The Dark Enforcer

This is an alternate Universe story to some degree; Yuri is the dark enforcer an assassin who is known throughout the empire, his actions have caused the deaths of many people. One day he is given the order to kill a particular occupant of the castle, Yuri doing as he always does performs perfectly, but just before his kill he realises something, he knows this person, this person is somebody from his past, it's Estelle.

Enter the Dark Enforcer

A long black haired man sat quietly in the middle quarter of his hometown Zaphias. His appearance was strange to say the least. To start with he wore a black and grey top which had a few brown coloured belts wrapped around it and white buttons all over it. The lower half of his body was covered in black trousers accompanies by a grey piece of cloth on his right leg, giving the impression that he was wearing something akin to a cape. To top off his bizarre appearance he wore a purple scarf and a black hat, yet despite how suspicious he looked nobody took notice, though it was probably down to the fact that it was night-time and the only people who wandered the streets at this time were prostitutes and drunks, sometimes even the occasional drunken knight.

As the man looked upwards he reached upwards with his right hand, attached to which was a weird spiked gauntlet known as a Garm Fang. As he took in the view he noted how the sky of Zaphias was the same as always, tranquil, calm and beautiful, something he couldn't say about the city itself, deep in the man's heart he disliked this place, it held too many memories for him.

As he gazed at that pure sky he instantly thought he didn't deserve to gaze upon it, unlike the spotless sky this man was tainted, it didn't take long until he felt compelled to look away which he did by diverting his eyes to ramp leading to the lower quarter, sighing in the process.

"It's time" a sinister sounding voice whispered behind the man who understood instantly and rose to his feet. "Room 23 of Zaphias Castle are your orders" the voice continued, Yuri nodded he needed no more information; it was obvious what was expected of him.

"Understood, please inform the master that the deed is as good as done" the man responded in a deep, emotionless voice, causing the bearer of the sinister voice to chuckle madly in delight.

"Coming from you I would expect no less" the voice replied excitedly causing the black haired man to wince slightly. This man was clearly psychotic; anyone would be able to tell by the tone of his voice.

The man with the long hair decided at that point to walk off towards his destination knowing that once again somebody would die tonight by his hands. The other man decided to follow him despite being cryptically told to leave, deciding that watching the man known as the dark enforcer was a much more appealing prospect.

Meanwhile –

A blonde haired knight sat in his personal quarters accompanied by a pink haired woman. The pair was Commandant Flynn Scifo and the imperial princess Estelle Sidos Heurassein. These two had known each other since they were small children and thus were extremely close friends. This friendship often cited rumours which were generally accepted as false truths.

Indeed from an outsider's point of view they looked like a couple, especially since they were currently dining together in the blonde haired man's room. Yet these rumours were only rumours, there was no ulterior motive behind their meetings, they were just very close friends.

Yes they were close friends who understood each other more than anyone else. The reason for this was the fact that they shared the same pain. The pain of having somebody close to them ripped away before their very eyes whilst being helpless to stop it. Yes Estelle and Flynn were in that regard kindred spirits.

As the young woman sipped from her glass of expensive red wine she gazed out the window to spot the same night sky the black haired man had. The night sky above Zaphias was beautiful to her, not only that the mere act of looking up to the sky held very fond yet at the same time painful memories for her.

The young commandant noticing this lowered his blue eyes sympathetically, she was obviously thinking about the person which was snatched from them all those years back. The person's name was Yuri Lowell, somebody that Flynn considered to be a brother; he did so even to this day.

Yuri Lowell was a person who despite being cold had a heart of gold; he could never watch somebody suffer without getting himself involved, his belief in justice was something that inspired Flynn. It could be said that the reason Flynn was the commandant of the imperial knights was all down to Yuri's inspiration.

Nobody knew where Yuri was, to be honest deep within the mind of Flynn Scifo, the man named Yuri Lowell was dead, but he'd never tell the optimistic princess such a thing. Thus Flynn would meet up with her once a week and discuss any news, which was zero of course, there was no traces of Yuri Lowell, after all the incident was over eleven years ago.

As Estelle looked out the window she jumped excitedly. Flynn feeling curious turned to the window where he spotted a shooting star flying across the sky and knew what Estelle was excited about.

Estelle had once read up that if you make a wish on a star, the wish would come true and thus the visage of a shooting star was something that would cause Estelle to be excited. Upon seeing it's form she closed her eyes and wished, no prayed to the heavens to see Yuri Lowell again, even the sceptical Flynn did the same, even if his wish was rather half hearted.

Once done wishing Estelle turned to the blonde haired commandant who was keeping her company and clasped her hands together whilst smiling.

"Isn't it great Flynn? I'm sure our wish will come true" Estelle asked the man in an excited tone, and by how she phrased her sentence; it was obvious that she knew they wished for the same thing.

Flynn seeing that smile on Estelle's face smiled back as sudden warmth filled his chest. Even if he had no feelings for the woman, her smile could even make his heart skip a beat. Her optimism was something that Flynn admired, even if he saw it as mere naivety.

