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6 months since I've seen any of them outside work. 6 months, 2 weeks and 4 days to be precise and not one of them has questioned it. Curtis was right, I realise that now, he has been right all along, I can't believe it's taken me this long to accept it.

8 months he's been telling me that they don't really care, time and time again I've told him he's wrong but he's been proved right every time, this time though, this time I was sure that they would insist, that Gibbs at least would demand answers but Curtis is right, none of them care, I bet none of them even notice that I'm not there.

I need to be sure, I need to know.

Abby waited an agonising hour before walking to the bar the team were meeting in. She hesitated at the door before pushing inside, the place was crowded but it didn't take her long to spot Gibbs. As usual he was sitting in the midst of the group but not partaking in any of the animated conversations flowing around him.

They don't need me around, they don't want me around, Curtis was right, the invitations were just them being polite.

Abby couldn't breath, the walls were closing in, she needed to get air; she needed to get out. In a panic she fought her way onto the street, leaning against a wall she took several deep breaths before walking off in the direction of her apartment.

I can't believe I was so wrong about Gibbs, I feel like an idiot, I actually thought he loved me.

Abby walked and walked, she needed the motion to stop the grief overwhelming her. As she walked the same thoughts kept rotating round and round.

I've lost Gibbs.

He was never yours to lose.

When she reached her apartment, Curtis was waiting for her, he saw in an instant what had happened, he caught her as she stumbled in and held her tightly as she cried against him.

"You were right, you've always been right, I'm so sorry I doubted you, I just wanted so much for it to be not true, for them to care, I wanted so much for them…for Gibbs to love me"

"Shhh, it's ok, you've got me, I love you and I'm not going anywhere"

Curtis restrained his feeling of jubilation, finally Abby was his, 100% his.