A/N: Uh-oh! It looks like the Paradox Brothers have got Jaden and Sy on the ropes! Can they turn this duel around and defeat the best tag duelists in the world? Let's hope so! Just a little note, as I was writing this duel, I was so tempted to put in a rap by Shadyvox! If you guys don't know he voices Jaden on the GX abridged series! He's so awesome and his raps are absolutely flawless! Points to whoever understands that!

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Tag Team Trial Part 3

"It's two monsters to one. It doesn't take a psychic to see how this is going to play out." Chazz commented sitting back in his seat. "They're done for."

Alexis glared. "Do I seriously have to threaten you with training?" Chazz promptly shut his mouth. "We have to stay positive and believe that Jaden has got a strategy."

Bastion nodded. "Oh I'm positive Jaden does, it's Syrus I'm worried about. He's walked into every trap, spell, and attack the Paradox Brothers have played. He's been horrible."

"You should learn to keep that mouth of yours shut, Bastion." Zane hissed, shocking everyone of the group sitting there. "Syrus is wet behind the ears, yes, and he does have a lot of learning to do, but making mistakes is how you learn from them. He'll pull through. I know he will."

Crowler, who was still seated at the edge of the platform was giddy. "I'm a genius! A pure genius! First I lure them deep inside the Abandoned Dorm! Then I use this tag duel as punishment! Then I hire the worlds best tag duelists to insure they lose and get expelled!" Crowler spoke laughing.

Chancellor Sheppard raised an eyebrow. "So Crowler, enjoying the boy's punishment a little too much, huh?"

"O-Oh my now! You misinterpret! I'm just laughing because the duels nearly done! After all our poor students look oh so weary. I'm thrilled their sufferings nearly through!"

Chancellor Sheppard gave a smirk. "Oh it doesn't look like their suffering so much. It looks like Jaden just got his second wind."

Kaiba, who was sitting next to Mokuba and Alexis, frowned. "Remind me to come up with a reason to make Crowler into your personal slave for a few weeks." He said to Alexis and Mokuba after the three of them heard what Crowler said.

"Consider it done." Mokuba smirked.

Para didn't look intimidated by Jaden's determined face. "Well, well, it looks like Slifer Red forges ahead."

"A smart duelist, would have fled." Dox finished.

Jaden gave a smile and rolled his eyes. "I'm starting to wish the Academy made us Slifers orange. Then we wouldn't have had to put up with so many of these awful rhymes." Winged Kuriboh appeared by Jaden's shoulder causing Yugi to smile.


"Yeah, I don't think they got it either!" Jaden smiled.

Para glared. "Forget about our rhyming."

"And focus on your card play." Dox added on.

"To win with the partner you have, you have a long way."

Syrus looked up and flinched. He face got the lost puppy expression and he looked to Jaden. Jaden smiled. "Don't you listen to them Sy, okay?"

"But they're right." Syrus said dejectedly.

"They're not right, Sy." Jaden spoke pointing his finger at the Gate Guardian. "I know cause you're going to be the one to take that thing down! So let's go! First I summon Elemental Hero Sparkman in attack mode!"

Elemental Hero Sparkman: 1600 ATK/1400 DEF

"And then next I'm going to equip him with this: Spark Blaster!" A blaster appeared in the hands of Sparkman as he started crackling with electricity. "Now for every blast fired he can change the battle mode of one of your monsters! And I'll start with Gate Guardian! Take a knee!" Sparkman fired his blaster at Gate Guardian, causing the large monster to crouch on the ground. "You're going in defense mode!"

"Why would he choose him? Riku questioned.

Rika nodded. "Yeah, couldn't he have taken out that Defense Wall if he had used it on that?"

"Maybe he has a plan." Rose suggested.

"He definetly has a plan. He wouldn't waste a move." Dusk said, studying the duel a bit closer.

"You must be a fool. When Gate Guardian is on defense he never tires. Your situation is still as dire." Para taunted.

"And though I hate to feed the fire, our Defense Wall we played, you have yet to retire." Dox added on.

Jaden looked like he was ready to bang his head against his duel disk with the rhymes going on. Yugi and Joey had failed to mention that that was a common feeling that one would get after dueling the Paradox Brothers. "Great…thanks. I'm just going to throw down a facedown now and end my turn."

