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"Why did you do that?" Amy called across the control room, making beady eyes at the wondrous man in her presence.

A chuckle echoed around the larger-than-life room. "Why Amelia, do what?" A grin lit the time lord's face.

Amy didn't seem so amused.

"You just left my husband behind," She paused, wanting to use his name. Frustratingly, she didn't know. Nobody knew. "Doctor!"

He wasn't paying attention to the flame-haired Scot. He was too busy fiddling with a new contraption he'd discovered on the TARDIS console.

"Don't you dare." Amy threatened, raising a hand to him. "Don't. You. Dare."

He looked at her mischievously. "Dare what, pond?"

Soft green light poured from the console as the TARDIS whirred, taking the couple to goodness knows where.

Shudders vibrated through the floor of the control room, sending the Doctor and Amy tripping over their own feet. Hysterical laughter escaped the Doctor's lips as the adrenaline began pumping through his two hearts. Never in his vast life would he get over the sensation caused by this. Any planet, any solar system, any universe, any time. All at his fingertips. Outside the TARDIS doors was a world that promised to be so fascinating, holding such treasures that no other planet could.

Amy, being new to the sensations of time travel, was just as giddy. She leant against the railings trying to mentally prepare herself for the sight she would meet. Would it be safe? Who knows. But she had her doctor.

And she was off to see the pretty things the universe held for her.

"Ready?" He said, taking her hand, looking into her eyes. God, those eyes would be the death of him. He knew it.

"Yeah," Amy said in a small voice. She didn't look at him, her eyes stared at the glow coming from underneath the floor.

"No. What's up, pond?"

"You left my husband behind. And I don't care. I should care. I love him. But I don't care. Why don't I care?" She spat out. Was she falling for the time lord? She couldn't be. She had Rory. She couldn't ever hurt him. Couldn't go off with another man behind his back. But she had. And she didn't care.

"Do you want to go back?" Both his hearts ached at the prospect of letting her go.

She shook her head weakly.

"I've got both of you at my fingertips, and I'm married to Rory! So why the hell am I here with you? Why am I doing this?" Tears fell across her cheeks. The doctor raised his hand to wipe them away, but hesitated.

Drawing a steady breath, Amy gathered herself.

"I'm going to break his heart. And there's no way it's going evenly."

They left the TARDIS in silence, neither willing to admit to anything. Their hands, once entwined, now swayed alone. The Doctor led the way across the new, strange planet, never stopping to look at the view. Already, his stupid mistake was falling apart. It was always going to be the end before the beginning. No matter what he did, it would go wrong. In trying to save his own selfish feelings, he had slaughtered another relationship. A relationship that held all the necessities to bloom into a long, happy life. He had destroyed that prospect for a relationship that he knew could never be. He and Amy could never be together.

There was never going to be a beginning, a beautiful life together.

There was only the end. There was only ever the end.

Treading across purple grass was a new experience for Amelia Pond. It made a satisfying crunch under her boots as she struggled to keep up with the Doctor, gallivanting far ahead of her. They hadn't spoken since Amy's semi-breakdown in the TARDIS. Pressure was just getting heavier, weighing down on both of them. Amy couldn't understand her feelings. She loved Rory! So why was she standing here, wishing she could just run up to the marvellous Doctor and kiss him? If she loved Rory so, then why had the Doctor had such an influence on her life? Why had she allowed it?

Amy had thought it was fate for her and Rory, but this situation was proving her wrong. She knew that time, such a delicate thing, could be rewritten. But could love?

"Doctor!" Amy called when it'd become too difficult to keep up.

He stopped and turned to face her, his hearts picking up at the sight. Why couldn't Amy be like him? She was so human. So human it hurt him. He could never love her the way Rory did. The human way, the normal way. He wasn't her kind, and she wasn't his. His fingers curled into fists as he tried to calm himself down. All he wanted to do was to take Amy away in his magical blue box and show her the universe. He wanted her to join him, and she had. Rory could never give her the universe. Only the Doctor held that honour. But could the Doctor give her that insanely human love? Could his two hearts ever match that of Rory's one?

A red-faced Amy caught up to him, leaning on his shoulder for support. All that mattered was that she was here, joining him on the greatest adventure of both their lives.

"I'm sorry." The Doctor whispered, feeling the sting in his chest. "I- I don't know what I was doing."

"It's-" Amy's words were stolen as the sky suddenly exploded into a billion different colours. At the heart of it gases ignited, spewing beautiful chaos into the sky. Both pairs of curious eyes watched as the star unfolded in front of them. There were so many stars in the skies, but to arrive as one was dying was an achievement, even by time-lord standards. Only twice had the Doctor witnessed such an event as this, and both from the comfort of his old blue box. This was a first for his old eyes, as it was for Amy's young ones.

