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Chapter One: The Way the World Works

The blue lines began to merge and blur. Were they words? Numbers? Symbols? He gave up trying to guess, slipping off his glasses to rub his eyes. Leaning back in his chair, he felt the lack-of-sleep-induced headache clamber its way back into his brain. Oh yeah, life was going great! He sarcastically thought. Swimmingly, in fact. Not that anyone cared. Ha, and the one friend hat normally cared was currently away with the fairies. Speaking of the devil: Michael swept in the room and looked across the room at Birkhoff.

"My turn?" he asked as his friend came over. Michael nodded

"Already?" Birkhoff pulled a face. By this point most recruits would have tried to escape at least once. I mean, come on! You wake up in some godforsaken hell hole, in who knows where and get told everyone thinks your dead! Who wouldn't bolt it?

"Yeah. This one's a quiet one, be careful"

"Ha!" Birkhoff laughed leaping up "I'm the brains of this joint. The quiet ones are my speciality!" He grinned

Michael suppressed a laugh "Since when? Amanda I recall scares the hell outta you"

Birkhoff was shot-down" Shut up "they laughed and he headed out to the new recruits room

After Michael kinda melded the whole good cop bad cop routine together in his introductory welcome to Division speech, Amanda had decided a blatantly obvious good cop was needed. 'Someone who appears normal in comparison to Michael' she'd said. And that's where he came in. He went in an acted like it was routine checks and information. Mess with the little crims' minds so they relaxed a smidge.

"OK!" He played out his usual chipper introduction " Now that Mr. "New lease at life" has pounded you with data. Let's get the boring stuff outta the way " He sped into the room trying to appear all happy to be there. What a joke that was.

However the girl across the room was the complete opposite.

She sat, legs planted on the floor, facing him. Dark, matted black ...no, brown, hair pulled into a messy scraggly pony tail. Despite the night's rest she was expected to have had she looked absolutely shattered. Man! Who broke you into a million pieces?

Her eyes never left the floor and her fringe fell in front of her face hiding the colour of her eyes. She was hunched over and her singlet just hung there without pride. This image engraved itself in his brain.

Normally at this point recruits eyes were darting waiting for the door to open. On edge and alert. She was...-

He stopped himself. Back to business

"OK!" He pulled out his clipboard "I'm the IT guy, I need all your details" Really this was all a fa├žade. A way to check the recruits hadn't done anything stupid. It was routine ... but he saw her whole body stiffen at the sound of his voice...stop!.

"Starting with your name?"



Suddenly her head slowly came to life. raising ever so gentlyly so two illuminated green eyes stared straight at him with an emotion he couldn't decipher.

He looked passed the routine clothes. Past the dark mess of hair. Past her angry aura into those eyes and...before he couldn't finish his own thought

"Seymour?" her lips barley parted

.He looked at her again, The world stopped. "Holly?!"

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