"Fine then. My draw. I'll just place one card facedown. No more, no less. Brother, you do the rest." Dox ordered looking to Para. Para smiled.

"Excellent decision; I think it's for the best. Because next turn, I'll make sure to win us this contest."

Syrus looked to Jaden and sighed. "Aw man, Jaden. You heard them! Next turn they said they're going to take us out! There's no point to me even trying. I should just give up. They'll at least let you have a rematch then."

"Listen to me Syrus, one draw. One draw is all it takes to turn the tides of an entire duel! You remember last time you had one draw, right?" Jaden asked reminding Syrus of the practice duel they had when Syrus gave up, but he next draw would've changed the entire duel. "See what I'm saying? There's no such thing as a last draw, because with the right card you can always get another card."

"He's right Syrus!" Syrus turned and nearly fainted seeing Yugi Muto, the King of Games himself, standing up and looking straight at him. "You mustn't give up! You have to believe in your ability, and you must believe in the heart of the cards!"

"Oh, here we go again." Kaiba snorted, rolling his eyes and crossing his arms.

Yugi ignored him and kept talking. "Syrus, amazing things can happen when you believe in yourself, your skills, and your deck. You mustn't give up on yourself or this duel. You can do this Syrus!"

Syrus nearly started screaming like a girl, fainted, and running around in circles. Instead of responding (because he was sure that he wouldn't be able to form a coherent sentence at that point in time) he nodded and smiled broadly. No way was he going to let the King of Games down.

Jaden saw the change and grinned, giving Yugi a thumbs up. He returned the gesture and sat back down.

"Must you give that speech everywhere we go?" Kaiba questioned in annoyance. "I swear, you're almost as bad as your cheerleaders little 'friendship' speeches." Yugi glared at Kaiba for insulting Tea, while Tea narrowed her eyes and whirled around to glare at Kaiba.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know those got on your nerves. I figure you were so busy spewing your 'I'm the true King of Games' speeches, that you weren't paying attention."

"OOH!" Joey, Tristan, and Duke all muttered while Yugi, Alexis, Mokuba, Danni, and Serenity chuckled.

Kaiba got a hint of a smirk on his face. "You were always the one with the most backbone."

"Yeah, Tea's- HEY!" Joey exclaimed.

Everyone ignored him and turned back to watching the duel. Syrus, realizing which card he needed to draw, believed in the heart of the cards and believed in himself. He drew his card and immediately beamed. "Jaden!"

Jaden gave a smirk. "You got it? Well then show em the drill!"

"Alright! I summon Drillroid in attack mode!"

Drillroid: 1600 ATK/1600 DEF

"And guess what? When Drillroid fights a monster in defense mode, it's automatically destroyed!" Syrus smirked. Para and Dox each flinched. "Now attack!"

"Defense Wall!" Dox shouted, having the Wall move in front of their Guardian.

Paradox Brothers: 7000 LP

Jaden & Syrus: 1200 LP

"Those two must've forgotten that Defense Wall automatically intercepts any attack." Chazz smirked.

Alexis grinned. "Oh they knew."

"They just have a way around it." Danni spoke, a matching expression on her face.

"Nice try, but not nice enough." Para said.

Dox nodded. "Gate Guardian still stands, despite your best stuff."

"But that wasn't his best stuff, right Sy?" Jaden smirked.

Syrus nodded and took it over from there. "Yup. But now that your defense wall is rubble, you'll get it. Well, a certain monster will anyway. I activate the spell card Shield Crush! That's right! And just like the names says, it destroys any monster that's trying to hide in defense mode! Just like that Gate Guardian!"

A green beam shot out of the spell card and struck Gate Guardian, destroying the monster.

Para gasped. "Gate Guardian is cooked!"

"I can hardly look!" Dox agreed.

Jaden gave a proud look. "Good job Sy! The bigger they brawl, the harder they fall!" The crowd erupted in cheers and applause.

"Whoo! Yeah! Way to go Syrus!" Danni jumped up cheering.

Ouran grinned. "You kicked that monsters butt Sy!"

"Nice move Sy! That was awesome!" Rika cheered, clapping and smiling.

