I'll Mend Your Heart.

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Chapter 36


It's about an hour long journey to our new home. Bella sits, eyes squinting trying desperately to see more, all the while nursing a water bottle she'd been given moments before. The boat was easy to manage, especially since my father taught me as a child how to sail.

It was one of the rare moments where he and I would really bonded. My father was…odd, to put it kindly. He enjoyed his seclusion and would rather spent time drinking whiskey in his office, than with my mother and I. It doesn't take a genius to guess why they separated, but since they divorced when I was so young I never saw what they were like when they were together.

She found Carlisle pretty fast and fell in love instantly, which just further proves how dead their marriage had been. As for my Dad…well, he never re-married nor had any more kids. We rarely saw each other but he was my Dad, and I loved him unconditionally. I loved him even more after I found out what he set up in order to secure my future. He'd failed, but that isn't the point. Well…it wasn't at the time. Now though? Now I'm going to be a Dad, well I'm fucking angry he failed. He –

"Edward!" Bella's voice breaks me outta my memories. "Look! I can-" *cough* "I can see it!"

I chuckle, she's so cute. "Yeah baby. We're almost there. You're gonna love the place!" I hope.

She just nods and smiles. I can tell she wants to ask more questions but it's too painful. The house is…well, I've not seen it. This whole thing was kind of last minute, but I fucking know its set up exactly how I asked. Head will roll if it's not. Organizing shit for a house over the phone and through email isn't exactly ideal, but I made it work.

The house is a little big for the two of us…or even the three of us, once the baby comes. There are five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a gym and pool, and god only knows what else….but it did cost a pretty penny.

"It's really warm here, Edward" she says, as she pulls off one of my jumpers she'd been wearing.

"Better get used to it, Princess" I throw her a smirk "you'll be able to sun yourself on that beach almost all year round"

At the words 'sun' and 'beach' her eyes light up even more, and I know it's because it's been a while since we'd seen some sun.

By the time I'd docked our boat onto the island to sun is at its highest point, and Bella's shoulders have started to redden. I decide to worry about the bags and shit with us later, and just focus on getting my wife comfortable. The house was already filled with clothes and furniture and, to be honest, we really didn't need to bring anything with us. But it was more for familiarity than anything…I don't know how attached princess is to all her stuff.

I carry her from the boat and into the house…because I'm in that over-protective husband mood, which doesn't take much to get me into, and Bella clearly knows this as she makes no noise of protest or even a complaint.

Baby knows me. She knows I need her close right now.

She knows I'll be overbearingly protective for a little while now.

"Wow! This house is amazing, Edward"

'It's yours' I want to tell her. 'It's in your fake name, which you have no idea about…but it's legally all yours.'

But I don't tell her this. Because telling her all of that, including the fact that she has another identity, will scare her…she'll begin to realize how much shit we're currently in. And by looking at her beautiful awe-struck fear-free face…she clearly has no idea…and I'll do everything in my power to keep it that way.

If this is our life? If running, hiding, never laying roots is how we have to live; can you blame me for keeping this from her? For giving her the gift of living happily…living without fear?

Didn't fucking think so.

And if I have to hold this burden alone, so be it. It's for my love…for my child…for my family.

"It's so beautiful!" she gasps.

"You can decorate it however you wish" I press my lips to her temple, carrying her through the house.

I save the...erm…eccentric rooms for later…Such as the delivery room. She's going to freak out over that anyway.

"Why is this room empty?" I'm pretty sure that's a pout.

Absolutely adorable

"I figured…." I trailed off; teasing her with a shrug "you'd want us to decorate the nursery together"

She takes in a sharp intake a breath, eyes wide and I can already see the gears of her mind working. "This is where our baby will sleep?" she whispers, eyes darting around the white room.

"Yes, my love" my lips brush the skin of her cheek "in nine months…physical proof with be in this room…physical proof of how much I love you, and how much you love me"

I felt her tears hitting the side of my face, and slowly rocked her. She wasn't sad…she was overly happy. Over the fucking moon…we both are.

"I think the crib would look nice over there" she pointed to a little alcove in the wall…probably the perfect size for a crib. "and…a rocking chair near the window, so he can look at the beach as he drifts to sleep"

I let out a small chuckle at her…we've got nine month and she's already planning. "Speaking of sleep" I drop a kiss on her skin "I think you should be resting, princess. We want you both healthy"

She whines, complaining about how she's too excited to explore for sleeping, but the purple circles under her eyes tell a different story.

"Hey, wait" she calls, halting my steps. "What's that room?" her hand points to the door I've been avoiding.

"Never mind that now" I try, knowing it's not going to work "You're tired"

She shoots me this glare before trying to wiggle out of my arms. I just hold on tighter "Okay, okay" I huff.

I walk, albeit slowly, towards the room. She huffs at my pace but says nothing.

We stop in front of the closed wooded door, my hand resting on the cool knob. "Before we go in, I just want to say…that I know I've gone over-board and I know you'll hate it, but realistically…we're an hour away from civilization and if anything were to happen…"I shake my head, swallowing the lump in my throat.

