A/N: Here's a new story! (what ELSE is new) This time it's another Yugioh GX fanfic! I really like this series! J So this time it's going to take place at the very beginning of the series only with a few twists, and when I say twists it's MAJOR twists. And it also has a bit of things from other anime, such as Ben 10: Alien Force, and Justice League. I hope you enjoy! Just a heads up though, I'll update every two weeks just to give myself some time to work on chapters!

Full Summary: Humans; an ignorant and greedy species, think they are they best thing in the world. The strongest, smartest, most clever. But one of the disadvantages to being human…they're conceded and ignorant that they don't see what is truly there. Humans are not the only thing that inhabit the Earth, and if they would open their eyes they could see it. Their neighbors, classmates, coworkers. The person walking down the street, the electrician, the plumber. We are everywhere, and we have our own secret society. But what happens when that society isn't so secret anymore? The only place were we could be safe is the one place no one would look, a school. This is the story of the Black Circles.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yugioh GX or some of the bits of things from the other anime. All OC's are either lent by KitsPokePeople or mine.

Examination Duels

A boy with two toned brown spiky hair and brown eyes raced down the streets of Domino city, dressed in a grey school uniform with a red shirt underneath it. Peeking out from the top of his backpack was his duel disk and deck. "Alright! I've got my gear, I've got my deck, and I've got about two minutes to make it to the Duel Academy Entrance Exams before they start! Oh well, at least since I'm not a student yet, they can't throw me into detention hall for being late!"

Jaden Yuki started weaving in and out of the crowds of the park. "Excuse me! Coming through!" He shouted. He was still sprinting when he noticed a young man in front of him. "At your back!" He shouted a warning but crashed into him and fell on his butt. His duel disk and deck came out of his bag and onto the ground. "Sorry." Jaden quickly apologized picking up his cards and duel disk and putting them back where they belonged.

"You're a duelist, aren't you?" The man spoke in a deep voice.

"Yup. I'm just going to try out at the Academy." Jaden spoke happily standing up and scratching behind his head.

"You don't say?" The man asked opening his own deck holder on his waist. He pulled out a single card. Jaden took a good look at the man and his eyes widened.

"Wait, you're-"

"Why don't you take this? I have a feeling it belongs with you." The man spoke handing the card to Jaden.

Jaden took it eagerly. "Wow, for real?"

"Good luck." The man spoke and started to walk away. Jaden turned and watched him.

"Hey wait! Thank you! I'll make you proud!" Jaden assured. The man smiled and gave Jaden a thumbs up before walking away. Jaden smiled and looked at the Winged Kuriboh card in his hands.


Jaden whirled around trying to locate the source of the noise. "What was that?" He asked himself before he looked at his watch. "Uh-oh! The exams!" He shouted and started taking off. "I can't be the next King of Games if I'm late to the games!"

"Sorry Jay, but ya got to go through me if ya wanna be the next King of Games." A boy with teal spiky hair and teal eyes shouted in a southern accent running up next to the boy. He was wearing a grey uniform that matched Jaden's only he had a blue t-shirt underneath it.

Jaden smiled. "Hey Jesse! I thought you would have already been at the Entrance Exams!"

Jesse shrugged. "No! Rika and Riku forgot to wake me up this mornin'! Lil' traitors! And Ouran is here for the Exams too and HE didn't even wake me up! Although it didn't help that we were outta the house at two o'clock in the mornin'."

Jaden shrugged. "Well, now those robbers are behind bars! Anyways we've got to hurry! We're going to be late!"

"Once again, all Academy applicants who have already passed their Duel Entrance Exam, please report to registration. For those who have failed, better luck next year." The speakers blared.

Dr. Crowler, who was sitting with the other proctors smirked. And have fun at Duel Monsters community college. He thought as he observed the rest of the duels.

In one of the fields stood a girl with long brown hair and emerald green eyes wearing a blue school uniform. "I sacrifice my Violet Witch to summon my Black Rose Dragon! Now, seeing as you have no monsters on your side of the field, and your down to your last 1000 life points, Black Rose Dragon attack! End this duel!"

The proctor's life points fell to zero and he smiled. "Well done Rosaline Hayden. Welcome to Duel Academy."

The girl pouted slightly but bowed. "It's Rose. But thank you." The girl walked out and waited by another field where a boy with midnight blue hair and violet eyes was dueling. He was wearing the same uniform as the girl. "Come on Dusk you can do it!" She cheered.

Dusk turned and smiled. "Thanks Rose. Now for you. Vampire Lord finish it!" The monster attacked and blasted away the rest of the proctor's life points.

"Welcome to Duel Academy, Dusken Shinji."

Dusk bowed and walked out to meet Rose. "Hey Rose, you won too?"

Rose nodded. "Yup, come on! Let's head to the stands and catch the rest of the duels!" She cheered.

In another dueling field there was a girl with long teal hair and blue eyes. "Now I'm going to use my Magician's Valkyria to attack you directly and end this duel!" She shouted. The proctor snorted.

"Welcome to Duel Academy, Rika Anderson."

Rika smiled and jumped up and down. "Riku! Did you make it?" She shouted looking around one of the walls to the next arena.

"Just about Rika. Red Eyes finish it!" The Red Eyes Black Dragon attacked the proctors Fox Fire and knocked his life points down to zero.

The proctor nodded in approval. "Congradulations Riku Anderson. Welcome to Duel Academy."

Riku smiled. "Thank you. Let's go sit in the stands Rika."