Crowler looked around in shock. "No! This is supposed to be punishment, but this crowd is treating them like heroes! It's the same thing that happened with Danni and Riku's duel! Chancellor Sheppard, tell me your watching this!"

Sheppard smiled. "Yes, nice work Crowler. The matches you've set up have been promoting teamwork and dueling fortitude! Fine job!"

"The team work that they're using is quite impressive." Mokuba complimented.

Tristan nodded. "And they took out that Gate Guardian too! And that's their main man!"

Serenity's eyes went distant.

"What do you see?" Duke questioned.

Serenity's eyes went back to normal and she smiled before looking straight ahead. "This duel isn't over, not yet."

"Now, I'll place one card facedown and end my turn." Syrus said slipping his card into his duel disk. He turned to Jaden and nodded. "Thanks for the pep talk."

"Hey, thank you for the sweet move!" Jaden smiled.

"Can we join in on the praises you two?" Para asked.

Dox grinned. "Yes, for destroying that monster we should really thank you."

"They say what doesn't destroy you makes you stronger. And it's true, after all we haven't been destroyed and we're about to become more powerful than ever!" Para said revealing a spell card. "Dark Element! This spell card can activate any time Gate Guardian is in the graveyard! Now by paying half our life points we can summon a monster that can't be beat in battle! Dark Guardian!"

Paradox Brothers: 3500 LP

Jaden & Syrus: 1200 LP

A huge monster, easily taller than the Gate Guardian was, appeared on the field with an axe in his hand and a bladed spider body.

Dark Guardian: 3800 ATK/3800 DEF

"Man, invincible in battle, with those attack points? That's one tough monster!" Jesse exclaimed.

"This is bad…" Syrus muttered.

Para smirked. "Now Guardian attack Drillroid with Axe Slash Bash!"

"That's it! If this connects Jaden and Syrus will lose!" Bastion shouted.

Alexis's eyes widened. "Jaden…"

"Not yet! I play my facedown Hero Barrier! Sorry fellas, but this allows me to stop one of your attacks so long as I have an Elemental Hero out! And as you can see Sparkman is standing tall!" Jaden spoke as the attack hit the crackling electrical shield before dispersing.

Syrus fell to his knees. Just when I step up my game, they step up theirs even more!

Crowler was back to laughing and smiling. "Here it comes! The moment I've been waiting for! The moment these two lose and get expelled!"

"Chin up, Sy. This match isn't over yet." Jaden assured.

"But Jay-"

Jaden shook his head, a determined look on his face. "But nothing pal. Stand up." Jaden smirked internally. Cause you'll want a good view for what I'm about to pull.

Syrus nodded and pushed himself up. Para chuckled. "Looks like the boy still wants to proceed."

"Really? I thought surely for mercy he would plead." Dox commented.

"No, he would need smarts to know to concede."

Jaden narrowed his eyes. "Can it you two! It's my turn and I activate Pot of Greed! This lets me draw two cards. And next I'll play Fusion Gate!" Jaden placed the field spell in his duel disk and the field turned purple and swirly. "With this card I don't need Polymerization; I can summon all the fusion monsters I want! And I'm gonna start by fusing Elemental Hero Avian and Bubbleman, and why don't we throw Sparkman in the mix as well? All to create- wait for it!" The three monsters flew into the air and started fusing in a gold light. The light faded revealing a well built Elemental Hero with green hair, white wings and a blue body suit. "Elemental Hero Tempest!"

Elemental Hero Tempest: 2800 ATK/2800 DEF

"An impressive move but it is useless for have you forgotten about Dark Guardian? He's still deployed." Para pointed out.

Dox nodded. "And since in battle he can't be destroyed, their monster is null and void."

"Void this! Skyscraper!" Jaden shouted, activating his field spell card. Tall buildings rose onto the field. "Ever hear you shouldn't play in a construction zone? Well it's true cause now my Elemental Hero gets a 1000 attack point bonus because it's weaker than Dark Guardian!"

Elemental Hero Tempest: 3800 ATK/2800 DEF

The Paradox brothers looked worried. "Now Tempest attack with Powerhouse Plummet!" Tempest surged forward and attacked Dark Guardian.

Para smirked. "Didn't we tell you he can't be beat in battle? Your Elemental Hero has been wasted!"

