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And let the games begin.

Grimmjow sighed for the fourth time in the last ten minutes. What the hell was happening here? His lead was having a mental breakdown and half his crew was just sitting there staring at the poor woman. The incompetence of these people astounded and boggled the mind. If he was allowed to, he would probably be choking one or two of them. He growled his frustration and walked over to the lead, schooling his features into one of patience and calm. The last day of shooting was supposed to be fun, light, airy. People were supposed to be good at what they were doing by now.

"Hey…Momo, what's the matter?" He said, trying desperately to stay calm. They only had a few more hours with the young boy who was supposed to be her long lost son, before he had to go home. This movie had been building up to this scene since the very beginning. They still had two more scene's to do before they could get out of the studio and head home. Or... for the actors, the after party. He kneeled in front of her, his mouth in a grimace.

Momo sniffled and held onto Grimmjow's shirt wiping the mess of tears and the makeup, that was now running rivulets down her pretty face, onto him. This was why he couldn't stand women. They always cried, just for no good reason. "My boyfriend walked out on me yesterday." She said, her voice thick with tears. "I thought he cared about me, but he's just a no good backstabbing-" Grimmjow abruptly stood, effectively cutting her off.

"That's what's making you cry like this? I thought you were a professional Hinamori, but I guess I thought wrong. Because professional actresses leave their personal problems at the door when they're on set. Can you at least pretend to be a professional, just for two more fucking hours?" Grimmjow growled lowly. Momo's tears came to a sudden stop, her huge brown eyes wide with shock, betrayal and anger. "We only have two and a half more hours with Mr. Hitsugaya before he has to go home. I would like to get at least one fucking scene done with you today. If you cannot deliver then we will find a better actress." He said, stalking over to the white haired child, who looked worried about Momo and angry at him at the same time.

"You'd better make her act appropriately or she will be fired." Grimmjow murmured, turning away to talk to the crew about the lighting. It was day's like this that made him want to quit being a movie director and just retire early, but he couldn't imagine what retired people did all day. When he was bored... he tended to get into trouble. But then again, retiring wouldn't be much of a problem considering how much money he'd already accumulated from his past blockbusters. He watched passively as the Hinamori girl struggled to get her lines right while finding the correct emotions. Shocked and hurt was hard to portray when one had to redo it over and over again. Even her costar, Hitsugaya Toshiro seemed a little put out.

Grimmjow watched the young actor as he tried to make Momo have the reaction they wanted to get from her. Shocked and betrayed, a little hurt, and in pain. She needed to find and create her character so that she could get more into it, and become a real professional. Someone who could entirely immerse herself in her character until she didn't feel her own pain over losing her boyfriend or some other trivial thing. She would only feel hurt that her long lost son had shown up at her door, accusing her of not loving him, when in reality she'd given him up because she was a teen mother and would've been kicked out with nowhere to go if she had kept him. That was the pain she needed to feel. That was the pain that they needed to get today. Or someone would be collecting their teeth off of the floor.

Those emotions didn't seem to be reachable for her, and he was already trying to find some way around the scene, some way to get as strong an impact without having to struggle with this. They'd been at this for the past three days, and she'd delayed it enough. He sighed, telling her to leave and come back only when she knew how to act out her role properly. They still had an hour with the young actor Hitsugaya and he wanted to get as much filming done while he was.

"Let's move this to the garden set." Grimmjow called, trying to work fast but efficiently.

By the time he got off of work, it was already ten in the afternoon. His stomach growled, though he ignored it. Not like he had anything at home to feed it with, it would just have to wait until tomorrow to snatch up a snack from the break room. Grimmjow tossed his keys to the nervous valet, who shivered every time the blue haired man glanced his way. What was his name again? Oh…right.

"Good evening, Hanataro kun." Grimmjow purred, ruffling the boy's hair. It was quite obvious from the way he acted that he had a bit of a crush on Grimmjow. Then again, who would blame him? The electric blue haired man had had his way with him on a number of occasions. Just for something to do, instead of lying at home sleeping with his cat Pantera.

"G-Good evening Jeagerjaques san!" Hanataro said, bowing lowly. Grimmjow could feel the boy's eyes burning a hole in his back, but he never once turned around. He was already beginning to get bored with him, he needed to find a new plaything and soon. Someone who could wipe away those haunting emerald eyes.

He rode the elevator up, ignoring the lusty gaze of the woman that lived in the condo next to his. She was a gorgeous woman, with long orange hair and a curvy figure, but she was just too weird for Grimmjow's tastes. And she never seemed to get flustered by Grimmjow's advances. That's what he liked the most about his partners. He liked to have them shaking like a leaf, moaning and calling his name before he even penetrated them. And some of his partners had been that way.

But none of them were what he was looking for.

Ichigo finished cleaning the kitchen, though it really wasn't that dirty to begin with. Actually, the whole house seemed to always be in order, bare of anything that could reveal the personality of its normal inhabitant. He had begun to try and build a character in his mind. Today he thought it might be some woman who'd recently divorced a millionaire and bought a really fancy place to live, but she didn't come home often because she had a job as a stripper. And when she finally came home she was exhausted, and didn't even eat, or bother to take her clothes off and get under the blankets.

Ichigo laughed at his own naivety as he put the newly cleaned coffee pot back and gathered his cleaning supplies. He really liked his job. As a maid, he could do pretty much whatever he wanted and no one ever bothered him or told him to stop scowling. He was free to do whatever he wanted, he could pretend to be whoever he wanted and not worry about the consequences. Because once he was done, he'd leave and no body ever saw him.

