Enigma's Love

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AUTHOR'S NOTES:  This is my first attempt at this category.  I have been highly inspired by recently reading the first three books of the series and have safely established that Remus Lupin is my favorite character.  I hope I don't get burned at the stake here.  Your reviews tell me if I continue the tale or not.  Special thanks to enigma 58s, cageruler9697,frostibella, and Tami for their help with some chapters, providing me with inspiration and bounce off points when I needed it.

Life was seemingly perfect for those at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  From the outside, one would see the happiness that radiated from those who were known as the Marauders, Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs, and the girls who were usually found around this pack, Lily Evans and Domenica Knight, who everyone always called Dory.  Throughout the entire span of their education, these six were always found around each other, spawning relationships that were more than friendships.

            Dory was the enigma of the group, which leaves little to wonder why she had bonded to Remus Lupin.  She had known him since their first year and grew incredibly close to him extremely fast.  By the time the fifth year came around, a love had formed between them.  They trusted each other.  Remus admitted freely his secret to her, knowing that she would understand him.  When his friends had found out about his lycanthropy, he was so afraid that they would reject him because of it.  Dory was no stranger to such curses and would never even think of abandoning someone for such an infliction.  During their fourth year, just after the full moon, Remus decided to tell the girl he was falling in love with what he really was. 

            Dory had come down to the hospital wing to see Remus, at his request.  She walked silently into the ward and knocked on his door to his private room.  When she received no answer, she opened the door and found him sound asleep in his bed.  She could not believe that such a sweet, gentle, 14-year-old boy could have to suffer so much.  She sat down beside his bed and gently stroked his hair that was soaked from sweat, showing him that someone did love him.  Remus slowly awoke under her gentle touch, smiling weakly at the beautiful brunette that sat beside him.  Tears glistened in his eyes as he told her the horrid truth about himself, fearing her reaction.  Dory embraced him tightly, showing him love and warmth, letting him bask in the love she showed him.

            Since his admission, Remus and Dory were nearly inseparable.  They always could be found together, holding hands, cuddling, and supporting one another.  Dory was with him every month when he had to suffer the wolf.  She would walk down to the Shrieking Shack with him and Madame Pomfrey, giving him any last moments of comfort she could before he tried to get her out of the path of danger.  Dory was stubborn though.  After Madame Pomfrey had left them, and even before James, Sirius, and Peter had found a way to keep their friend company, Dory would place a soft kiss on his lips once they were alone and place a protection spell on herself.  Her family was familiar with lycanthropy, much to the dismay of many.  Even as a small child, she had been taught to use this spell when she came in contact with a werewolf on the full moon.  As she whispered the words, a violet light swirled around her and changed her black school robes to sheer violet ones that went over her satin gown.  In this manner, Dory could keep Remus company without fear of injury.  It hurt her so to watch the boy she loved go through such horrors but she would not leave him.  She sang to him softly to try to keep him calm throughout the night and when the sun rose, Dory was the one who wrapped the naked and shivering Remus in warm blankets and held him until Madame Pomfrey came to take him to his room in the hospital wing.

            This was a constant routine every month.  In the fifth year, Dory was joined by Padfoot, Prongs, and Wormtail in animagus form.  She knew they wanted to help but she was still protective of Remus, always making sure he was safe.  To Dory and Remus, despite how much they cared about their friends and liked being around them, they never really had time alone without Sirius or James busting Remus or planning another prank.  This all changed though in December of their seventh year.

Everyone had left for the holidays unfortunately on the night of the full moon.  Remus and Dory were the only some of the few people left at Hogwarts. They were the only two Gryffindors among one Hufflepuff, two Ravenclaws, and two Slytherins.  While everyone was leaving, Dory sat with Remus to keep him company.  He was already feeling the effects of the forthcoming moon and really couldn't get out of bed to say good-bye to everyone.  When Sirius, James, and Lily came back upstairs specifically to see Remus before they left, it made him both happy and sad at the same time.  Dory helped him to sit up so he could see his friends better and wish them all a happy vacation, holding back the emotions that threatened to burst from him.  Once he was alone with Dory again, Remus broke down in tears.  Dory pulled him into her so she could hug him and try to comfort him.  An exhausted Remus leaned his head against her shoulder, crying out to the girl he loved.  She pulled him closer to her and held him to try to calm him down.  His sobs racked his entire body.  All Dory could do was hold him and soothe him back to sleep, comforting him as the fever raged through his body and he coughed roughly in his sleep.