Rika nodded as they walked to the stands. "Man, it was hard dueling with all those Academy students staring at us. It's nerve racking."

Riku laughed. "But we made it right? Now we can be in Duel Academy with Ouran and Jesse…" Riku trailed off as both of the twins looked at each other in dismay.

"WE FORGOT TO WAKE UP JESSE!" They shouted in unison. Watching all of the new applicants, were a few Obelisk blue's on the balcony level of the arena. A few of them had black designs on the back of their uniforms. One of the girls was leaning on the railing while another was sitting completely on the railing with her legs dangling over the side with her eyes closed. A boy with navy blue hair and matching eyes stood beside them with his arms crossed.

"Anything so far?" The girl who was leaning on the railing asked. The other girl who had her eyes closed nodded.

"A few sparks, but nothing Captain level yet."

"Last call for all Academy applicants, if you have not checked in for your exam, please do so now." The sound system rang out again.

The boy snorted. "It looks like we aren't going to find two new Captains today."

There was a table outside with two ladies in golden uniforms sitting and a man in a suit standing by them. "Well ladies, that's it. Mark all the no shows 'no shows'." The man spoke.

"WAIT!" Two voices shouted. Jaden and Jesse pulled themselves up, holding onto the railing with twigs and mud in their hair. "We're no, no shows! You can mark Jaden Yuki and Jesse Anderson as present!"

Jesse held onto the bar and sighed. "So long as we don't lose our grip!" He pointed out.

"Zane, you are such a downer." A girl with long brown hair and navy blue eyes spoke. She was in an Obelisk blue boys outfit, with a black design on her uniform. Behind her stood two other boys and another girl, one with emerald green eyes and spiky emerald green hair, and one with orange hair and green eyes. The other girl had long red hair and green eyes.

Zane, the boy with the original two girls, rolled his eyes. "Mimi, I'm being realistic. Ouran, your siblings made it." The boy with orange hair grinned.

"No way! Rika, Riku, and Jesse made it?"

The girl who was leaning against the railing, with long blonde hair and gold eyes shook her head. "We only saw a Riku and a Rika. No Jesse."

Ouran winced and the girl with red hair slapped the back of his head. "Ouran! You didn't wake him up did you?"

Ouran grinned sheepishly. "Ow Nikki! And yeah, it was an accident though! But you sure Alexis?"

Alexis nodded and the boy with emerald green eyes ran a hand through his hair and snorted. "Well, he isn't going to make it then, they stopped accepting applicants."

"You guys are so noisy." The girl who was sitting on the railing spoke. She had long dark brown hair with natural red highlights in them.

Zane looked apologetic. "Sorry Danni. Anything at all?"

"One or two Roses, a handful of Dahlias, and a boatload of Iris's and Lilies." Danni spoke, not opening her eyes. All at once she stiffened and her eyelids flew open, revealing violet eyes. She put her arm on the railing to settle herself from falling and looked around at her group. "Two Captain levels just walked in." She smirked. "Mimi, get Chancellor Sheppard on the phone."

A powder blue haired boy with light blue eyes sat in his seat and looked a bit nervous. "Look at him go!" Jaden shouted running up behind him. Jesse was close behind.

"No kiddin' Jay! He's a good duelist!" He pointed to a boy with ebony hair and grey eyes.

There were two monsters on the proctors side of the field and one monster and a face down card on the applicants side. "Alright new guy! Pop quiz, you've got two monsters facing you down, do you: a) throw in the towel, b) beg for mercy, or c) go running home to momma!" The proctor shouted to the applicant.

He drew a card and smirked. "I pick d) none of the above! I activate Ring of Destruction. You see with this trap I can destroy any monster on the field then we each take damage equal to that monsters attack points." The applicant destroyed his own monster. The proctors points dropped to zero.

"Clever move applicant. Welcome to the Academy."

The applicant bowed. "Thank you oh, wise proctor."

"Wow that last guy really tore it up." Jaden smiled. Jesse nodded in agreement.

"Ya said it Jay."

Syrus nodded. "That's Bastion Misawa. I heard he got the highest grade on the written exam of all us applicants."

Jesse whistled. "Man, ya barely passed Jay." Jaden turned and glared at the blunette who was grinning. Jesse had scored fairly high while Jaden…didn't.

Syrus nodded. "So did I. But I'm glad I made it into the Academy. It's a…safe place for someone like me."

Jaden slapped Syrus on the back in a friendly gesture. "So your in! We'll be in too as soon as we win our duels!"

"Wait you haven't dueled yet?" Syrus asked shocked.

"Nah, we just got here." Jesse smiled.

Syrus looked apologetic. "Then you might have a problem. I think that was supposed to be the last duel of the day!"

"What?" Both boys cried out.

"It looks like we have a pretty good crop this year." One of the proctors spoke.

Dr. Crowler was just about to get up when the proctor who was standing outside came up to him. "I'm sorry to bother you, but it seems as if we have two last minute applicants Mr. Crowler."

"Did you just call me Mr.?" Dr. Crowler asked. The proctor winced.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm new here Mrs."

Dr. Crowler raised an eyebrow. "I have a PhD in dueling, I have earn the title Doctor, thank you. Now tell the truants that they will just have to come back next year."

"Oh come on Dr. Crowler, we have time for two more."

"They were just a bit late is all."

Dr. Crowler exploded listening to the arguments of the other proctors. "LATE IS RUDE! I have no time for slackers." His phone started to ring as he got up and answered it. "Hello? And who may I ask is-"

"It's Sheppard."

