Hi guys. It's nice to be writing something like this again, although it's bittersweet. I'm just going to say this now, this isn't an 'update' as such. There isn't a whole chapter waiting for you after this, it's a mere five lines, which is disappointing by any standard. I'm uploading this so you can see what I've been pondering over. I got stuck and never really found my motives again. I'd like to apologise to everybody that's ever read this, the support I've gotten throughout is overwhelming and monumentally important to me - I'm eternally grateful. However, this fic has been long abandoned. And will probably have remained abandoned unless I'd decided to do this.

This will most likely (most definitely likely) be the last 'update' of Science & Faith. I am not in the right mental, or physical, health to be writing any more. It's for the best that I leave it here, I don't want to damage myself or put myself at any risk.

I could never, ever have gotten this far without the support and love from reviewers and readers. I can not express my thanks enough.

I'm sorry I couldn't be good enough to finish this for all of you,

Cold relief washed over Amy, pooling in her stomach. Behind her closed eyes, tiny flecks of light and colour danced across her eyelids. It was dizzying to watch but Amy preferred it to opening her eyes and facing the situation. Unsure of what she'd be met with, keeping her eyes closed was probably the best way. Whatever had been inside her head, if it ever even was, it was gone now. The way it left her knees buckling under pressure, making her head pound to a ridiculous tempo, left Amy in no doubt that it had in fact happened. She just couldn't work out why.