Come on Masen…you've read the books. Granted you're no doctor but…you know.

"erm…yeah, if anything were to happen, we'll this would be needed. Just, before you freak out, think about it for the baby…for the safety of our little love bump…and of course for you, my love. There's no price I wouldn't pay to keep you safe and healthy"

"Edward…you're scaring me" she whispers "what is it?"

"It's erm….probably best if I just show you"

The door opens with an audible squeak which will need to be fixed. The first thing that comes into view is the bed…the examination bed, if you will. It's covered with that crinkle paper, ready and waiting for the patient. Sitting proudly next to the bed, is a state of the art ultra sound machine that…would put any hospital's equipment to shame. Around the room sits sterile draws and cupboards filled with god knows what. But essentially this room…is for us to see our baby-love…until it's used for a delivery room, and then it'll be the first room baby-love sees.

"Edward…what…I mean…how did you even…huh?"

"I know it's…shocking to say the least, but it'll be better for you…for both of you, especially in the later stages of your pregnancy if you don't have to travel over an hour to see the doctor. This way he can just come here"

"This stuff…do you know how to work it?"

"Well…erm…" I sigh, nodding slightly "sort of, I mean I know the gist of how it all works, but Dr Granger is going to teach me properly…that way we can see the baby whenever you want"

"What about…like the medical stuff? Do you….I mean…."

"…I'm learning. Reading about it all. Medical textbooks, pregnancy books…anything I can get my hands on. I want to just…know if there's a problem, and if I know how to fix it…or even keep control over the situation until Dr Granger can get here…then it'll all be worth it."

She sighs again, her eyes drinking in the surroundings. "Are you….mad?"… angry? Upset? Scared?

"No" her beautiful eyes bore into mine "I've never felt so safe before…before you. And now…you just…" she can't finish what she's saying but that's okay, because I get the gist. For all she acts like she wants independence, princess needs me to take care of her…she needs me. And she so fucking grateful for me…she loves me so much that it makes my heart squeeze.

"Come on baby…my two babies" I chuckle "I think you could both do with a nap" I get a sleepy nod, but nothing more.

I lay with her until she falls asleep, which takes only five minutes. Poor baby is exhausted.

Once I'm certain she's deeply asleep, I slid out from her arms and then the room. I shut the bedroom door quietly before making my way to the family room.

Making sure the volume is on low, I switch the TV set on. The 65" flicks to life without a seconds hesitation, and I click to the channel I need. CNN.

I get my answer as soon as the channel switches, Bella's face fills the screen and the news reporter is talking about reports from the hospital of how over bearing I was, how unwilling to leave her side I was…how there's no doubt in anyone's mind that I kidnapped my wife.

The news continues rolling, and before long they begin to repeat the broadcast.

"It's now been over 24 hours since Isabella Masen went missing from her private room in Forks hospital, a small town in Washington State. Mrs Masen was last seen last night by the nurses tending to her, and police are currently examining CCTV footage as to identify Mrs Masen's kidnapper. Isabella was admitted to hospital for damaged lungs and smoke inhalation after being inside her burning down mansion. The 24 year old was in a coma, which is why police are so worried about the young female's welfare. The lead suspect, at this present time is her husband Mr Edward Masen. Masen, a multi-billionaire business mogul, and rumoured mob boss, was the last person witnesses are saying was with Isabella and also has not been seen since Isabella's disappearance. Reports from the hospital are saying that Mr Masen is extremely over protective of his wife and we do have reason to believe he could be dangerously violent if provoked. If you have any information on Isabella's whereabouts or her disappearance we urgently ask you to call Seattle police immediately, not only is Isabella extremely sick and desperately needs medical supervision, but the circumstances surrounding her currently ill health are still being questioned and police are extremely concerned about her safety. If you see Edward Masen, do not approach him, call 911 immediately and allow trained professionals to hear from him….we're just getting reports in that Chief of Fork Police, Charlie Swan also Isabella's father, will be making a statement later on today…still waiting on a time on that, but we'll be sure to keep you updated -"

I switch it off at that point, flipping to some stupid football match… although I will be watching Charlie's statement…that'll be interesting. I knew this would happen…obviously a sick woman can't just vanish and nothing happen…but Jesus this is a shit storm.

Ah well…they're just wasting their time, the only thing I've got to keep an eye on is anyone on that flight talking outta turn. All those news reports…thousands of pictures of Bella and the story of a tyrant husband sure will pull heartstrings but…nah, they know what'll happen if they flap their gums. The police…ppffft! I've got bigger problems then the 'police'.

"Edward?" I hear her call.

"I'm here" I yell back. I smile as she rounds the corner…she's changed into a beautiful blue sundress. She looks unbelievable.

"I woke up and you were gone" she pouts.

See? Adorable

"Sorry princess, I thought you'd be asleep longer" I admit "you look gorgeous"

I chuckle as she twirls around in her dress letting the skirt fan out…she doesn't even seem sick anymore.

"Are you okay?" she asks.


"Never better…now, I believe you wanted to explore?"

Her eyes light up and I'll do anything to keep that light in there.

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