"Ah! Chancellor Sheppard."

"Just calling to make sure everything is running smoothly. And I also received an interesting call from Mimi. She said that Danni has identified two applicants who have just walked in who have Captain level status. I hope you gave them the opportunity to come to our Academy."

"Absolutely!" Dr. Crowler spoke closing his phone. "Furry chinned goat." He growled. He looked to one of the other proctors. "You come with me and bring a deck."

"But sir, who will duel the other applicant?"

Dr. Crowler grinned maliciously. "Oh don't worry, I'll take care of that."

Bastion came and sat down next to Syrus. "Sweet duel Bastion!" Jaden congratulated.

"Thank you." Bastion said.

Jesse smiled. "From the looks of it, ya might be the third best duelist here."

"Jesse Anderson, please report to Exam Field Three. Jaden Yuki, please report to Exam Field Four." The speakers blared.

"It's go time!" Jaden smiled.

"Wish us luck fellas." Jesse grinned.

"Hey wait!" Bastion called out as they started heading to the field. "If I'm number three then whose number one and number two?"

Jaden and Jesse shared a look and laughed. "Well, I'd be number one, and Jesse's number two." Jaden spoke.

"You wish." Jesse laughed as they walked to their separate exam rooms.

"Man, this place is cool." Jesse spoke as he was raised on the platform from the floor.

"Welcome applicant. I hope that your ready to get your butt handed to you." The proctor asked. Jesse pouted slightly.

"Can't say that I am. But I'm ready to beat ya!" Jesse retorted confidently slipping on his duel disk and deck. "Applicant's first! I'm gonna play this little guy, Crystal Beast Emerald Turtle, in defense mode! And that's it for now."

Crystal Beast Emerald Turtle: 600 ATK/2000 DEF

The proctor gasped. "Your Jesse Anderson the Crystal Beast duelist!"

Jesse grinned sheepishly. "I reckon you've heard of me then?"

The proctor shook it off and he put down his first card. "Yeah, but that doesn't matter! I play Obnoxious Celtic Guardian in attack mode and one card face down!"

Obnoxious Celtic Guardian: 1400 ATK/1200 DEF

Jesse smiled. "Alright! My draw!" He studied the card he had in his hand and smiled. "Sweet! I'm gonna just place one card down and turn it back over to ya!"

Jesse: 4000 LP

Proctor: 4000 LP

The Proctor rose an eyebrow, confused at Jesse's tactics but shrugged. "Alright. As you wish! I summon my Marauding Captain and equip my Obnoxious Celtic Guardian with the spell card Lightening Blade which increases my monsters strength by 800 ATK points!

Marauding Captain: 1200 ATK/400 DEF

Obnoxious Celtic Guardian: 2200 ATK /1200 DEF

"Now I'll have him and Marauding Captain attack and destroy your Crystal Beast!" The proctor shouted causing his monster to attack. Obnoxious Celtic Guardian destroyed Jesse's Crystal Beast Emerald Turtle and Jesse frowned a bit apologetically.

"Sorry Emerald." He apologized, as an emerald gem appeared just in front of Jesse, then looked up quickly to see Marauding Captain charging towards him. "Whoa there! You activated my trap card! G-Force! This card allows me to special summon a Crystal Beast from my hand to the field in attack mode! So I play my Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus!"

Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus: 1800 ATK/1200 DEF

Marauding Captain: 1200 ATK/400 DEF

"My Marauding Captain!" The proctor shouted as his monster was destroyed and he was dealt 600 LP worth of damage.

Jesse: 4000 LP

Proctor: 3400 LP

Jesse smiled. "Alright! My move now!" He drew a card and smiled looking at his hand. "I play my spell card M-Force which gives my Sapphire Pegasus, 500 ATK points!" The southern boy smiled as his monster got more attack points before he pointed across the field. "Now Sapphire Pegasus attack his Obnoxious Celtic Guardian!"

Obnoxious Celtic Guardian: 2200 ATK/1200 DEF

Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus: 2300 ATK/ 1200 DEF

The proctor growled that he lost another monster and was down another LP points while he hadn't made a dent in Jesse's.

Jesse: 4000 LP

Proctor: 3300 LP

"Your going to pay for that kid. I'm going to use the spell card Reload which allows me to dump the five cards in my hand and shuffle it into my deck, and I can draw five more cards." The proctor spoke shuffling his deck again before drawing his new hand. He smiled. "I'm gonna summon my Gearfried the Iron Knight! But I'm not going to stop there. I'm going to use my Release Restraint trap card! And by sacrificing my Gearfried I can special summon my Gearfried the Swordmaster!"

Gearfried the Swordmaster: 2600 ATK/2200 DEF

"Whoa! That's a pretty tough lookin' monster!" Jesse complimented. The proctor grinned.


"Not at all! But it does look mighty cool!" Jesse retorted grinning. The proctor's face fell.

"You are insane! Gearfried! Attack his Pegasus!"

Jesse pouted. "That's mean."

Gearfried the Swordmaster: 2600 ATK/2200 DEF

Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus: 1800 ATK/1200 DEF

Gearfried destroyed Jesse's Pegasus. "I play my spell card Crystal Pair which let's me take a Crystal Beast from my deck and place it in my spell and trap card zone, joinin' my Sapphire and Emerald, and it brings my damage down to zero. And I'll pick out my Amber Mammoth." A amber gem stone appeared beside the sapphire and emerald one. "Now I'm gonna summon my Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat. Now you can see her special ability."

Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat: 1200 ATK/ 400 DEF

Amethyst smiled wickedly. "Jesse, am I going to get to eat a snack?" She purred.

Jesse smiled. "Easy girl. Now you see if my gentle little friend here cuts her attack points in half, she gets to attack you directly." Jesse smiled. Amethyst growled and shot forward and clawed at the proctors face.


"Amethyst!" Jesse shouted.

The large pink cat purred and jumped back toward Jesse grinning. "What? I haven't had fresh meat in a cat's age!"

Jesse: 4000 LP

Proctor: 2700 LP

"Well, I activate my field spell Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins and place one card facedown and end my turn. It's ya turn." Jesse smiled. The field turned into a coliseum with blue skies and a rainbow going overhead.

"My move! And I'll have my Gearfried attack that rabid kitty cat!"

Gearfried the Swordmaster: 2600 ATK/2200 DEF

Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat: 1200 ATK/ 400 DEF

"And I'll place one card facedown and hand it over to you."

Jesse: 2600 LP

Proctor: 2700 LP

Jesse narrowed his eyes and pouted while drawing his card. He looked at it and the cards in his hand and he started laughing. "This has been mighty fun, but it's bout time that this duel comes to an end. I'm gonna summon one of my best friends, Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle! Then to finish off my move, I'm going to use my spell card E-Force which allows me to take one of my monsters in my spell and trap card zone and special summon it to the field. And I choose my Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat! Ya remember her I'm sure."

Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle: 300 ATK/ 300 DEF

Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat: 1200 ATK/ 400 DEF

The proctor groaned. "Ugh…how could I forget?"

"Well, I'm gonna let ya'll get reacquainted. Amethyst!" Jesse commanded.

The pink cat grinned showing all of her pointed teeth. She lunged forward and snapped her jaws at the proctor. He proceeded to run around in circles waving his hand. "SHE BIT MY HAND!" He screamed.

Jesse looked at Amethyst with a disapproving look. "What? It was tasty?" Amethyst purred jumping back to Jesse's side of the field.

Jesse: 2600 LP

Proctor: 2100 LP

Jesse shook his head. "Well, now that Amethyst has had her full, I'm going to let little Ruby have the spotlight. Ya see Ruby allows me to summon as many Crystal Beasts from my spell and trap card zone as I want. But for the job I have in mind, I only need one. Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth!" The jewel on the end of Ruby's tail glowed red and the huge mammoth appeared on the field.

Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth: 1700 ATK/1600 DEF

Gearfried the Swordmaster: 2600 ATK/2200 DEF

"What good will that do? It's still not stronger than my Gearfried!" The proctor pointed out.

Jesse dropped his arm and put them on his hips looking exasperated. "Can I ever finish a move, without ya questioning what I'm gonna do? I place two cards face down. It's your turn." The proctor looked around confused.


"Thank you." Jesse thanked and picked up his arm again.

"Okay, now as if it wasn't obvious to you, I'm going to have my Gearfried attack your pathetic little pipsqueak Ruby!"

Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle: 300 ATK/300 DEF

Gearfried the Swordmaster: 2600 ATK/2200 DEF

"Hey! No bashin' on Ruby! You've activated my trap card! Amber Crystal Circle! This card allows the attack to switch to Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth and combines the attack points of all of the monsters on my side of the field, which would be Amethyst and Ruby!"

Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat: 1200 ATK/400 DEF

Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle: 300 ATK/ 300 DEF

Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth: 3200 ATK/ 1600 DEF

Gearfried the Swordmaster: 2600 ATK/ 2200 DEF

"But that would mean-" The proctor started before Jesse cut him off.

"Ya monster is about to be destroyed."

Jesse: 2600 LP

Proctor: 1500 LP

The proctor looked shocked and played his next monster. "I use the trap card Call of the Haunted to bring back my Gearfried the Iron Knight."

Gearfried the Iron Knight: 1800 ATK/1600 DEF

Jesse smiled. "So it's my turn now, and this duel is about to end! I play the spell card GEM Burst! This card lets me to remove one G-Force, E-Force, and M-Force card from play so I can deal 500 points of damage for every monster in my spell and trap card zone."

"Wait, but since you have three monsters that means-"

"That this duel is over!"

Jesse: 2600 LP

Proctor: 0 LP

The holograms faded and Jesse smiled brightly. The proctor nodded in approval. "Congradulations newbie. Welcome to Duel Academy."

Jesse bowed. "Thanks a lot. Now I wonder if Jay is havin' as good a time as I am."

Jaden's platform raised up so he was facing the opposite direction of his opponent, who happened to be Dr. Crowler. Dr. Crowler was standing there smirking with his custom made duel disk that looked like a type of guitar thing. "Alright, test time. So son, your name?"

Jaden turned around at the sound of Dr. Crowler and jumped to attention. "Jaden, Jaden Yuki."

"Well, Jaden Yuki. I am Dr. Veillian Crowler. Department chair of techniques here at Duel Academy."

Jaden smiled. "Wow, a department chair! I had no idea. From how you dressed I was thinking you were some weird academy mascot! Like a majorette, or a cheerleader!" Jaden laughed.

Dr. Crowler ignored he comment and tapped his duel disk. "Duel vest on!" He spoke as it shot out five cards which he caught in his hand.

"Pretty sweet teach! Where can I get one of those cool blue duel blazers?"

"A lot of hard work and extremely high marks." Dr. Crowler spoke. Of course you have to get into Duel Academy first, and I intended to see that doesn't happen. He thought cruelly.

"I'm ready." Jaden smiled.