"Sy! Can you spare a card?" Jaden asked looking at Syrus. Syrus nodded and gave Jaden a thumbs up. "I use Tempest's special ability! Sorry you guys, but so long as I banish one of our cards to graveyard, Tempest isn't destroyed!"

Alexis blinked in confusion. "I don't get it…was he hoping for a tie?"

Danni smirked realizing what Jaden was doing. "Clever. Just so long as Syrus knows what to do next."

"He knows." Zane said confidently.

Syrus gave Jaden a confused look. Jaden smiled. "Trust me! Sy, this will all turn out good if you play the right card during your turn!"

"If he has a turn!" Dox retorted. "I play the trap card One-on One Fight! Though I'm sure you'd prefer to run and hide, this forces both our strongest monsters to battle! So I hope that your Elemental Hero Tempest is up for a rematch!"

Guardian attacked Tempest again. Syrus shook his head in confusion. "But why? Why keep attacking? It'll just end up in a tie again!"

"I have my reasons."

"And they're sneaky ones. In order for Jaden to keep tying, he'll have to keep sacrificing cards. And whatever edge they'd give him." Kaiba commented.

Jaden ground his teeth. "Well, I hate to do it, but I've got no choice. Guess I gotta get rid of Skyscraper!" Jaden spoke as he sent the card to the graveyard.

Dox smirked evilly. "So you saved your monster, but that doesn't mean you've saved your life points!"

Paradox Brothers: 3500 LP

Jaden & Syrus: 200 LP

"That's it for me."

"And next turn I give you my guarantee."

"This duel will be ours, just wait and see."

Jaden smiled and turned to Syrus, completely ignoring the two brothers in front of him. "Alright Sy, remember what I said!"

Syrus nodded. That this would all work out if I played the right card… Something clicked in Syrus's mind and he gasped. Jaden grinned at the reaction.

"Got it Sy?"

"I think." Syrus spoke hesitantly, going to draw his card. Play…that goes back to what Zane was saying. That there were differences between knowing how to use a card and knowing how to play it! But do I know the difference? Syrus closed his eyes and clenched his fist. He still wasn't sure if he could play the card correctly.

"You've got this Sy!"

Syrus froze. He turned his head slowly to see Zane standing up in the stands, giving him a proud look and a smile. "Z-Zane…?"

"You can do this Sy! I know you can! You know the difference! Just trust yourself and kick their asses! I'm sick of hearing their wannabe Dr. Seuss rhymes!" Zane shouted, a smile on his face. "I'm proud of you Sy!"

Syrus looked like he was about to start crying. He started to tear a bit before he wiped his eyes and nodded, getting a determined look on his face. "Alright! My move! First off I sacrifice Drillroid to summon UFOroid!"

UFOroid: 1200 ATK/1200 DEF

"Also I activate the spell card Power Bond!" Zane smiled. "It's a fusion card, and I know exactly who I want to fuse! Jaden? Do you mind?"

"Hey! What's mine is yours pal!"

Syrus grinned. "Then I merge UFOroid and Tempest to create UFOroid Fighter! And it gets better! His attack points are the sum total of each individual monsters attack points!"

UFOroid Fighter: 4000 ATK/4000 DEF

"It matters not! So stop your ceaseless prattle!" Para shouted.

"You know Dark Guardian can't be destroyed in battle!" Dox finished.

Syrus grinned. "Yeah, that's true, but it doesn't really matter. Power Bond has a special effect that doubles my UFOroid Fighter's attack points!"

UFOroid: 8000 ATK/8000 DEF

"8000?" Both brothers exclaimed in unison.

"Sure, Dark Guardian will survive the attack, but it'll be a different story for your life points! Now let's go! UFOroid Fighter attack! Cosmic Flux Blast!" The blast pierced right through Dark Guardian and went straight towards the Paradox Brothers.

Paradox Brothers: 0 LP

Jaden & Syrus: 200 LP

"Alright! They did it!" Chumley cheered jumping out of his seat. The entire arena was jumping and cheering and hollering.

Yugi smiled. "I do get impressed by your generation more and more."

Alexis rolled her eyes and gave a smile of her own. "I'm just happy Jaden get's to stay at the Academy."

