Okay this is slightly OC as Harry gets to read his letter first time


It was a week before my birthday I had finished making the breakfast for my aunt and uncle and my cousin as they entered the room, I quickly plated up three of everything onto three plates and then plated one of each for myself and quickly placed the plates down on the table keeping my own on the counter then quickly poured out tea, coffee and juice for the three and got a glass of water for myself

Harry had just finished his small breakfast and was drinking his water when the post arrived and his uncle Vernon snapped at him ''get the post boy'' Harry sighed and went and got the post as he looked through it he noticed he had a letter and got curious about it as it was addressed to his cupboard I sighed and just ignored it and handed the mail to his uncle keeping his letter in his hand, his aunt, uncle and cousin were to busy to know what he was doing so he quickly opened the letter and read it into himself;

'Dear Mr Potter

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and Wizardry, please find enclosed a copy of you books list that you can purchase at Diagon Alley, someone from the school will be around at the end of the month to help you if you should accept the offer, more will be explained, if you wish to attend use the quill in the envelope to sign your name at the bottom of this letter

Kind Regards Albus Dumbledore (Headmaster of Hogwarts).'

I quickly looked for the quill and found it and scribbled at the bottom 'H.J Potter' just as I finished that my uncle looked up and said ''what have you got there boy'' I looked at him and said ''a school offer asking me to study in there school'' I then looked down at the letter and said ''erm its called Hogwarts'' I just saw my uncle's face go white and then heard him snap ''well your not going there, your going to stonewell high those kind of schools cost to much'' Harry sighed and went up to his room he didn't bother telling his uncle he had already signed the paper to go, as he sat in his room he looked at the school list it had on it;

'1 pewter sized cauldron

A set of potion ingredients

Protective gloves

A List of books for classes

5 sets of school robes

2 sets of plain black robes

1 wand

And you may bring either a cat, owl or a toad'

I looked at the list and just hoped there was a way for me to get these things without money I would have to see whoever came from the school next week.

The week passed very quickly with nothing big Hogwarts wasn't mentioned again after that day and I was still making the breakfast, I was secretly looking forward to today not because it was my birthday that was no big day for me now but it was because someone from Hogwarts was coming to get him to get his things from school. At around 3pm the front door went Vernon went to get the door and Harry stood at the stairs as the door opened there was a big guy who looked as if he was atleast around 10ft (not sure what height Hagrid is :P) and then he spoke to Vernon saying ''Hello Mr Dursley I am here to pick up Harry Potter to take him to get his stuff for Hogwarts'' Vernon's face went red and he said to the man ''one moment please'' he then shut the door and dragged me from my place on the stairs and started to hit me


After Mr Dursley shut the door I stood there, Dumbledore had told me not to leave without the boy since the boy had signed the confirmation just then I started to hear a boy scream and Mr Durlsey shout at him while obviously hitting the boy ''I TOLD YOU BOY YOU WERENT GOING TO THAT SCHOOL, THAT SCHOOL IS FOR A BUNCH OF FREAKS YOU ARE GOING TO STONEWELL HIGHAND BE GLAD OF IT'' I then heard whimpers and a mubbled ''b. I w…wwwant t….tto g….gggo t….ttttto h…hhhog…w…wwwarts'' I then heard the unlocking of locks and then heard Venon shout to the boy who by now I guessed was Harry ''Get in your cupboard and stay there until I let you out'' I then heard the locking of the locks again and loud banging on the door probably of Harry banging to get out and then one louder bang followed by his uncle saying ''prepare yourself for no meals for the next two weeks'' he then opened the door again to me and said ''I am sorry sir but there is no Harry Potter here at this house'' at this I got angry I had already made a mental note to tell Dumbledore about this and then I pointed my pink umbella to him and said ''I am not leaving until I pick up Harry, I am on strict orders not to leave here without him'' at this I shot a spell to the cupboard under the stairs it was the only place I could see locks and the locks started to unlock and the door opened and there kneeled on the floor in the cupboard sat Harry I then said ''come ere Arry time to get your things for Hogwarts'' The boy stood up coming out of the cupboard that was when I saw the bedding in there that must have been where the boy slept I was going to contact Dumbledore straight away when I could he would handle this, just then Vernon said to me ''The boy has no money and we are not paying his fee's for him'' I laughed and said ''your money would be no use anyway, Muggle money dose nothing for our world'' Just then I grabbed Harry's hand and we walked out the house and then I said ''Oh Happy Birthday Harry'' as I said this I handed him a muffin and said ''there you go a small cake you wont have to share'' Harry took it gladly and started eating it.