"Let's duel!" The two said in unison.

"Here it goes!" Jaden shouted as he drew a card. He smiled. "Sweet. I'm going to summon Elemental Hero Avian in defense mode!" The green man bird appeared on the field kneeling. "I'll also throw down a facedown! Get your game on!"

"Yes, very good. Don't tell me what to do." Dr. Crowler said under his breath as he drew his card. After all since I'm using my own personal deck instead of one of those test ones, I'll be calling all the shots. I'll fail that insolent little brat and send him home in no time. He thought. "Alright for this first move, I think I'll start nice and easy. I choose to play the spell card Confiscation."

Jaden looked at the card confused. "Okay, so what's it do?"

"What it does is, allow me to pay 1000 LP for a peek at your hand and toss one of your cards into the graveyard."

Jaden: 4000 LP

Crowler: 3000LP

The cards appeared in front of Dr. Crowler. "Oh yes, I remember some of these from when I was a naïve rookie. Hm…now which one shall I banish. Monster Reborn to the graveyard. Next I'll lay two cards facedown on the field. And last, but not least I'll play Heavy Storm! This spell cards destroys every other spell and trap card on the field." Winds picked up and destroyed Dr. Crowler's cards, and Jaden's too.

"Whoopsy! Did you forget that you had two cards on the field yourself?"

"Now, now. You mustn't speak out of turn young scholar." A dark fog came onto the field.

Jaden looked around confused. "What's happening?"

Crowler smiled. "Nothing's happening…not yet!" Two golden snake like things appeared on the field in front of Crowler. "But that's about to change."

Up in the stands Syrus was a bit confused. "Uh…can someone tell me what's going on?"

Bastion explained, while not keeping his eyes off the duel, seeing as no one else was willing too. Riku, and Rika were cheering on Jaden, while Rose and Dusk watched intently. "The two trap cards that Dr. Crowler just played were Statue of the Wicked, which is a special trap that creates a vicious token monster, when destroyed. That's why he played Heavy Storm."

Chazz and his lackeys were sitting up in the stands watching the duel go on. The one with the glasses looked carefully. "There's no way that card would be in a test deck, he must be using his own."

The other boy at Chazz's side nodded in agreement. "No way can an applicant beat the deck of an expert duelist like Doctor Crowler. It's impossible, don't ya think Chazz?"

Chazz smirked, leaning back relaxed. "I think I'm going to enjoy, watching Crowler mop the floor with our mouthy little friend down there. I only wish he treated the other second rate duelists who applied to this academy the same way."

With the other Obelisks on the balcony level, Danni was frowning. "Alexis, one of yours is mouthing off again."

Alexis nodded crossing her arms. "I know, I heard him. I'll deal with Chazz when we get back to the Academy."

"What an elitist snob." Nikki snorted, referring to Crowler. Mimi nodded as she leaned on the railing.

"Dueling an amateur with his very best cards." She added on.

"You both are too soft." Dante smirked running a hand through his hair.

"I just hope we get to see that rare card he has stashed in his deck." Ouran smiled like a child.

"You all are missing the point. Jesse may have made it, but if Jaden doesn't we're one captain short." Zane pointed out. Danni nodded.

"Very good Zane. You were the only male who understood the concept of not judging by rank." Danni spoke, casting a pointed glance at Dante.

"Let's finish watching this duel, before punishment." Alexis said.

"Ready for your next lesson?" Dr. Crowler asked sarcastically.

Jaden, being the oblivious but lovable boy he was, didn't notice it. "You bet! I never remember when learning was this much fun!"

"Yes, well I'm quite an excellent teacher, thank you. And now, I sacrifice my two wicked tokens and summon Ancient Gear Golem!" A giant mechanical robot with visible gears appeared on the field.

"There it is! The legendary rare card!" Mimi exclaimed.

"And I'd say, we're about to find out what it does." Dante added on.

Danni and Alexis shared a look, both trying desperately to stifle laughs. "What's so funny?" Ouran asked.

Nikki nodded. "Yeah, Dante didn't say anything stupid that time."

Both girls burst into hysterics. "THAT'S it?" Alexis laughed, clutching her side.

"Dark Magician, is a legendary card, Blue Eyes White Dragon, is a legendary card. That? That's a bunch of gears…and switches from a child's play toy!" Danni laughed as she clutched the side of the railing.

Zane shook his head. "You two are definetly sisters."

Dr. Crowler smirked at Jaden. "Now, now, I hope your not too scared of my legendary Gear Golem."

Ancient Gear Golem: 3000ATK/3000DEF

"No way! I've always wanted to take one on!" Jaden smiled, confidently as the entire crowd burst into gasps.

"Either Jaden's brave, or insane!" Syrus commented.

"Aw man! I wanna face a legendary card to! Jay is always gettin' all the fun." Jesse muttered walking up the steps and next to the others. Riku, and Rika pounced and hugged him.

"Congrats Jesse!" Rika smiled.

"No hard feelings about not waking you up right?" Riku tried smiling. Jesse crossed his arms and looked pointedly at the two guilty twins. "I had to try."

"Look at that kid, he's starring that legendary monster down like he doesn't have a care in the world! I guess ignorance and inexperience has it's advantages." Zane muttered looking at Jaden duel.

"Cut him some slack, he's showing a backbone." Alexis said.

"There isn't going to be much left after this duel." Dante snickered.

Danni smiled. "I don't know, I like his attitude. I hope he wins."

