen, but something else now was growing within him, he didn't know what it was but he didn't care what the new feeling was for he could finally end his hunger.

One day the soul reaper witnessed the hollow devouring a soul, he urged that the hollow should contain his hunger and let the souls move on with their existence. The hollow could not believe what his lifelong comrade was saying, to give up what was lessening his hunger which he was sure would consume him if he didn't satisfy it. Then it snapped; the feelings that had been building in him with each soul he ate, sorrow, pain, and anger. He look at his now former comrade, his soul look and smelled so different from the other souls, he craved the soul reaper so severely that he attacked.

Almost taken by complete surprised by his friend's attack he was able to defend himself just in time. He saw the hunger in his friend's eyes; he could feel his body shaking for it urges to be satisfied. They fought each other for days, the land scape scared by the battle. They both had exhausted their reiatsu. They could not continue their battle they retreated away from each other but their conflict was far from over. Over the millenias they would have many battles; their reiatsu so intense that it affected the souls of others, new soul reapers and hollows raised up. The soul reapers would gather in the afterlife and create the Soul Society, while the hollows entered their new world of Hueco Mundo,

Finally the personal war between the two firsts was over, the hollow on his knees and the soul reaper standing tall. The soul reaper raised his blade to deliver the final strike, but he couldn't finish it. Was it because he was the first of his kind, was it because his actions had only been done out of instinct, or was it because he had been his friend for countless years; no one knows. So he chose to seal him away and that is the last that was known of the first soul reaper and hollow. No one knows what happen to the soul reaper, some say he just disappeared after the final battle others say he still walks the earth waiting possibly for a way to save his friend.

"That is absolutely ridiculous", a carrot top boy said.

"What do you mean ridiculous", the raven haired girl yelled? "This story is the most well-known story of the Soul Society. It explains our origins; how we gained our powers. How dare you call it ridiculous?" This was Rukia's favorite story she was not about to let Ichigo just brush it off as nothing.

"Yeah, yeah, every culture has some kind of origin story. What's ridiculous is that this guy was a soul reaper, why didn't he just finish the hollow off; he would have freed him right, soul reapers purify hollow with their zanpakutōs don't they, so why didn't he just do that?"

"Well… uh, I don't know this story is thousands of years old it may have picked up a few embellishments over time. Maybe he didn't know he had that power he was on his own the whole time."

"If he had been on his own the whole time how did the other soul reapers find out about him?" Rukia didn't know what to say to that, the story had been around so long that no one knew its origins. "That's what I thought, oh and by the way, your drawings didn't help at all. Two years and you still suck at drawing. Ouch!" Rukia threw her notebook at him so hard out of frustration that it left a mark on his face.

"Well, I thought you story was great Rukia," a long auburn haired girl commented, hoping to ease the rising tension between her friends.

"Thank you Orihime," Rukia thanked her close friend. "At least someone can appreciate my story." She decided to stab that last bit in.

"It was interesting to say the least," the quincy added pushing up his glasses while the giant next to him remained his quite usual self.

"Well it did make for a nice campfire story," a spiky raven haired girl who sat next to Orihime gave her thoughts on Rukia's tale. The six friends of Ichigo Kurosaki, Orihime Inoue, Tatsuki Arisawa, Uryū Ishida, Yasutora Sado, and Rukia Kuchiki sat around a small fire in a forest far from their home town. Rukia, who had not seen her friends in so long, was able to get some time off, and with the help of her captain, and secretly from her brother was able to get some time off and go to the human world to see them. As they were reminiscing on the past, Rukia decided to tell them of the tale of the first soul reaper and hollow, their response was less then what she was expecting. They continued to sit around the fire in silence, enjoying the peace that had so long been denied to them.

"Looks like we are running low on wood," Chad said as he started to get up.

"Don't worry about it, they should be back very…," Ichigo started to say.

"ICHI…argh," the brown haired hyper active boy ran into Ichigo's raised fist and fell backwards onto the ground, along with all the wood he had been carrying.

"Yo Keigo." Keigo could only respond with a moan of pain from under the logs.

"I warned you not to sneak up on him Mr. Asano," a black haired short boy said as he came up from behind.

"Quite being so formal Mizuiro." Keigo complained as he slowly got up.

"Do you have so loud, we were doing just fine till you showed up," Uryū said with annoyance.

"You guys suck." The rest of the night went off without a hitch, with the occasional banter, smores, and stories, everything a normal campout had. But that normalcy would soon be shattered.

In the dark recesses of an unknown dimension a dark sphere started to ripple. The ripples grow in number and speed. The sphere started to lose its shape, a bulge would rise out of the sphere then sink back in, then another one would rise on another part of the sphere. Something was trying to breakout. Something old. Something powerful.

The sphere began to crack. The cracks spread across the sphere like fault lines on the globe. It shattered, into thousands of pieces that disintegrated in midair, while what the sphere had been containing fell to the ground. It tried to get up, its whole body shaking as it struggled to stand before collapsing back to the ground.

How long. It thought. How long have I been imprisoned? Hundreds, thousands of years? Aware of this empty void, unable to move. All because of a betrayal. Because of… because of… It couldn't even think of them without its anger rise. Its anger gave it the strength it need. It picked itself off the ground and thrust its hand forward ripping through an invisible fabric. It tore the fabric open revealing a lush and colorful world on the other side. The smell of the world flared into its nostrils. It wanted to satisfy its anger, but it had to satisfy its hunger first.

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