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Chapter One

Nico POV

The sun was shining. The flowers were blooming. The birds were singing. It was sickening. How come whenever I'm in a bad mood, everyone else has to be so darn happy? My day was not going well.

Percy blasted me with water when I wouldn't get up this morning. Then, the entire Hermes cabin started making fun of me and calling me "Death by Hose." Then, Annabeth totally ditched me when we were going to the movies (no comments) because "Percy had an emergency". So I followed her and guess what the "emergency" was. Percy wanted a make-out session in his bedroom. I hate my life.

So then I was trailing through the forest, thinking about all the annoyingly happy things in life, when a gigantic huge black crow-thingy smashed into me from the side….and then a little bit up…and then a little more up…and then he tackled me using his super-human-probably-not-even-human powers.

The figure scrambled up and leaned against a tree. "Sup?" he asked nonchalantly.

I stared at the dude who had ALMOST KILLED ME!

"Sup? Sup? You nearly killed me, and all you say is SUP?" I shouted.

The dude just shrugged. "Who are you anyway?" I demanded. The kid ignored me and looked up at the sky.

I sighed. "What, are there more flying murderers up there?" I asked sarcastically.

"Fang," the dude answered. I blinked.

"What in Dad's name is that supposed to mean?"

He rolled his eyes. "You asked who I was. My name is Fang." Oh. That made sense.

"Oh. Well, nice to meet you then."

Fang shrugged; then continued watching the sky. He looked at his watch. "Where are they?" he muttered.

"Where are who?" I asked. He ignored me. Of course.

"Kay, then, I'll be going I guess," I began, turning around.

"No!" Fang sprang forward with freaky good skills and held me by my arms to a tree.

"What the Hades?" I exclaimed.

"Sorry," Fang muttered, but he didn't sound sorry. He definitely didn't let me go.

Suddenly, six more winged figures swooped down into the clearing. "Fang?" one of them called.

"Right here," Fang answered, stepping in front of me so my view of his friends was obscured.

"Fang, what happened? What are you doing here?" the same female voice as before demanded.

Fang shrugged. "Just, you know, doing stuff," he answered.

"Yeah, landing on me is not 'doing stuff'," I pointed out, peering around him. He face-palmed. "Oh, was I not supposed to show myself?" I asked innocently. Fang glared at me. Oops.

"Fang, who's that?" his friend-who's-a-girl asked. I finally took a look at his friends.

The one girl wasn't bad looking. She had long blondish hair and eyes the color of melted chocolate. I like chocolate. Especially French fries dipped in chocolate. Ah, McDonald's. Just keeps getting better.

Anyway, there was Fang, his hot girlfriend, then two other girls: one about my age, and one like fiveish, who looked really familiar. Then, two guys- one Fang sized and one about eight.

Fang pushed me forward. "Introduce yourself, kid," he commanded. So I did.

"I'm Nico. Nico di Angelo, savior of Olympus."

I doubt Fang knew what Olympus was, but he rolled his eyes anyway.

"Your last name is "of angels"?" Blondie asked. She turned slowly to the five-year-old. "Angel, what did you do to him?"

The girl (Angel, apparently) smiled innocently. "I've never seen him in my life, Max."

So the blonde one was Max (isn't that a boy's name?). The little one (who I swear on the River Styx I've seen somewhere before) was Angel. So who were the other three? And wasn't there a seventh figure? That's when I saw the cat.

"You guys have a flying cat?" I blurted out, interrupting Max and Fang's angry conversation.

"I AM A DOG!" the winged animal shouted. I jumped about five feet in the air.

"You have a talking flying cat?"

"Dog! Man, I miss France."

"Anyway, Nico, we need to go," Max said. "So….we'll see you around, kay?"

And they flew off.

As I watched them go, I thought about stuff. With my luck, we would definitely see each other again. We demigods don't usually have "chance meetings" anymore. The Fates hate us. Especially me.

But, where had I seen that little girl before? Oh, well, I'd figure it out later. Maybe my day wasn't going so badly after all. At least I was still alive, right?

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