Love Like That

A lover who always looks at me not through me
I need a love like that
(Alan Jackson: A Love Like That)

They'd always been


Two hal/ves of a whole


But no one could ever see it

The p r o p e r wizards apprentice

And the daughter of a thief


He's his mothers child

With his pretty longblondehair

And [bigblueeyes]


And she's just a petty thief

Constantly caught by that f-l-a-s-h of red hair

And those |cynical| green eyes


And sure

It's never been "starsandrainbows"

Him and her


It's been battles and adrenaline

Deaths and adventures

Times that make your blood s.t.o.p and heart s i n k


Trial and error

Time and time again

Mistake after mistake


But in the end they prevail

They triumph with a ~flourish~

GOOD reigns over (evil)


And it's funny

Cause their (l)(o)(v)(e)

Was just like that


Shaky and rocky at first

Because he was watching "those girls"

And she was always with his brother for Crissakes


But love is love

And it can't be ignored

It's muchtoforceful for that


So in the end

They find each other

In a blur of d-a-z-z-l-i-n-g smiles and *starry* eyes


And maybe their love isn't p e r f e c t

But that's what makes it real

Cause it can happen to anyone


Even a Wizards Apprentice

And a [streeturchin]

But really (who cares about details)

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