Several sets of eyes whipped around to stare at her. Alexis blinked in confusion, but soon understood what the looks were for when Danni gave her a shit-eating grin. "Don't you mean Jaden and Syrus?"

Alexis's face started turning a very interesting shade of red. "Syrus too, of course, I was just…saying Jaden because…I was grouping them together!"

"Hm." Was the only thing Kaiba said. That caused the blonde to want to crawl in a hole and die at that particular moment. Her Uncles and brother were all very overprotective of her and Danni, and had managed to scare off numerous of her guy friends in the past. She'd have to make a mental note to warn Jaden.

"This can't be? How did they win? How did both sets of Slifer Slackers win?" Crowler shrieked. Professor Banner smiled at him, holding onto Pharaoh.

"How? Because of your superb teaching skills, of course. Oh wait…their in my dorm. Interesting." Pharaoh licked Crowler's face and the Obelisk blue teacher screamed.


Jaden laughed at the scene before turning to Syrus. "Let it out Sy! I know you cry when you're happy!"

Syrus, who had been trying to hold back tears, started sniffling. "No way…not the n-new Syrus!" At that point Syrus started crying. Both at the fact that they had won and that Zane was proud of him.

Jaden smiled. "Ah, there are some things that'll never change."

"There's one thing that wont be changing; your enrollment at the academy. You're here to stay!" Sheppard announced, now on the dueling platform. Jaden and Syrus started cheering before Jaden blinked, remembering something.

He looked over at the Paradox Brothers who were on the ground, shocked at their defeat. "Oh, and you two! It was a great honor! If you ever want a rematch, just holler!"

"JADEN YUKI DON'T YOU START RHYMING!" A large majority of the Black Circles shouted.

"Well said Jaden, I'm sure it'll sound even better written!"

Jaden froze. "Huh?"

"I want a five page report from both you and Syrus on what it was like to duel the brothers!" Sheppard announced, a smile on his face. He then turned to look at Danni and Riku (both who ducked down when they heard about a report). "Danni and Riku, you have a report about your duel due tomorrow too! And how it helped you all realize that trespassing in the Abandoned Dorm was wrong."

"Aw bummer…" Jaden muttered.

Sheppard raised an eyebrow. "How about ten pages then? And single spaced."

"But I got ELECTROCUTED! And PUNCHED in the FACE! Can I be exempt?" Danni asked, hoping Sheppard would agree. A shake of his head meant a clear 'no'. "Damn it."

Professor Banner smiled. "I'll make sure they get it done Professor."

"This SO isn't fair! How am I supposed to write ten whole pages? I haven't even read that much!" Jaden complained. He and the gang (pros included) were all hanging out by the cliff where Jaden normally just sat to think. The four Slifers who had dueled that day all had notebooks in front of them and were trying to write the report. Jaden had done nothing but complain since they got the assignment. At Kaiba's promise for food, however, his complaining had downgraded a bit. "Ten pages is practically a book! I don't even know how to spell 'Paradox Brothers'! And do their parts have to rhyme? This is going to take forever!"

His complaints, though downgraded, were still being voiced.

Joey nodded sympathetically. "I know how ya feel. I know I wouldn't be able ta write somethin' dat long."

"Joey, you can barely write your name." Tristan retorted.

That caused a mini fight to erupt, with Duke somehow getting dragged in. No one bothered to break it up, knowing they'd either get tired, or just give up eventually. "You have to be exaggerating about how much you read." Serenity said.

Jesse laughed. "Nah, he's bein' serious. He rarely reads. What do ya think he's in Slifer Red?"

"Don't be knocking Slifer, cowboy." Danni warned, not even looking up from her notebook. Yugi, who was letting his sister lean against his side while he was holding Tea's hand, peeked into her notebook before looking up at Jesse and smiling.

"I must agree. You wouldn't have anything against Slifer, would you?"

Jesse blinked in confusion and intimidation. "Uh…"

"Maybe you should just stop talking." Riku and Rika said in unison. The two twins were sitting next to each other, with Nikki and Ouran on either side, trying to help Riku come up with the ten page report.

Dante smirked. "I wouldn't mind the Slacker being a mute." Jesse tossed a glare his way.

"If either of you start fighting I'm kicking both of your asses." Danni threatened. Both boys pouted and sat down, not wanting to have a sparring session with the Dahlia captain.