"What? Your want an applicant to win over Dr. Crowler?" Mimi asked shocked. She thought about it a second before nodding. "Never mind, I can understand it."

Ouran nodded. "I so want Jaden to win! It'll be awesome having him at DA!"

Nikki rolled her eyes. "You say that because you, Jaden, Jesse always pull pranks on people."

Ouran smiled. "Exactly."

Dr. Crowler laughed at Jaden's ignorance. "Golem attack! Mechanized Melee!"

Golem's fist crashed into Avian and was destroyed. "Aw man! Jaden's monster didn't stand a chance! His defense points were way to low! This isn't looking good." Syrus commented.

Elemental Hero Avian: 1000ATK/1000DEF

"And it's about to look a lot worse." Bastion replied. "When that Ancient Gear Golem attacks a monster in defense mode, the difference between it's attack points and the defending monsters defense points, gets dealt to the opponent as damage.

"But that would mean-" Syrus started.

Dusk cut him off nodding. "Jaden's life points are going to take a hit."

Golem's fist went through Jaden, as he winced and took the hit.

Jaden: 2000 LP

Crowler: 3000 LP

Jaden hung his head, so his bangs covered his eyes, as his back started shaking. Dr. Crowler laughed. "Don't feel bad, this is the top dueling school in the country. Some people simply aren't cut out…for it?" Crowler slowed down as he heard Jaden laughing, and saw him smiling as he looked up to face him.

"Boy, I really want to come to this school now! You really know your stuff teach." Jaden complimented.

Crowler was shocked before he narrowed his eyes. Can't he take a hint? He will not me allowed to pass this exam. And he certainly wont be permitted to make a mockery of my deck! Crowler thought to himself.

Jaden smirked. Just look at him tremble! He must really be impressed by me! He naïvely thought.

"KURRR." Something sounded from Jaden's deck. He did a double take.

Whoa, what was that? He wondered as he drew his card. It turned out to be Winged Kuriboh. Oh, it's you!

Kuriboh tilted to the side and winked from the card. Jaden looked at him surprised but happy.

All right, I'll just take that as a sign to play you. He looked at his hand and smiled. Yeah definetly. "Alright! I'll summon, Winged Kuriboh in defense mode! And I'll place one card facedown. Nice move, huh teach?"

Danni's eyes widened for the slightest second before her expression went back to calm.

Winged Kuriboh: 300ATK/200DEF

Crowler laughed. "No not bad, but you must understand I'm a master technician, a Kuriboh to me is rather pedestrian. Even one with wings, you see it's defense points are no match for my Ancient Gear Golem. It's a textbook mistake, don't feel bad. Now, let's proceed." He drew a card and smiled. "Ancient Gear Golem! Mechanized Melee!" He ordered pointing to Winged Kuriboh.

It was destroyed instantly. Sorry Winged Kuriboh. Jaden thought.

Crowler scowled. "Check your gear, your life points haven't changed."

Jaden laughed. "My gear is fine. On the turn that Winged Kuriboh is destroyed, I take zero damage." He pointed out.

"How about that? A technique the good doctor didn't know." Alexis snickered.

"No one can be expected to know every technique Alexis." Zane pointed out.

"Even one as obscure as that." Dante added on.

"Yeah, well that newbie sure did." Nikki smirked.

Danni winced then hissed. "Who was taking care of the perimeter?" She asked in a whisper. Ouran pointed to Dante.

"He was!" He ratted out.

"Jerk." Dante muttered to him.

"We told you to secure the perimeter." Alexis spoke in an even and stern tone.

"I thought I did, but-"

"But nothing, get it done. Now." Danni spoke evenly.

Dante grumbled and pulled off the glove on his right hand, and a green ring was located on his ring finger as he walked away from the group and over to a window. He opened it and stuck his hand out. He waited a few seconds then pulled it back in and closed the window, walking back over to the group. "It's finished, your highness." He spoke sarcastically.

Both Alexis, and Danni winced but Danni shook her head. "I don't mean to be harsh, but these applicants would not survive if we didn't take the necessary precautions."

"Let's just watch the duel, please?" Alexis asked.

"Fine, fine. I guess your lame little monster saved you there." Crowler sneered.

"Hey slow down there teach. You may have beat him but that doesn't give you the right to call him lame!" Jaden argued.

"Oh, yes. I forget how attached you new duelists get to your monsters. I'm sorry." He snickered with sarcasm.

"Oh yeah? Well you should be, because by attacking my Winged Kuriboh you set off a trap card. One of my favorites too, Hero Signal!" A red fiery 'H' appeared in the sky above the duel. "And that brings out my second Elemental Hero! Burstinatrix!" A lady with a red cat suit and a golden headpiece covering the top of her head and jutting out at the ends appeared on the field.

Elemental Hero Burstinatrix: 1200ATK/800DEF

"My turn!" Jaden spoke, drawing a card, he looked at it and smiled. "All right Kuriboh, this one's for you. Alright, first off I'm going to start by bringing back my Avian using the spell card The Warrior Returning Alive and now I'm going to summon him to the field!" Avian appeared back on the field and Dr. Crowler laughed.

"Oh, okay. Another amateurish mistake, but this is good, this is good. Now would anybody like to tell me what our friend did wrong?"

"Actually I wasn't done yet. You see, I know my two monsters aren't very powerful by themselves, but if I can form them together it's another story. And I have just the card to unite them! Polymerization! Fuse Avian and Burstinatrix! Fusion summon! There he is, the Elemental Hero Flame Wingman! I hope your Gear Golem is ready for a clash of the titans!"