He felt like a fairy godmother sometimes, he thought giggling. Sometimes he would even pretend to be a fairy godmother and he'd sing little songs while he mopped and swept. Other times, he'd pretend that he lived there and was just cleaning up before his billionaire guests arrived. And he really really loved his job. But the one thing he didn't like about it was the uniform.

It was short black shorts, thigh high fishnet stockings, knee high boots (thankfully without heels), and a plain black top, normally there was a white vest that went with it, but it was currently in his dryer. Why did the company he worked for make him dress like this anyways? His boss, Coyote Starrk, did hang around with a little girl all the time, who he claimed was 'his other half', so maybe he had a Lolita Complex? It wasn't like anyone was going to see them anyways, they made sure to come in only after the owner of the place left. He sighed and ran a hand though his silky orange hair. He could've probably just changed and none of his superiors would know about it. All these thoughts and more were running through his head as he opened the door to leave.

He almost collided with a very tired looking man. The man had electric blue hair and cyan eyes that seemed to say 'I'm really sexy so let's fuck'. Ichigo blushed at his own thought and bowed deeply before running past the man and down the hall.

His theories about a rich divorced woman flew out of the window as he clutched the bars of his utility cart harder, reminding himself to pay attention to where he was going. He slowed down and took a calming breath, leaning against the wall.

What an idiot he was, getting all flustered from seeing his employer for the first time. Renji would probably laugh at him about this later. He thought, mapping out what he was going to get to eat that night. Knowing Renji, all the red head had eaten was probably some taiyaki. He's so irresponsible, Ichigo thought shaking his head. They could probably go out and get some ramen somewhere, or if not, then just stay at the apartment and Ichigo would make some curry. Though, he didn't really feel like cooking today.

Grimmjow frowned, watching the orange haired maid run down the hallway and hang a sharp left, spilling half of the items on the cart.

What an unexpected reaction…Grimmjow thought, stepping out of his shoes and hanging his jacket on the coat rack. It was almost like he had been scared of him or something. At least, that's what Grimmjow would've thought, had the boy not turned beet red upon seeing him. He shrugged it off and yawned. Tomorrow and the next day he had off, so he'd be able to rest up and maybe find a new plaything. He'd call up Nnoitora and Starrk to go to a strip club or something. He needed an outlet for all of his frustration, and he needed one fast.

Pantera purred, curled up on the couch, belly up. Grimmjow smiled at her for a moment, allowing the content sound soothe his nerves. He walked up to her, and scooped her up, taking her into the bedroom. She was one of the most loyal cat's Grimmjow had ever met. The Egyptian Mau hissed at anyone who came close to the bluenette. She'd even attacked a few of his previous partners, one of them being the valet. Though, for some reason, the cat liked Nnoitora.

She must have an affinity for evilness or something, Grimmjow grumbled, stripping down to his boxers and getting into bed with a sigh. Pantera stalked up to him and curled up next to his side, warming him instantly. The little gesture made him immeasurably happy.

"Pantera…I think you're the only woman for me." Grimmjow murmured sleepily. He yawned and closed his eyes drifting off to sleep. He dreamt of floating cats and orange haired maids.

The next morning, he found himself face down on the floor, his cat purring and kneading his back. Grimmjow growled, annoyed and pushed her off, irrationally annoyed. Why didn't the damn cat wake him up before he fell of the bed next time?

"Fuckin' great, now I have a crick in my neck. Thanks Pantera." Grimmjow said accusingly. The cat looked up at him with a bored expression before purring and rubbing up against his leg as if saying 'Forgive me?' "No I don't forgive you, get away from me."

After making some coffee Grimmjow leaned against his kitchen counter and thought about what he was going to do that day. Really, there wasn't much to do until later that night. This is why Grimmjow hated being away from work for too long. He got bored, and when he got bored, he usually ended up doing something he would regret later on.

The only reason he had taken off of work was because Ulquiorra his business partner wanted to lead the auditions for the lead role for their next TV drama titled, A Wish the Hogyokou Makes. The writer wanted a new face for the lead role, and Ulquiorra said he'd get on it immediately. Originally, Grimmjow had taken time off of work so that he could help with the auditions, but the man had told him in his monotone voice 'I will be more than enough to oversee these auditions, Grimmjow. You just concentrate on making this drama a hit TV series.' After being told that, he couldn't just tell everyone 'Oh never mind! Ulquiorra doesn't need my help anymore, so you guys can come into work today!' They were all very busy stars, and it would be unfair to call them back on such short notice.

So he'd allowed himself these two days to just sit back and relax. And that's what he was going to do, goddammit…right after he found himself a new toy.

Ichigo clutched his resume and headshot to his chest, feeling his heart beating erratically behind it. His legs were shaking and his knees were weak. He couldn't believe he'd let Shinji talk him into this.

"Shin… can't we just go home?" Ichigo asked hopefully, scowling when he got a frown and a shake of the head.

"Ichi, this is going to be your big break, I just know it. So suck it up and get your ass in there and knock their underwear off!" Shinji said, grinning from ear to ear. Ichigo groaned.

"Isn't it supposed to be knock their socks off?" Ichigo grumbled before walking into the room. Bright lights assaulted his eyes, blinding him momentarily. He walked up onto the dais and glanced nervously at the camera and then the two men sitting next to it.

A pale man with a slight frown on his face looked at Ichigo with a blank stare. "Resume please." He said, holding his hand out for the documents in Ichigo's hands. He jumped and rushed to give them to him, trying to calm down. "Ichigo Kurosaki. Well…here's the script, let's see what you got." The man said with the same monotone voice. Ichigo bowed deeply and began reciting the lines with as much feeling as he could muster.

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