            For hours they sat like that, Remus sleeping in Dory's arms.  She stroked his hair reflexively as she wrapped the blankets around his shivering form.  Dory saw the sun sinking lower in the sky and she was just waiting for Madame Pomfrey to come and get him to take him to the Shrieking Shack.  Almost on cue, she knocked softly on the door and walked in, telling Dory it was time gently.  Dory knew this all too well as she gently roused Remus.  He slowly opened his eyes and immediately noticed Madame Pomfrey standing at the foot of his bed.  Dory got off of his bed first and then she and Madame Pomfrey eased Remus out and walked him down.  The walk down the tunnel was excruciating for Remus but he knew he had to.  Once inside the Shack, Madame Pomfrey knew Dory wasn't going to leave him.  She nodded to her and took her leave.  Remus crawled on to the broken down bed, which had been repaired one too many times, as violent coughs and shivering tormented him.  It was a freezing December night and Dory hated to undress him but if she didn't, all his clothes would be shredded in his transformation.  He sat up weakly and leaned against her while she took off his robe, pajamas, and underclothing.  The shivering got worse as he lay back down.

            "I'm so sorry, sweetheart." Dory whispered to him as she covered him with a thick blanket and kissed his sweating forehead.  Remus shivered under the blanket but he still reached out to take Dory's hand.

            "I love you…" he whispered hoarsely as a wave of pain swept over him.

            "I love you too.  I will be right here for you, Remus.  It will only be a few hours." Dory whispered soothingly, trying to offer any comfort she could before it happened.

            Dory began to cast the protection spell as Remus began to transform.  She watched every horrid minute of it as she heard him scream in agony.  She watched her pale, skinny boyfriend transform into a bloodthirsty monster before her eyes.  She watched the wolf possess him and send him into mental chaos and a self destructive path.  Once the wolf started pacing around the shack, Dory approached him and started to stroke his head as she sang sweetly to him.  Under Dory's gentle touch, the wolf settled on to the floor and fell asleep.

            Remus slept restlessly until the sun rose, but at least he was calm as the wolf.  When the sun was rising, Dory quickly stopped her spell so she could be right next to Remus when he changed back.  She watched as the wolf vanished from him and was replaced by a pale, skinny, feverish, naked seventeen–year-old boy.  He was still unconscious as Dory had to levitate him onto the bed and covered him with a blanket.  He began to wake up shortly after he was placed on the bed.  This was one of the parts Remus truly hated.  His head felt like someone had run him over, he was shivering and burning up at the same time, and his stomach wasn't going to stay calm much longer.  Just Dory sat on the bed next to him; Remus coughed harshly and turned his head so he wouldn't throw up on Dory.

            "I'm sorry." He whispered as he started to tear up.

            "It's okay, sweetheart." Dory said as she rubbed his back.  "It's not your fault that you're sick.  Now, how about we get you dressed before Madame Pomfrey gets here?"

            Remus nodded tiredly.  Dory knew he was just about to fall asleep so she had to work quickly.  She managed to find his clothes and put them back on him just as Madame Pomfrey was opening the trap door.  She asked Dory how he was, if there were any injuries.  She shook her head no and just told her that he had a headache and his stomach was upset, but nothing out of the ordinary, as they helped Remus up into the hospital wing.  They laid him down on his bed and covered him with several thick blankets as he fell fast asleep.  Dory pulled up a chair next to his bed so she could stay by his side and dry his tears from his nightmares.

            After a few hours, Remus awoke slightly and smiled when he saw Dory sitting with him.

            "Can you ask if I can go back to the dorms with you?  I can sleep better up there." He whispered tiredly.  Dory nodded and left to go hunt down Madame Pomfrey.  Within a few moments, she returned and placed a gentle kiss on Remus' lips to wake him.

            "She said yes, as long as you rest and eat something when you feel up to it." She told him gently.

            Remus was ecstatic despite his exhaustion.  He slowly got out of the bed and leaned on Dory to make it up back to the Gryffindor tower which they had to themselves.  They slowly walked through the door and up to the boys' dorm where Remus gratefully crawled into his bed.  Dory stretched out next to him and wrapped her arms around him in a warm hug, watching him sleep in her arms.  Around dinner time, Dory went down to the main hall to get some dinner for herself and Remus.  She crept back up into his bedroom and found Remus awake and waiting for her.  He was very hungry surprisingly and managed to eat all of the soup that Dory brought him.  Remus just loved that he was being taken care of by Dory.  They got to spend as much time together as they wanted, alone, even though he was sick.  After they finished dinner, Dory and Remus curled up under Remus' blanket with one of his books.  Remus began to get tired again after a little while and wanted to go back to sleep.  He snuggled deep within his blankets and began to drift off when he felt Dory move from the bed.  Remus sat upright, quickly and quite painfully, looking at her in fear.