Witnessing the death of the star, both of them forgot about what had lead them here. Both forgot about Rory, alone in a different universe, probably wondering where the Doctor had taken his wife and if he was going to return her. Hands found hands, and as they made contact Amy's cheeks turned a delicious shade of crimson to match the sky. She didn't understand how she could feel this way, but she did. And it was one of the greatest feelings on Earth. Or in this case, not.

Back alone in the TARDIS, the Doctor and Amy sat on the stairs, bodies so close they were almost one. Neither spoke, the only sound came from the glorious machine that would take them across the universe. Amy opened her mouth to speak, but didn't know what to say. She didn't know where to start. Her mind drifted to Rory, who stayed confused back on Earth. He stayed alone in her house, waiting for the Doctor to return her. She wanted to go back, she missed him. She looked at the old, yet so youthful, man sitting next to her. She couldn't leave him behind, facing the rest of time and space with no one else there. He needed her company if he was to stay his amazing self. He needed that spark that she seemed to give him. Amy hated to admit it, but she needed him too. Not more than she needed Rory, but not less. Eventually she'd have to leave one of them behind, to become long gone. But which life would she choose, if ever?

The Doctor could not figure out why he felt the way he did. There had to be a scientific reason for it, perhaps a mere complication of chemicals? Nothing as magical as love would exist by itself. Science would be there to help it along. "What's happening to me?" he thought out loud.

Amy looked at him, surprised by his outburst of speech.

"This can't happen. This - this love," He spat the word, "Can never happen!" Running frustrated fingers through his hair, he sighed. "I can't feel this way. I can never feel this way. Things can be broken to chemicals, but not this. This has no explanation."

He turned to Amy, tears building up in his eyes. "I'm sorry Amelia. I'm so, so sorry."

Amy shook her head in confusion, her tears surging forward to accompany his.

"I-," He hesitated, feeling physically and mentally sick. "I... love you,"

Feeling stupidly confident, he placed a light hand on her cheek, forcing her to look at him. 'Say something' his eyes willed. They both held their breath, stunned at his confession. Amy looked at him doubtfully. The Doctor didn't love, it simply wasn't in his complicated, wonderful nature.

"Trust me," He whispered. Amy bit her lip - how many times had she fallen for that? How many times would she fall again?

"Kiss me," Amy didn't mean to let her wish escape. But it did.

Slowly, the Doctor leaned towards Amy, gently pulling her face closer to his at the same time. Millimetres before their lips met, he stopped. "Sure?"

His breath tickled Amy's lips.

"Sure." She replied.

It was nothing more than the slightest brush of lips, lasting not even a second. It was long enough to have an effect on the pair. Amy's lips tingled with electricity, her eyes half-shut in anticipation of another kiss. She'd never experienced anything like that before. Neither had the Doctor, a man with nine hundred years of life to his name. There was always a first time for everything.

"Doctor?" Amy said, their kiss still lingering on her lips. He rested his forehead on hers, just staring at her. He couldn't comprehend how that had felt. To be able to finally know what it was like to have her lips on his was sensational. Then he remembered Rory.

"You're married." He whispered. "You're married and I just kissed you." He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to forget she was a married woman.

"I'm yours."

The Doctor reached for Amy's left hand, feeling for her wedding ring. It, and the promise it held to Rory, wasn't there.

"I made my choice." She said, going to kiss him again.

"No." He jerked his head back, realisation hitting him. "You love Rory, not me."

Amy opened her mouth to protest, but the Doctor kept talking.

"I'm not going to let you destroy your life with him. I'm taking you back, right now."

He pushed away and fled to the safety of the console, ignoring Amy's shouts.

Flicking endless dials, the Doctor tried to block out Amy's voice. Get her home, he thought; get her away from yourself before you do something you'll both regret. He'd already done enough damage; there was no need to dig the grave deeper. He froze as Amy laid her hands on his. The fact that her ring was missing was painfully obvious, it made his hearts sink. The TARDIS began to judder as they re-entered the Earth's atmosphere. In five minutes they'd be back in Amy's garden. According to the ancient screen, only a minute had passed since he'd snatched her from Rory. He took the girl he loved from her husband for his own selfish needs and desires. He'd manipulated this poor human into believing that there was even a possibility of a future together. Who had given him authority to come and meddle with humanity? He wished that his soul would be saved, but he knew that he'd torn it apart the second he'd laid eyes on Amy Pond all those years ago.