"Does this look good?" Syrus asked showing the page he had written to Zane. After the duel, the two had talked and Zane explained that all the years of him being mean was so that Syrus would learn. Of course it wasn't a good excuse, but Syrus understood. He even compared their relationship to the Kaiba brothers.

Zane nodded his head. "Yeah, just add some more details about the fusion monster in here."

"Danni, can I copy yours?" Jaden questioned looking over at the girl who, without help, was already on her sixth page.

Mokuba raised an eyebrow. "You really think cheating is going to be the smart move? Especially seeing as breaking rules is what got you all into this mess in the first place. You might end up having to write a twenty page report on cheating." Jaden paled at the idea. Alexis laughed and got up from her seat beside Kaiba to go sit beside the two-toned Slifer. The small blush on their faces didn't go unnoticed by anyone.

"I'll help you out with your report, Jaden. After all, I'm the reason you guys are in this mess."

"And how is that?" Kaiba questioned, a bit of an edge to his voice. The combined glares that Mokuba, Kaiba, and Yugi were sending in Jaden's direction made the Slifer gulp audibly. Alexis shot the three men a disapproving look and decided to explain.

"They were going to see if they could find out what happened to Atty." Alexis said. That got everyone to go silent.

Rose looked confused. "Whose Atty?"

"Atticus, he's our brother." Alexis spoke sadly.

Dusk looked around the group and noticed that the pros, Jaden, Danni, Riku, Chumley, Syrus, Dante, and Zane all had regretful expressions on their faces. "What happened to him?"

"We don't know."

Riku nodded. "When Alexis told us, we went in to see if we could help find any clues as to where he went!"

"Don't you all look so down." Jaden said smiling, putting his hands behind his head. "We'll find him no sweat! We just need to look harder is all."

Alexis gave Jaden a grateful smile. "Thanks for that Jaden. Now, for your report."

"Aw come on! I had just forgotten about that!"

Everyone started laughing except for Kaiba who promptly stood up. "Where ya goin' rich boy?" Joey questioned. He, Tristan, and Duke had stopped their mini battle when Atticus was brought up. Now the three were sitting down calmly.

"None of your business, mutt."

Tea turned to Joey, who was already lunging for Kaiba, and her eyes turned white. Joey immediately froze and sat down, almost as if in a daze. Tea's eyes went back to normal and she smiled. "Gotta love mind control."

"Seriously, where are you going though?" Mokuba asked, reiterating Joey's question.

"The Abandoned Dorm. I want to see if I can't find anything there."

Duke raised an eyebrow. "Seriously? The whole reason why these guys had to go through these duels was because they went in there. Now you want to go in? They even said it was dangerous."

Kaiba gave him a look. "What are they going to do? Expel me? I created the school. And as for it being dangerous, I can handle myself." He looked down to Danni, who was done with her report and was now drawing something on the front cover of her notebook. "Danni, can you lead me there?"

She nodded and started standing up. Yugi sighed and shook his head. "I'll tag along too. I've got to make sure that you two don't do anything dangerous." He bent down and gave Tea a quick kiss on the lips (Joey, Tristan, Duke, Ouran, Dante, and Zane all decided to 'AWW' at the scene to embarrass the King of Games), before standing up and walking next to his sister.

"Whoa, wait, what if someone sees Danni with em? Wont she get in trouble again?" Jesse questioned.

Alexis laughed at the question while Danni smirked. "Danni got caught only because she was knocked out and Crowler somehow already knew she was going there. No one catches Danni when she's doesn't want to be seen."

Jaden pouted. "Come on, that can't be-" He cut himself off when he turned back around and saw that Kaiba and Yugi were still there but Danni was gone. "Okay, that's just so cool. How does she do that?" Everyone shrugged. Kaiba and Yugi started walking off and soon they were out of sight. Jaden sighed and flopped onto the grass.

"I'm hungry! I'm gonna head to the cafeteria!" Jesse exclaimed getting up. Joey, Tristan, Ouran, and Riku were on their feet before he could say anything else. The group of boys all ran off towards the promise of food.

Mimi smiled. "Hey! How about a tour of the Training Facility for you guys?" She asked looking at Serenity, Tea, and Mokuba. The three shared a look and nodded.