            "Please, stay with me tonight." He pleaded with tears in his eyes.

            "I was going to, sweetheart.  I was just going to go back to my room so I could change." Dory responded soothingly as she kissed him on the lips and then exited his room.  Dory went across the staircase into her dorm to get changed for bed.  She grabbed an oversized t-shirt that she had "borrowed" from Remus and slipped it on and returned to Remus' room.  She quietly opened the door and peeked in to check if Remus was asleep yet.  She saw his pajama top slung over the foot of the bed and Remus lying on his side, waiting for her.  Dory walked in and shut the door behind her and headed over to Remus' bed.  She crawled under the blankets next to him and pulled the curtains closed around them.

            "Why did you take off your shirt?" she asked sweetly as she gave him a deep kiss.

            "I was hot." Remus replied simply as he returned the kiss.  "That looks like my shirt." He said with a smirk as he nuzzled closer to her.

            "And I think it looks better on me." Dory replied with a small laugh as she kissed him again.  This time her kiss was more passionate as she pressed herself against her love.

            Remus could feel her entire body through the thin shirt as she pressed against him, causing him to become aroused.  He wrapped his arms around her waist and began to lightly caress her leg, occasionally pushing up the shirt to touch her hip.  Dory could easily feel his arousal and she was encouraging it.  She wrapped her leg around his hip as she ran her hand over his chest and teasing him by slipping it beneath the waistband of his pajamas.  Remus took this as a very obvious sign and he moved his hand to caress her breast through the shirt.  Dory sat up, giving Remus the impression that he had done something wrong, but it was nothing of the sort.  She sat up so she could give him another deep kiss and remove the shirt she was wearing, bearing her body to him.  Remus' eyes went wide with desire and nervousness as she laid back down next to him.

            "I love you and I want to make love with you." She whispered as she pressed herself against him once more.  Remus gave into her completely as he kissed her again while caressing her now bared breasts.  As Remus touched her, Dory slipped her hand down his side to his waist and pushed down his pajamas and underwear.  He was a little embarrassed at first but forgot that sensation as passion took over and he kicked off his clothes.  He was now very aroused but he did not want his first time and hers to go so fast.  Remus gently started to caress Dory between her legs, through her panties.  Such sensations coursed through her body, she moved his other hand to her waist as a signal for him to remove the last barrier between them.  Remus shifted himself so he could kiss her breasts as he slipped her underclothing off.  Once they were both totally unclothed, he continued his caresses of her most sensitive area while she started the same on him.  As she touched him, it was becoming harder to hold back.  Remus gently nudged Dory on to her back and repositioned himself between her legs and entered her ever so gently so he didn't hurt her.  Dory gasped slightly but relished every second that they felt that they were not only connected physically but mentally as well.  Remus started to slowly move inside Dory.  He began thrusting against her, slowly but deeply, matching her movements against him.  As they moved as one, they felt the true love that existed between them.  Remus' slow but deep thrusts against Dory were pleasurable torture.  The feel of his skin, his warmth, the sensation of his heart next to hers, was an indescribable feeling.  Their passion peaked and Remus felt himself explode inside Dory as she embraced him with the force of her ecstasy, screaming out in exhaustive passion.  They relaxed in each other's embrace.  Dory guided Remus down to lie on her chest.  Remus relaxed in her embrace as he placed her head against her, listening to the sound of her heart.  He reached up to kiss her again.  Dory nuzzled her cheek against Remus' soft hair, whispering to him that she loved him.  Remus laid back down against her chest as he was drifting off into sleep, now thoroughly exhausted.  Remus and Dory snuggled up against each other and fell asleep in the comfort of love's embrace.

The next morning, Dory was awakened by the soft sunlight creeping through the curtains.  She gazed down at Remus, who was still sound asleep in her arms.  She knew he would probably sleep all day because he would be exhausted from his transformation the day before and then last night.  She gently rubbed his back as he coughed slightly in his sleep.  Part of her wanted to just spend the day like this but part of her also knew she had to get up.  She didn't want to wake Remus though when she got out of bed.  She felt him stir slightly when she shifted positions among the pillows.  Remus looked up at her sleepily as he gave her a good morning kiss.

"I'm gonna let you sleep as much as you want today." Dory whispered as she stroked his hair.  "I am just going to get something to eat and get dressed and then I'll be back."  Remus nodded sleepily as he moved onto the pillows and fell back to sleep.