I started to eat the muffin the man gave me and then said to him ''what is your name by the way?'' he then said back ''Rubius Hagrid keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts'' I looked at him and said ''I know I agreed to come to the school but what exactly is Hogwarts and why wont my Uncle's money be of use?'' he looked at me again and said ''well in the wizarding world, the one we are about to enter we use three different types of coins they are Galleons, Sickles and Knuts and Hogwarts is where you will learn to train your magic, yes Harry you are a wizard, your parents were the same you see there is three blood status' in this world they are pure-blood and consist those who were born from a total magic background, then there is Half-blood to those who are born to one magical and one non-magical parent and then there is Muggle-Born they have no wizarding history or at least not for a good while, well your parents, your father was a pure-blood and was a joker, your mother was Muggle-born and very bright for her age, she and your father was head boy and girl in there seventh year at Hogwarts'' I smiled at this and Hagrid pulled him into a small bar and said ''Harry this is the Leaky Cauldron this is how we will get to Diagon Alley.''

Once in the pub they stopped for a drink Hagrid said ''Harry I wont be a minute I just need to send a letter off to Dumbledore and then speak to Tom the bartender I wont be long'' Hagrid wasn't long he took all about 10 minutes then came back and said ''well if your finished your drink we will head to Gringotts to get your money before getting your school supplies'' Harry nodded and they headed to the back and Hagrid tapped a few bricks on the wall they faced and it melted back and Hagrid said ''welcome Harry to Diagon Alley'' he then quickly walked down past all the shops to a big building Harry looked at it as Hagrid lead him to a counter and then said ''Mr Harry Potter would like to make a withdrawal please'' the creature Hagrid now noticed as a Goblin looked down and said ''and dose Mr Harry Potter have his key?'' Hagrid then fumbled in his pockets and said ''Here'' he then showed the goblin a tiny key and the goblin nodded summoning another goblin to take them to the vault, just before they left Hagrid handed something else over and said ''Dumbledore said to give you this concerning the you know what in vault you know which'' the goblin nodded and then quickly showed the other goblin what they were talking about.


Harry and Hagrid exited Gringotts with Harry now having his pockets full of gold, silver and bronze coins and then Hasgrid said ''right Harry we shall get your school robes first, followed by your potion kit, then your protective gloves then we shall get some lunch then after that we will get your books and wand'' Harry nodded and they headed for a small shop to get his school robes as Harry was getting fitted a small boy with blonde hair stood beside him and was making a fuss to the women fitting him saying ''watch where you put those pins'' he then noticed Harry and said ''Hey first year at Hogwarts as well?'' Harry nodded and said ''yeah'' the boy smiled and said ''I am Draco Malfoy, Pureblood, Heir to the Malfoy fortunes, and you are?'' Harry looked at him and said ''erm Harry Potter, Half-blood and was brought up with my stinking aunt and uncle with their son'' Draco looked at him and said ''really your Harry Potter cool is your aunt and uncle from the wizarding world or muggle world'' Harry looked at him and said ''muggle?'' Draco sighed and said ''they must be from the muggle world, muggle is the word we use for 'non-magical' do you know much about Hogwarts?'' Harry shock his head and said ''no but I am glad I am going a whole 9 months without being shoved in a cu…..'' Harry suddenly stopped not wanting to admit what happened at the Dursleys and quickly changed his words to ''I mean shoved around by them'' Draco eyed him but before he could say another word both boys were finished and giving a pile of robes their size.


The rest of the day went as planned they had lunch and got everything needed they just had one last thing to get and that was Harry's wand I also wanted to get him a birthday present so I headed to get him an owl while he got his wand I was looking at a snowy white owl when a barn owl came towards me I read the letter it said;

'Hagrid, thanks for saying your concerns about Harry, if you could watch him at the leaky cauldron until he is going on the train that would help. Until he comes to Hogwarts I will have a meeting with the professors we will sort out a magical guardian for the boy and maybe process the full way of adoption, there is no way I am allowing them to take that boy back under their roof after what you told me happens.

Albus Dumbledore'

I smiled and pocketed the letter and quickly bought the owl I then hurried to Tom at the leaky cauldron and told him that I wanted a room for both me and Harry for the duration of the summer he nodded and then I quickly made my way to ollivanders and got Harry I showed him the owl and said ''Happy Birthday Harry, oh and we are going to be staying at the leaky cauldron for the month we will go out tomorrow back to Madame Malkin's for some everyday robes to get you past the month and after we dropped your school stuff off we will go get you some new muggle clothes though I will have to get some money converted to muggle money but you will need them'' Harry nodded as they headed to their room and put the stuff on a desk and then headed out back to gringotts and I exchanged a bundle of Galleons for muggle money in all I had managed to get a hundred pounds.

We got back to our room late that night and I ordered some dinner for the both of us and started to eat when Harry said ''Hagrid what well happened to my Parents?'' I explained slowly everything that happened I took my time mentioning 'Voldermort' Harry shivered and then at midnight headed to bed I told him we were going to explore London and he could spend the summer in the alley for the rest of the summer.


I climbed into bed thinking about Voldermort I shivered at the thought that the man was after me and I was famous here, of course I knew that from the moment I stepped into the leaky cauldron.

The rest of the summer passed I had received some everyday robes that I wore in the alley and I had a bundle of muggle clothes which I wore underneath as well as pyjamas, I tossed the stuff I arrived with and was looking forward to going to Hogwarts I even started reading ALL my school books for a small part each day.