"Yeah, I'm sure we'll see him soon" he lied whilst smiling. How could he say anything else, when she had filled him with the smallest hope?

Estelle seemed happy at his reply and nodded, it hurt Flynn that she could be so naive, yet he wished he himself could be like her in that regard. "When we meet again I'll make sure we, you me and Yuri look up at that sky together, just like when we were young" Estelle told the young commandant.

Flynn shut his eyes for a moment and imagined the scene, if he could describe what he was feeling in his heart at this moment in time, it would be a mixture of pain and happiness. "I think I'd have to give him a big old smack in the face first, so he understands how stupid he's been in not returning" Flynn joked causing Estelle to pout.

"Now Flynn I don't want you two fighting, please?" Estelle asked the young commandant who let a out a small chuckle, causing the youthful princess to frown, well the closest she could come to making a frown.

"I was just joking Lady Estellise" Flynn informed the princess, making sure to speak with respect towards her despite their familiarity, this caused Estelle to intensify her 'frown'.

"Estelle, call me Estelle, we're friends after all" Estelle insisted.

Flynn despite being reluctant to do so called her Estelle, making her smile once again. It was so simple to make her smile and he loved to make her smile, but he knew one thing that would make her smile for all eternity, it was Yuri Lowell.

The rest of their weekly meeting was spent discussing what they would do when they met Yuri again along with some other small conversations, one of which particularly bothered Flynn.

"So how are you and Sodia getting along?" the princess asked with avid curiosity.

"Just fine, I'd like if you stopped hyping up our relationship lady... I mean Estelle. As you know she is only my assistant, nothing more nothing less" Flynn informed the princess, though he did doubt his own words slightly.

"Aww but you two look so cute together" Estelle replied excitedly causing the blonde commandant to blush ever so slightly, luckily for Flynn Estelle didn't notice it.

"Please could we not speak about this Lady... Estelle. What if somebody overheard this conversation and took it the wrong way?" Flynn asked the young princess who seemed not to care too much, her excitement whenever relationships were involved prevented her from understanding Flynn's worries.

This teasing lasted a few minutes and eventually died down, the two resumed eating their meal together and before they knew it the time was almost 1:00am. Estelle noticing the time decided that she should be off to bed, she seemed sad but a princess always needed her sleep.

"Lady- Estelle would you like me to escort you to your room?" Flynn asked his guest and his closest friend besides Yuri. However she politely declined, shaking her head before excusing herself.

Once the princess had left Flynn looked out the window himself and stared grimly at the sky. "Are you watching this Yuri?" he asked before neatly arranging the plates for the cleaners.

Meanwhile –

The two men walked single filed as the ascended the giant steps which led to the royal quarter. When they reached half way they began avoiding any form of light, preferring to stay in the shadows due to the high security in the royal quarter.

Yet avoiding the light was a difficult task for the two, the royal quarter lived up to its name and was elegant beyond compare, the people were rotten to the core, but the architecture was beautiful. This obviously meant that the royal quarter was well equipped in regards to lighting, leading up every street was street lamps powered by blastia, these were on both sides of the road.

However black haired man wasn't called the dark enforcer for nothing, his epithet had many meanings. Dark was a reference to both his mercilessness and his ambiguity, he had never been seen once thus the knights had no lead. Enforcer as it sounded was in regards to how he enforced his justice on others, in other words the death penalty.

The two weaved in the darkness, using their dark clothing a slow, silent movements to attract no attention, which is quite a feat since the royal quarter is guarded by knights throughout the day and night, there is no exception.

Their movements were so fast that it didn't take long for them to reach the castles outer gates; they both knew this is when matters became a little tricky. There was no way to enter the castle through the main entrances, even for these two it would be impossible to sneak past the guards as they stood directly in front of the door, unwaveringly.

So instead of taking the direct option they waited it out, the man who informed the dark enforcer of his mission had already done extensive research on the castle and knew the knights changed their shift once an hour, the time was currently 00:59am meaning they had timed their actions perfectly.

They knew the opening would be mere seconds, but the two had absolute confidence in themselves that they could achieve it. The clock struck 1:00am and the two knights as if controlled by something turned around and opened the doors to the castle, at that moment the dark enforcer and his 'partner' darted forward to the stairs and jumped to the left, in doing so they managed to get around the gates and into the far end of the castles gardens.

The two stood still for a moment and waited for the guards to assume their posts, in doing so they could easily stick close to the wall and sneak around, this would be completely out of their line of vision and thus easy to accomplish for the two.

They waited and once ready they silently crept around the corner. The next line of action was to find the window which led to the kitchen. The dark enforcer's partner didn't know this but he had great extensive knowledge of the castles layout.

As the two walked carefully through the gardens they silently noted how unguarded they were, the dark enforcer felt a twinge of sympathy for his victim whoever it may be, because if only there was guards in the garden, maybe they wouldn't have to die tonight.

