Chapter 7

Ilen had fought Assado and won, everyone was excited about this small tournament, still it was pretty hard for them to keep calm, specially without food. Everyone tried to look for some jobs, but they blew it up. Yamato didn't got the orders right at a restaurant. Armada ate all the food he was supposed to give to costumers, and Milanie smashed all the eggs she was supposed to carefully carry. After some time, everyone got to the conclusion that the Super Five Fields was the best option to get some money.
"So… no food…" Yamato sighed.
Bull was even innerving everyone more due to the fact that he said that he had got some money but then it totally disappear out of nowhere.

Milanie, while walking back, passed by the Five Fields' arena, thinking if it would be her time to finally battle, and if it was, if it would be possible for someone as weak as her to him. While walking, she ended up tripping in something and falling.

"Ouch!" Someone complained.
Milanie looked down and under her it was a dark haired girl with gray eyes. Milanie quickly got off from her apologizing for what it had happened. The girl got up and held her small white purse, then smiled at Milanie and asked:
"You are here for the Super Five Fields right? Sorry but it only opens at night."
"I was just passing be." Milanie moved her arms frantically, "I'm Milanie and you?"
The girl smiled:

"I'm Tiffany and-" she stopped for a few seconds and then pointed at her dress "You have something there…"
Milanie turned around walking in circles not seeing a single thing, making Tiffany laugh, the black haired girl got closed to her and took a small lizard from the back of her right leg: "I was talking about this." She said while showing it to Milanie.

The lizard quickly moved it's arms very scared. Milanie giggled and held the little green creature:

"My name is Milanie, but call me Mila. And you?" She petted the lizard softly.

At that moment Yamato and the others appeared, looking at Milanie:

"Already here? You sure cannot wait to battle!" Yamato grinned.

Mie smiled and asked what was that little lizard she was holding. Milanie smiled and placed the lizard in her arm saying that her name was called Greenie. Yamato yawned and passed by her to the arena, everyone followed them after that and after a while a older boy with messy hair and a big ponytail appeared, laughing like a maniac. Terry quickly said:
"That's Joe! He's from my village and he's a great B-DaPlayer. Specializes in power."
So Celina quickly said with Armada:
"So this fight is for Bull!"
Bull looked at them kind of lost pointing at himself.
Yamato laughed: "oh no no! This one is for Milanie!"
Terry placed a hand in Yamato's forehead: "yep, you're sick… Are you plain crazy? She's so damn weak! She would never be able to win against Joe!" Terry growled. Milanie looked down, she knew that Terry was right and those words made her very sad. But Yamato shoved Terry's hand away:

"No, she's strong! More strong than you could ever imagine! Just believe in her!" Yamato smiled at Milanie placing a hand in her shoulder. Milanie looked at him and smiled:

"I'll do it Yamato! I will win!"

The challenge was to send pins down with the help of a small gate. Milanie was pumped, and so Joe, so they both battled in a equal form until both started to get tired and tired. Until it got to a point of the match that Joe couldn't take any pin down. It was Milanie's time to shine!
"Com'on! You have to do it now!" Yamato said.
The girl only panted. She was indeed very tired, and lack of food wasn't helping at all. So Yamato rolled his eyes, he knew what had to be done, even if it didn't pleased him at all. The boy looked at Terry:

"Cheer for her."
The blue haired boy pouted:
"For her? Never!"
Ilen punched Terry in the head yelling at him to do so, that would give extra energy to Milanie. But Terry only pointed at Ilen exclaiming: "Why should I cheer for her? She's nothing but trouble to us all!". Milanie looked down sad. Yamato noticed that and looked at Milanie:

"Are you gonna let him treat you like that?"
Milanie looked serious at Yamato. The cat boy only smiled at her: "Prove how wrong he is!"
Milanie the smiled a bit with a nod, she concentrated enough, she shot as strong as she could at the moment and she took down one pin. It was more then enough. She smiled happy and looked at Yamato:
"I did it Yama-kun!" and she hugged the boy happily.