"Ooh! I want to come!" Rika spoke up quickly.

Rose nodded. "Me too!"

Zane shrugged. "I'll go."

Soon everyone but Jaden and Alexis agreed to go. Jaden blinked. "Wait, you're all leaving? Doesn't anyone want to stay and help with my report?"

"No." They all said in unison causing Jaden to pout and Alexis to giggle.

When the group was gone it was just Jaden and Alexis left. Jaden gave a smile and turned to the blonde Obelisk. "Well, looks like it's just you and me. You sure you didn't want to leave too?"

"No, I want to help you. You seem like you can use all the help." Alexis said smiling. "Besides, knowing those guys Joey is going to start a fight with Tristan and Duke, and Mokuba would just be questioning every little technical aspect of everything. You're more interesting."

Jaden's face went red. "I am?"

Alexis blinked a bit, just realizing what it was that she said and mentally kicked herself for it. "Uh, yeah. You're an awesome duelist and a really cool guy."

"Thanks! You're a pretty good duelist too! And I can honestly say I've never met another girl like you before."

Now it was Jaden's turn to want to sew his lips shut. He had a crush on the Queen of Obelisk blue, but he was positive she didn't feel the same way. So here he was, stumbling over his words and all but shouting his feelings for her. He just prayed she didn't piece it together. He really liked Alexis, but if she didn't like him in that way then he'd still want to keep her as a friend.

Alexis smiled at that comment. "Now is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

"A good thing. Definetly."

Alexis blushed a deep scarlet and grabbed Jaden's notebook to pretend to look at it, so she could hide her face. "So, how do you plan on getting started with this report?" She asked. Jaden groaned and glared at the book as if it was a deadly viper.

"I'd was planning on procrastinating and hoping some miracle happened where I somehow didn't fail. I was also hoping maybe you could help me with my procrastination and maybe we could…you know…hang out?" Jaden questioned looking very sheepish, a small blush dusting his cheeks. Alexis bit her lip and narrowed her eyes in thought. Jaden gave her a hopeful expression and Alexis's face broke out with a large grin.

"Well, I don't think a few hours of procrastination could hurt."

"It's up that way." Danni said, pointing in the direction of where the group of Slifer's saw the symbols on the wall. Kaiba and Yugi were walking in front of her, ready to fight in case something jumped out at them. When they entered the room, the two men could see what it was that Danni was talking about. The room was full of Ancient Egyptian writings and pictures. There were the Millennium Items carved onto two walls on one side of the room, and on the other two walls were pictures of the items that she had described to them.

"This is it?" Yugi guessed. Danni nodded and gestured vaguely throughout the room.

"I recognized the Millennium Items almost immediately- for obvious reasons -but when Riku pointed to this wall it was…odd. Like I didn't know what they were, but I'd seen them before. Then I started looking at the inscriptions and I was able to read it."

Kaiba looked around the room and pointed to some of the words. "So you mean you can read all of this?"

"No, not all. Just parts."

"And you Yugi?"

Yugi stared at the wall for a few moments before shaking his head. "I'm afraid I can only read a few words here and there."

Before Kaiba could respond a glowing Eye of Anubis appeared on Danni's forehead, Yugi's forehead, and- much to their surprise -Kaiba's forehead. The three shared a surprised and confused look before the glowing stopped.

"Yugi? Uncle Seto?" Danni asked, looking at the two older men for some sort of explanation. Both men looked like they had no idea what had just happened.

Yugi looked a bit wary. "I think we need to do some more research. There's a chance that this may lead to another Shadow Game fiasco. And whatever this is, it goes back to Ancient Egypt."

"Thankfully we know some people in Egypt who specialize in this sort of nonsense." Kaiba retorted. He then looked at Danni seriously. "Alright, we don't tell anyone about this; not until we know what's going on. You can let Alexis know, but no one else. Stay away from this Abandoned Dorm until we figure out what to do. We'll be stopping by every two weeks to make sure nothing else has happened, and if anything out of the ordinary is happening, you notify us immediately. Got it?"

Danni nodded.

Yugi sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I guess that the Shadow Games aren't over quite yet. Looks like we should be preparing for a fight on our hands."