Dory spent the rest of the day keeping herself occupied while he slept, staying in his room though just in case he needed anything.  Remus awoke sometime in the evening but was still quite tired but he felt much better.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing and ended again with them falling asleep next to each other. 

Vacation ended and everyone returned to Hogwarts and everything went back to the usual routine for the following months.  Pranks by the Marauders, the monthly transformation, classes, assignments that were dreaded…nothing that was out of the ordinary until May when trouble struck again.

Dory was particularly worried that month.  She had seen that a lunar eclipse was predicted and she knew that it would affect Remus hard.  Even early in the morning, Remus was already feeling the affects.  When Dory did not see him at breakfast she became worried.  She crept back up to the dorms between classes and found Remus lying in bed, sweating, racked with fever, and looking disoriented.  The only response he gave was when Dory sat next to his bed as tenderly stroked his hair.

"I'll be okay." Remus whispered.  "I'll stay here until I have to go down.  Don't worry about me please." He begged her.  Dory reluctantly conceded to him.  She knew he was only going to sleep through the day and he would not want her missing all her classes when he needed her to get the work for him.  Dory gave Remus a soft kiss on the lips and told him to have her called if he needed anything.  He tiredly agreed and drifted back to sleep as she left.

Over the next few hours, Dory was doing anything to keep her mind occupied.  After all her classes, she set herself up in the Great Hall to practice some of her spells to distract her mind, levitation, simple transfiguration…just playing around.  James and Sirius had come once or twice, giving her an update on Remus' condition, being particularly proud of themselves on how they could help him.  It alleviated her nerves a bit that Prongs and Padfoot were there for him as well. 

As the sky grew pink in the windows of the Great Hall, Dory knew it was time.  She was just about to leave to go be with Remus when all hell broke loose.  Dory was gathering her things when Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape cornered her.  These two damned Slytherins were going to cause havoc if she couldn't get to Remus. 

"You are not going anywhere tonight, Knight." Malfoy dictated to her as he mumbled a partial paralyzation spell, making her arms and legs immobile.

"What in the name of Merlin do you think you're doing?!" she screamed as she struggled to move her limbs.

"Paying the Marauders back for all the pranks they play on us.  Have a pleasant evening, Knight." Snape chided as he and Malfoy left her stuck in the chair she was sitting in.  Now Dory was in deep trouble.  The sky was growing dark and the moon was rising.  Her heart was screaming out for Remus but she could not with her voice.  She struggled, trying every spell and charm she knew to reverse the spell.  Dory even plain old physical struggling and nothing worked. 

"Damn them." She cursed to herself.  "They put a timer on it."  Dory was now stuck until it wore off, helpless to do anything.

She watched the moon rise into her sights and she started to cast the spell, in the hopes that it would help her poor Remus in any way.  The shadow of the sun stared to move across the moon as she began.

"Bella luna della notte.  Io sogno mantenere il mio amore sicuro degli orrori.  Il lupo non ha controllo ma l'uomo.  Prende la mia forza, mio amore.  Usa me per la tua battaglia contro la luna.  Te amo.  La bella luna, sente la mia chiama." She whispered as she kept her eyes focused on the moon, over and over until she saw it starting to set.

When the moon began to set, the spell was released and Dory took off running.  She flew through the hallways up to the Gryffindor tower.  She had to get to Remus and she had to do it quickly.  She needed a broom.  Dory flew up the boys' dormitory stairs into the Marauders room, not caring if she woke them.  She ran over to James' bed and vigorously shook him awake.

"James!  I need your broom now!" she screamed when she saw the mere slits of his eyes opening.

James was quite alarmed at being woken up in the early morning hours by a frantic Dory.  Coherent speech was near impossible but he managed to rasp out a "Why?" and a "Not now."

Dory was beyond scared and she acted only on instinct.  She whipped out her wand and ripped James out of his bed and magically slammed him into the wall.  "Potter, if you value your life at all you will stop with these damned questions and let me use your broom, NOW!"

James was dumbfounded and nodded silently and pointed to where he kept it.  Dory thanked him and swiftly grabbed his broom and went to the locked window.

"Alohamora!" Dory casted.  She heard the latch move and she shoved the window open with her foot, hopped on the broom and flew out.

Sirius had awoken during all the commotion and he found James sitting on the floor with a dazed look on his face.  "What the hell happened?" he asked.

"Dory…broom…moon…Remus…" James said rather incoherently as he stood up and looked out the window she just flew out of.

"Prongs, you should know better to mess with a woman on a mission.  Lily would have done the same thing for you AND to you if she had to." Sirius said bluntly.  "I just hope Moony hasn't done anything stupid with out her there all night." He continued as he crawled back into bed and went back to sleep.