Elemental Hero Flame Wingman: 2100ATK/1200DEF

Ancient Gear Golem: 3000ATK/3000DEF

"So teach! What do you think?" Jaden asked.

"I think your dueling very well for an amateur. But next time try playing a monster that has more attack points then what's already out."

"What does he mean?" Syrus asked.

"He means that-" Bastion started before Rose cut him off.

"No offense Bastion, but this doesn't need a lengthy explanation. It's 3000 ATK to 2100. Simple as that." She answered.

Riku nodded. "True, and it's a shame. When Wingman attacks a monster, it's attack points are dealt as damage to his owner."

"You mean they're deducted right out of his life points?" Syrus asked again.

"That's right Syrus." Dusk answered.

"Aw, that would have been awesome to turn things around too." Rika pouted.

"Don't worry Rika. Ya know Jay always finds a way to win it in the end. Show em what ya got Jay!" Jesse cheered.

"Alright young scholar, I don't mean to rush you but I am a busy man. But are you done yet?"

"Of course I'm not done yet, and of course I knew my Wingman didn't have enough attack points. That's why I have this, Skyscraper." He placed the card in the field spell slot and the field turned into a city scene. "Alright Flame Wingman go show those heroics and attack Ancient Gear Golem!"

"Fine, bring him on! This silly little Skyscraper field spell card hasn't lowered my Golem's attack strength by one point!"

Wingman jumped up over Golem's head preparing to strike when Jaden spoke up again. "You know what teach, your right. My Skyscraper field spell hasn't lowered your monsters attack points, but what's it's done is raise my Wingman's points up, by a grand total of 1000."

Crowler, shocked, and realizing what's going on shouted out. "Wait! Time out!"

Elemental Hero Flame Wingman: 3100ATK/1200DEF

Ancient Gear Golem: 3000ATK/3000DEF

"Go! Skydive Scorcher!" Jaden called out the attack. Wingman destroyed Crowler's Golem, causing him to freak out.

"This can't be! He was my very best card!" From the falling debris, some fell and hit him on the head.

"And thanks to my Wingman's super power, the attack points of your Golem are dealt straight to your life points. Sweet huh?"

"No way…" Crowler muttered. He looked up and noticed the remains of his Golem starting to teeter before it crashed onto him.

Jaden: 2000 LP

Crowler: 0 LP

"And that's game! So I guess I passed the test huh teach?" The holograms disappeared and everyone started cheering.

"Alright Jay!" Jesse cheered. Everyone else joined in on the cheers.

Crowler looked unbelieving. "Impossible. There is no way he could defeat me."

Chazz's eyes were as wide as saucers. "No way. It must have been dumb luck. No way Crowler could have lost to some flunky."

Up in the stands all of the Obelisks, except for a stunned Dante and Chazz, were clapping at Jaden's win. "That kids got a future here. Wow!" Alexis complimented.

"You just think he's cute." Danni nudged Alexis slightly.

Alexis snorted and rolled her eyes. "Totally off Danni."

"Sure I am…"

Nikki cleared her throat. "Danni, Alexis. What do you want us to do?"

Ouran smirked. "Screenings? I love screenings! They always get nervous."

Alexis rolled her eyes. "Ouran, just for you, we'll do a screening. Go round up the applicants. Dante and Mimi, set up the table, and get some papers, and right down names. Zane, Danni, and I are all going to see Crowler to give the order."

Danni jumped up and down. "Ooh! Can I get some pineapple juice! I have to do the screenings anyways, so I'm energized? Please?"

Zane laughed. "Alright Danni, let's go get you some juice and we'll go get Crowler."


"Yo! Jaden, ya did good!" Jesse laughed as Jaden approached the group, and high-fived him.

"No doubt bro! Hey! Rika, Riku, you guys made it too?" Jaden asked ruffling the twins hair.

"Yup!" They answered in unison.

"Hey, these are some of our new friends, Rose Hayden, and Dusk Shinji." Syrus introduced the two duelists standing there.

Jaden looked over and smiled. "Hey there! I'm Jaden Yuki. Nice to meet you!"

"I can't believe it! He BEAT me! He must have cheated! I will not rest until-" Crowler was cut off on his mindless babbling with a gentle but firm hand grabbed his shoulder. Only two people had that type of grip, and ironically both with the same last name. "Miss Rhodes." He muttered and turned to see Alexis there. Behind him Zane was standing with Danni, who was drinking her pineapple juice.

"Give the call to set up the screening." She spoke with authority.

Crowler snorted. "Are you ordering me? Have you yet-"

"We've had the station set up, and Ouran and Nikki are ready for crowd control." Zane answered before Crowler even asked his question.

Danni smiled innocently. "We do our jobs, and seeing as obviously you can't do yours, give the order and stay out of the way. Understood?" She asked fawning sweetness. Crowler gulped but never the less nodded.


"All applicants who have passed the duels, please report to the west exit where a second test will be administered. This will not influence you getting into the Academy or not. Once again, all academy applicants who have passed, please report to the west exit. That is all."

Jaden groaned as he heard the announcement. "Another test? I so hope I pass."

"So do I Jay. I can't take any more of them tests." Jesse pouted.

"It's just a test guys." Riku pointed out.

Dusk nodded. "It shouldn't be that hard."

"We don't even know what kind of test it's going to be." Rose pointed out.

"Maybe, a multiple choice." Riku thought.

"I hope so." Syrus agreed.

Bastion looked at the group. "Uh…don't you think we should go to the west exit now?" The group looked around and noticed that there was no one around them.