Almost roughly, the Doctor grabbed Amy's shoulder and pushed her up against the railings of the TARDIS.

"You're hurting me," She whimpered as the grip on her shoulder tightened.

"Why can't you be like me?" He shouted, his voice echoing around the empty TARDIS. "Why do you have to be so human?"

"Doctor, please, you're hurting," Amy could almost feel his fingers going through her shoulder blade.

Amy's plea seemed to reach him that time, as he immediately let go of her. She fell a little before grabbing the railing behind her to support herself. Her cheeks were wet with tears. The Doctor was disgusted with himself. He didn't deserve such a creature as Amy when he could tolerate ever hurting her.

"Just go. Go back to Rory and forget I ever existed."

Amy inhaled sharply, her breaths interrupted by tears. "But I love you,"

"No, you don't." He said, his voice somewhat softer. "I can't give you half what Rory can, Amy. He's better for you than me,"

"Don't say that. You're every bit as good as him and more. He can't give me the universe." She smiled weakly, still feeling the pain in her shoulder.

"I can't give you love, Amy. I'd kill you. How am I meant to live with that?"

"You've already given it to me. If you honestly feel…" she paused.

"… like that, then you can't say no." She tried to reason with whatever it was making him push his own feelings down. "I don't care if you aren't human. I fell for you, not your species."

"I'd kill you." He repeated. "All I want is to give you everything I can, and if I do, you'll die. This can't happen. I'm not putting you in danger like that."

Amy sighed, still leaning against the TARDIS railings. "You'll never hurt me."

"Never say that. You don't know what I'm capable of. Never, Amelia Pond, say never to me."

The Doctor's eyes hardened into an emotion that Amy had never seen before. Although Amy was the type of girl who didn't get scared of anything, his expression truly frightened her. She knew he was right, but when wasn't he? Amy had no idea what the Doctor was capable of. She'd watched him build up empires, only to tear them down again with the mention of his name. She'd watched as he left whole worlds to burn, trying not to hear the screams of the perishing. All of those things could easily split a person's soul into so many different pieces, and yet the Doctor had never even seemed phased. How could he withstand it?

The more Amy thought about it, the less humane the Doctor became.

"And that, Amelia Pond, is why you are going home right now."

Amy threw the Doctor a terrified look.

He couldn't be serious.

His eyes told differently.

Amy's heart dropped through her stomach as the familiar landing noise echoed around the control room. Her knuckles faded to white as she locked her fingers around the railings. Today was not the day she left the TARDIS. Today was not the day she left him. She shook her head adamantly, tightening her already-iron grip as the Doctor walked towards her. His purpose was clear. Even if it broke his hearts, he was going to get her off this TARDIS and back where she belonged. A small voice in the back of his head broke through his anger: What if she belongs here?

Keeping his eyes downcast, the Doctor laid his hands over Amy's trying to make her to let go. He felt the tendons in her hands stand out as her grip tightened. He sighed, exhausted and overrun with so many different emotions.

"Let go." He said politely, not letting his feelings leak through.

"You can't make me." Amy replied in a small voice, staring up at him through her eyelashes. The Doctor hesitated, hating the idea that had popped into his head. If he was going to get Amy out of here, it was worth a try.

He crushed his mouth against hers, distracting her long enough to pry her hands from the railings. Before the Doctor could get carried away, he pulled back. With venom in his eyes he began to push Amy towards the TARDIS door, ignoring her small cries and protests. She struggled against him, but it was a losing battle. He was far too strong for her, and within moments her back was pressed against the TARDIS door.

Amy inhaled, trying to stop herself from crying. If the Doctor loved her, which she was positive he did, then why was he so eager to push her away?

"Go home, Amelia Pond." The door swung open, revealing her back garden.

The Doctor released her, swiftly turning and retreating to the console. After a few painful seconds, Amy still hadn't moved.

"Just go!" He shouted at her, louder and more furiously than he ever had before.

Whimpering, Amy began to back away, tears wetting her cheeks. "Doctor… I…"

"Go!" The Doctor bellowed at the Scot. It was so vicious, so unlike him, that she gasped a little. Absolutely terrified she backed out of the TARDIS, tripping and landing in her garden. The TARDIS door slammed shut and started to dematerialise. Immediately, Amy was on her feet, begging the Doctor not to leave her again. She knew her hope was wasted and that he couldn't hear her.

Inside the TARDIS, the opposite was true. He couldn't stop hearing her helpless cries as he abandoned her again. Flicking a switch on the TARDIS console, he shut off the sound of her pleas, leaving himself in the most intolerable silence that had ever existed.

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