Dory flew fast over the ground, searching for any sign of Remus.  She wasn't sure if he had made it to the Shrieking Shack or if he was still alive.  The sky was beginning to grow pink with the rising sun.  Time was growing short and she had to find him.  "Sangus dimonstra." She whispered fearfully, to see if there was any blood, his blood, on the grounds.  Tears sprang to her eyes as she saw a trail of blood leading from the Forbidden Forest to the Willow.  He had made it at least to his sanctuary.  Dory put the broom in a fast dive towards the entrance to the Shack, only wanting to get Remus.

When she got within reach of the ground, Dory jumped off James' broom and stopped it just outside the tree.  She crept in the trapdoor, searching desperately for Remus.  She found him quickly with both relief and fear.  There he lay, on the floor of that decrepitated building, unconscious and in a pool of his own blood and vomit.  She ran to his side and cradled his head in her lap, stroking his hair gently as tears streamed down her face, whispering to him how much she loved him.  He was covered in bruises and gashes.  He looked worse than she had ever seen him before and she had seen some of the most horrid ones.  All she could do now was just be there for him.  After a few moments, Dory felt him stir under her gentle touch and heard him moan in agony.  He was alive.  Tears streamed down her face as she kissed him and wrapped her cloak around his frail body, keeping him warm until Madame Pomfrey came down to get him.

A few hours later, poor Remus was bandaged up and tucked into bed and sound asleep.  Dory sat by his side in the darkened room, not wanting to leave him alone for a second.  At least it was Saturday so she had the opportunity to do so.  Prongs, Padfoot, and Lily came sometime in the afternoon to visit him.  Dory heard them come in and crept out into the waiting area before they woke Remus.

"Can we see him?" Lily whispered.

Dory shook her head.  "He's sleeping.  He had it rough last night." She said sadly.

"I can only imagine after what happened at dawn." James added.

"I want to apologize about that, Prongs." Dory said sheepishly.  "It was just that Snape and Malfoy played a prank on me and I couldn't get to Remus.  They put a partial paralyzing spell on me with a timer and I had to wait for it to wear off.  I needed to get to him fast and I overreacted.  I am so sorry James."

"What happened?" Lily asked the group blindly.

"Dory came into our dorm before dawn this morning and asked to borrow Prongs' broom.  When he hesitated, she whipped out her wand and picked him out of his bed and slammed him into the wall.  He gave in and then she flew out the window.  Scared the hell out of Prongs and myself." Sirius explained.

"I think we may have to teach those damned Slytherins a lesson they won't forget." James suggested.  "All of us, I don't want to exclude Remus on this one."

Dory smiled at how much Remus' friends cared about him.  "I know he will want to once he is up and around, which I hope is soon for his sake.  I know he doesn't want to have to stay in here too long." She said as she looked back into Remus' room.  "I'll tell him you all were here when he wakes up." She said as she bid them good bye and went back into her boyfriend's room.

Two days later, all of them were sitting in the Gryffindor common room, planning their revenge on two certain Slytherins.  Dory and Remus were on the couch, him wrapped in a blanket and resting on her lap.  James and Lily had taken the other couch and Sirus and Peter occupied the chairs.  Over the course of the day, they had decided to attack at Saturday's quidditch match versus Slytherin and let the entire school witness this.

James and Sirius snuck out early into the Slytherin dorms to hunt down Snape and Malfoy.  Prongs and Padfoot snuck in with the help of the Invisibility Cloak, armed with a large burlap sack, big enough for both of them.  While they slept, they bagged them and sent the bag down to the quidditch field for Phase Two later on.

Just prior to the game starting, while every one was in the stands, including Lily, Remus, and Peter, Phase Two took place.  James, Dory, and Sirius opened the bag from high in the air over the field to reveal a pajama clad Snape and Malfoy, who were seething mad.

"Wait, you two," Sirius piped up before they could speak.  "There's more.  Hit it!" he called into the Gryffindor stands.  Then Remus, Lily and Peter stood up with their wands drawn.  A spell later, Snape and Malfoy were standing in the middle of the quidditch field in only their underwear.  Laughter filled the stands as shock and horror swept over their faces.

"You won't get away with this!" Snape cried as he tried to cover himself.

"We just did." Dory exclaimed proudly from up high on her broom from the field.  "A lesson, Snape – never mess with us.  We always get even in the end.  Next time I won't be so kind.  You will be completely bared next time." She said with a laugh.

The tale draws to a close here…or does it?