As the continued to walk the dark enforcer found what he was looking for, the kitchens window, he knew that of all places it would be empty, so in one quick movement the dark enforcer opened the window by merely slicing the lock with his sword, then pulling the window up and climbing in, his partner followed suit.

They were now in the castle's kitchen, the dark enforcer knew exactly what to do next, he moved forward and found himself in the dining area. At first he suspected nothing but it became all too aware that this room served a different purpose than when he came here as a child.

Without hesitation the man ran to the left hand side of the door and waited, signalling for his partner to do the same. The time was now 1:04am, and if the dark enforcer was right, this dining area was for knights, meals were on the table and thus he knew he'd gotten lucky about the kitchen being empty.

He and his partner waited and all of a sudden the two knights who were previously patrolling the door entered the dark room, the door swung out so wide that the two assassins were hidden behind it, the dark enforcer lifted a hand to his partner signalling him to wait and once the door closed again he put his thumb up.

The two attacked quickly, yet despite being assassins they didn't kill the knights, it would make too much noise so instead they struck the knights powerfully from behind, knocking the pair unconscious.

The dark enforcer and his partner momentarily considered stealing the uniforms as disguises but quickly shrugged off the idea, neither had any experience at imitating knights, they would obviously be found out due to making unnatural movements and gestures, so they decided to do things their own way.

Wasting no time the dark enforcer opened the door slightly and spied the hallway where he spotted nobody. So without delay he slipped into the hallway and stayed close to the walls, continuously looking behind him quickly whilst using large vertical pillars as cover, you could never be too safe in this line job.

The two, the dark enforcer and his partner, quickly progressed forward without making a single sound. This act was completely unheard of; nobody had ever gotten so far within Zaphias Castle without being caught.

The two reached a staircase and slowly ascended, making sure to keep low so any potential guards at the top wouldn't see, this was the correct move since halfway up the stairs they heard a disturbance. In response they remained silent and watched from the stairs as a knight walked back and forth.

The dark enforcer deciding to be bold continued up the stairs and waited for the perfect moment and dashed, he made no noise and thus the patrolling knight got an early bed time. His partner just sat back and watched, despite how the operation was going, this man was as good as the dark enforcer in all aspects of this job, both combat wise and in infiltration.

The two quickly found an exit to the left and walked through, this exit was like a small arch, and thus it supplied ample shade allowing the two to walk through undetected. It didn't take long until they were on the other side where they spotted at least five knights patrolling the area.

"It'll be impossible to get down the hallway undetected" the two murmured in unison, but the dark enforcer had other plans.

As he'd been here before he knew another way which was considered a short cut, first of all they would have to get around quarter of the way down the hallway undetected which was simple for the two, once accomplished they moved to the right and into a room.

These rooms were interconnected, meaning it was like one large short cut, free from the knights' vision. The two walked all the way to the end of the room ignoring the lush fabrics and the diamond chandeliers where they reached a door, if the dark enforcer had remembered correctly this would lead them into the same hallway right at the end, and since the knights were in the centre they could easily get through without being noticed.

Using the same observation technique as before the dark enforcer opened the door ever so slightly and timed his movements perfectly and exited the room, this lead to a balcony which was above a small fountain.

The dark enforcer guessed that it was probably 1:15am by now, infiltrating the castle was still hard work, usually he would be done by now. Not giving the time a second thought he sprinted across the balcony which wasn't guarded at all.

The two entered a big hallway, the numbers of the door were in the 20's and thus the dark enforcer knew he'd reached his destination; he slowly walked and noticed that the hallway had no guards, he took the situation as strange but ignored it.

21, 22 and finally 23, the dark enforcer found his target and turned to his partner giving him a quick glare that told him 'wait out here until I'm done' and despite how much his partner wanted to disobey he opted not to.

The dark enforcer put his ear up to the door and heard the sound of light breathing, the occupant was obviously sleeping. So without hesitation he slowly turned the knob and walked into the room.

The room was decorated elegantly much like the rest of the castle but unlike the other room he'd been in this room felt more alive, probably because the occupant lived here full time. The walls were dark from the lack of light but he could tell the colour was pink and white.

The dark enforcer decided not to mull over unnecessary details and walked forwards towards the bed of his next victim, slowly unsheathing his sword, the second star. As he crept closer and closer the sleeping targets image came into view, not before a small alarm clock with the time 1:35am on it, shocking the dark enforcer who thought he was being much faster than he was.

Going back to the operation he walked forward and reached the targets beside, unfortunately it was covered by some sort of curtain so he slowly pulled it away where the image of a sleeping beauty awaited him.

Breathtaking, beautiful and adorable were all words that flashed through the assassins mind when he saw the half hidden face of his target as he got ready to mercilessly kill her, but before he got the chance something unexpected occurred.

Her eyes opened.

And right there the dark enforcer saw green orbs, his heart fluttered for a mere moment and his body felt seemingly weak, this couldn't be.

"Es-telle" the dark enforcer whispered in disbelief.

Whilst at the same time.

"Yuri?" she asked hopefully.

(End of Chapter)

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