Tokyo Majin

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Chapter 4: Finding the Deities

~Tatsuma's P.O.V. ~

"Now you guys know the story." I said to my friends as we were walking to the alley that I met Sue at.

"You're kidding right!" Kyouichi yelled at me.

"Yeah he's right, she did kidnap you." Aoi added.

"Who knew she would agree with Kyouichi?" I thought to myself.

"So you did bring the whole gang with you." Sue states walking out of the alleyway.

All of a sudden Kyouichi unsheathes his sword and attacks Sue! Sue dodges with ease and makes him drop his weapon instantly turning the tides. In a matter of seconds she had him pinned to the ground holding his own weapon to his neck.

"I return the memories that were replaced." Sue chants into Kyouichi's ear.

"You erased the memories of when I chased Tatsuma here before you kidnapped him! Damn you!"

Sue stood and gave Kyouichi back his weapon. She turned around and walked off motioning for us to follow. I did, so my friends did too.

~Sue's P.O.V. ~

I was walking down the street knowing that the group was following me to my house. I turned a corner, when all of a sudden I felt a chill. Tatsuma stopping told me he felt it too.

"Tatsuma, you know what that is, right?" I ask him.

"Is it the Demon of the Void?" He asks as an answer.

"No, this is the Red Dragon, sensing the Golden Dragon. He won't hurt you when I'm around though, don't worry."

"That's not all, is it, Sue?" Tatsuma asks, causing me to stop and turn to face him, my hair blowing to the side.

"You're right. The Red Dragon is…" I pause, should I tell that he is my father, that I'm a half-demon, should I? I will, "The Red Dragon is my father." I state calmly.

"WHAT!" The group yells except for Tatsuma.

"Now that doesn't surprise me that you know already Tatsuma." I state.

"Reading my mind again Sue?"

"No, your expression."

I turn around and bring my arm up instantly guarding those behind me. The blood from the wound spraying against the walls that lined the street.

"Let's see your skills!" I yell.

~Tatsuma's P.O.V. ~

I charge forward fist at the ready and land a hit, my fist goes right through the person! What just happened! Wait, he's not who we should be fighting, and the others went through the same thing as me. Kyouichi is intent on trying to hit him. I look around at my surrounding's. I see a light glint, there. I charge forward and actually land a blow making the hologram disappear.

"Nice job. That was a test to see if you would actually stay. Though that did surprise me as much as it did to Tatsuma." Sue says.

"How are you always so casual?" Daigo asks.

"Lots of practice, Byakko vessel, Yuuya Daigo." Sue replies.

"How do you know about that?" Kisaragi asks.

"I can read minds, Genbu vessel, Hisui Kisaragi."

"Wow." Aoi says covering her mouth in surprise.

"You're the Bodhisattva Eye, Aoi Misato."Sue states with ease. "We need to find the other two vessels before we start training using the Golden Dragon." Sue states.

"How do we do that?" I ask.

"Right. Concentrate on your mark, while doing that you must focus on the four protectors' spirit lines connected to you, follow the two that don't lead to your friends."

"Okay, I got it." I close my eyes and bring my hands up. I focus on them and can feel the marks burning. I hiss in pain but do not stop. I then open my eyes, seeing four golden threads leading off of my hands to my two friends and in two different directions.

I begin to follow one of the threads going to my left and come to the place where Tendo Kozunu is.

"No way, not this guy." Sakurai says.

"No, not Kozunu, but the girl with him." I reply to Sakurai.

"Nice, now to release this and see normal again just close your eyes, think of your friends and open them again."Sue says.

I did that. Now the golden strings of light were gone and we had a battle to face.