This is a rewrite. It's been so old since I wrote for this and I wanted to update it, I remember having fun writing this. Here it is...

I've been running now for the past ten years, it all started on my home planet Lorien. The Mogadorians came and destroyed everything. They polluted their own planet, and now they came for ours. It all happened when I was seven, I don't quite remember it, but I'm told that the ground shook and the sky was lit up with explosions. I do remember some things, but not all. I can remember leaving on the ship with Charlie, I can remember the ceremony that linked me with the other eight children of the Garde.

See the people of Lorien were different than those of Earth. There were two types of Loric people, the Garde and the Cêpan. The Garde had these things, we called them legacies. There were all sorts of legacies, they ranged from reading minds to being invisible. The Cêpans are assigned to Garde children to help them grow into their legacies. Charlie is my Cêpan, he was always like my guardian.

When we were invaded we were sent with our Cêpans to a ship to wait out the fight. We waited on that ship for our planet to come out victorious, but it never happened. After the invasion there was nine of us, and our keepers. They placed a charm on us, it allows us to only be killed in the order that was set. the only way the charm would work is if we are separated, if not the charm means nothing. With no where else to go we came here, to Earth. We had to assimilate into Earth's population to insure that we would not be found by the Mogadorians.

Charlie and I first settled somewhere in California. I tried to convince myself that what happened was just one big crazy dream. Deep down I knew I was lying to myself, but I couldn't face the truth. We were safe there for a couple months, until we weren't.

I woke up feeling a burning pain in my ankle, I was screaming in fear and agony when Charlie came in. When I looked there was a circular scar in my leg, still fresh and red. Charlie told me that this was the warning system that was set with the charm, and now number one was dead. We moved after that night, and burned down the life we had there to be as if we were never there.

It was three years later, when I was fourteen, that number two died. Charlie and I had settled in Illinois, it was nice there, I went to school there. I was in the school's library when I felt that oh so familiar pain again, but this time some of clothes caught on fire. The teacher were terrified, they didn't know what to do. I ended up in the emergency room, and they called the cops. Due to the other scar being there they thought I was being abused. When Charlie came in they threatened him with charges, but none of them stuck. There was proof, he was no where near me when the second scar appeared. After that we moved on, we always move. We never stay in one place too, because we're always hiding. Charlie says too dangerous to stay in one place too long.

I hasn't been long since number three died, maybe an hour ago. I was at the beach swimming and I was happy. It was dark and peaceful, and I was happiest I've been in a long time. It didn't last long, the water around me started to boil, my leg was blazing. I struggled to shore, luckily there where a small number of people there, no one gave me a second look.

Number three was gone, they were hunted down, and killed. I knew it and I was panicking. When the burning subsided I ran. I ran and due to my lineage I could run fast. When I got to the house Charlie was in the living room.

"Number three is dead." I stuttered.

I saw worry cross his face for a split second, before it went to stone.

"We are leaving by sunrise." He said in a tight voice.

I was put what little where were bringing with us in the car while Charlie burns our Identities.

"So, where are we off to now?" I said walking over to the fire.

"Forks, it's a small town in Washington." He says and walks away, putting more into the car.

I watch as the picture, IDs, and birth certificates slowly become nothing. Goodbye Linda, hello unknown.

While collecting the last of what's left in the house, I hear a chirp from the window.

"Hey buddy, sorry but I gotta go. I'll miss you." I say to the little blue bird that I'm so use to seeing everyday.

Car packing to the brim we start on our way, its a long way from Maine to Washington. I stare at the trees passing, blurring into one color, as I drift into thought. the Mogadorians are after me, I'm next, there is no one else. It's been ten years they must have learned they can't kill us out of the order. They won't stop till I'm dead, then they'll go on to number five, then six, and on, and on till we are all dead and gone. Trying to shake those thoughts, thoughts that are always there under the surface, I think about the new. The new school, the new people, the new life. Would I have friends like last time, would I like this place. Will the school be like it is in the movies, with the not so cheery cheerleaders, and the jerk jocks. I'll just have to see.

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