Glee Chatroom

StarBerry is now online

BlainiePoo is now online

StarBerry: BlainiePoo? Really?

BlainiePoo: Kurt chose my name for the ND chatroom. :(

KurtsieBoo is now online

StarBerry: Let me guess Kurt. "BlainiePoo" here chose your chatroom name.

KurtsieBoo: yup. :)

DivaGottaHaveHerTots is now online

KurtsieBoo: Hey 'Cedies. :)

StarBerry: Hello Mercedes.

BlainiePoo: Hi Mercedes. :)

DivaGottaHaveHerTots: Hey guys! Nice screen names!

KurtsieBoo: Thanks. Blaine chose mine. :)

FemaleAsian is now online

FemaleAsian: Hey guys!

OtherAsian is now online

OtherAsian: Wait, I'm confused. Who's BlainiePoo, and who's KurtsieBoo?

StarBerry: Kurt and Blaine, Mike. *Facepalm

Burt Hummel is now online

Burt Hummel: is this the men's room?

KurtsieBoo: No dad. This is the New Directions chatroom. *Facepalm

Burt Hummel: Kurt? Why is your username KurtsieBoo on here?

BlainiePoo: Because of me sir.

Burt Hummel: who the hell are you?

BlainiePoo: Blaine Anderson sir. I am your son's bf.

Burt Hummel: oh. What's a bf?

StarBerry: It's Boyfriend Mr. Hummel.

Burt Hummel: oh. Who the hell are you Starberry?

StarBerry: Rachel Berry sir.

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StarBerry is now offline

BlainiePoo is now offline

KurtsieBoo is no offline

DivaGottaHaveHerTots is now offline

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YouBetterKnowWhoIAmSlyvester: Why are you on still?

Burt Hummel: I do not know how.


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