"FORM A LINE! It's not that hard a concept!" Mimi shouted to the group in front of her. Almost immediately they formed a line. On the table were hand scanners, and a list of names.

"For them it might me." Dante snickered.

"Dante, down. I've told you about your ego." Danni warned swinging her legs back and forth sitting on the table, sipping her fruity drink.

Alexis was next to her, sitting in between the two hand scanners in front of Dante and Mimi.

"Start with the screening." Alexis spoke. The first two on the line put their hands on the scanner. It hummed for a few seconds before it blinked red. "You two can go." She looked over at the huge crowd and called out louder. "If the scanner blinks red you are free to go!"

"Aw man we're last!" Jaden pouted.

"You should have been paying attention." Bastion shrugged.

"I wish I know what she meant by blinking red." Jaden sighed. "I have an idea! Jesse give me a boost!"

Jesse looked at him as if he was an idiot. "No way. Every time I give ya a boost we ALWAYS fall!"

"Oh quit whining! We wont fall this time!" Jaden assured.

Jesse grumbled and helped Jaden onto his shoulders. Riku leaned over to Syrus and Bastion. "Twenty bucks says they fall."


A loud crash from the back of the line caught everyone's attention. Ouran ran back there, looked at the source and started laughing out loud. He gave Alexis the signal to go and went into the back of the line. "Okay…keep it coming?" Alexis asked confused.

The scanner kept blinking red, until a blond boy with blue eyes put it hand on the scanner and it blinked green. All the obelisks whipped their heads in his direction. "You, come here." Alexis spoke. He nodded and obeyed.

"Name." Dante asked simply.

"Uh…Mike Limeira?"

Dante wrote it down then looked to Danni. "Which Circle?"

Danni closed her eyes and flicked the boys forehead. There was a small red spark when her finger made contact. "Ooh, a Dahlia, very nice." Dante wrote it down. "You can go now." Danni smiled.

Mike nodded confused. "Uh…okay?"

This process continued, with several other green scans, and Danni placing them in Circles. There were a handful of Roses and Dahlias but a bunch of Irises and Lilies. The bunch dwindled to it was only the last few. A boy's scanner blinked red and he looked annoyed. "This can't be right."

"It is right. It's never wrong. You can leave." Mimi spoke quickly.

He shook his head. "No way. I deserve to be in the Black Circles! This thing is busted."

"It's not busted, now you can go." Alexis spoke getting annoyed.

"No way! I will not leave until I get into the Roses! My older brother goes to the school and he told me all about it!" Alexis cast a glance at Danni, who sighed.

"There is always one in the bunch." She shook her head, putting down her pineapple juice. She hopped off the table and put her hand on the boys shoulder calmly. "Now, we wont ask you again. It's time for you to leave."

The boy reeled a fist back, clearly angered and worked up, and thrust it towards Danni. Danni smiled innocently and with barely visible motion, brought her hand up to catch his wrist. She started squeezing it in her hand and he yelped crumpling to the ground on his knees. Danni looked down, her eyes gaining a black circle around the iris. "You have no idea who your dealing with. Now go." She let go of his hand and turned to walk back to the table.

The boy was about to hit Danni while she was turned before Jesse walked up and grabbed his wrist and forced him to the ground. "Now it ain't polite to hit a lady."

"Nice take down Jesse." Ouran complimented.

The boy got up and ran out of the exit. Rika and Riku looked out at him. "Wow, how pathetic." They spoke in unison.

"Thank you." Danni thanked before sitting back on the table.

Alexis smiled. "I see you found your siblings Ouran. And it seems they're all like you."

Ouran grinned and pushed Riku and Rika forward. They looked at each other before placing their hands on the scanners. It blinked green and they walked to Danni. She flicked their foreheads simultaneously. "Hm…I want Rika in Dahlia and Riku in Lily."

Ouran grinned and punched Riku playfully. "Your going to be with me!"

"Oh joy."

Danni looked at the group and noticed Syrus. "Aw! Zane look, you found your younger half!" Zane nodded his head in acknowledgement to Syrus. "Come here Sy, your next." Syrus's hand scan blinked green. Danni flicked his forehead. "Hm…I say Iris."

Syrus looked confused. "What's with the flowers?" No one answered him.

"Smart boy, your next." Mimi called out motioning to Bastion. He put his hand on the scanner and grinned.

"A power characterizer." Danni rose an eyebrow at his knowledge as it blinked green.

"Very nice. A techno. Your in Rose, I don't need to flick your head." She assured.

Alexis looked at the group in front of her and smiled. "We are going to have a really good group this year. Rosalin Hayden and Dusken Shinji, you two are up."

The two walked up, and once again the scanners glowed green. Danni flicked their foreheads and laughed. "Okay, Dusk your in…hm…let me see. I think I'll put you in Lily. And as for Rose, your in Rose."

"Alright, Jaden and Jesse are up." Ouran smiled practically pushing them into the scanners.

"Jeez Ouran, excited much?" Jaden asked. The scanners glowed green. They stood in front of Danni.

Danni raised her hand to flick their foreheads, but when her finger made contact, there was a large red spark that made her retract both her hands. "Ouch!"

"What was that?" Alexis asked amazed.

Danni smiled rubbing her hands. "Jaden, Iris. Jesse, Lily."

Alexis grinned as the Obelisk's stood up, crossing their arms. "Uh, what does that mean?" Jaden asked.

Alexis's grin widened. "It means, welcome to the Black Circles."