The Next Adventure


Darkness is threatening to rise again and with it a new Dark Lord, but they aren't ready to fight it. A plan was set into place; to stop it from ever rising in the first place. To do so Harry and Teddy must go back in time to the Harry's third year to find the boy with the strange tattoo on his arm. Harry, as a Professor and Teddy, as a student must find the boy who is currently gathering forces without getting involved with the whole Sirius Black issue.

Chapter 1:

"This is not good." The Minister stated, rubbing his hands on his tired face. He sighed as he looked down at the report.

"We aren't ready for this, Kingsley." Harry said as he sat up straighter in his seat. "It's been thirteen years since Voldemort, but we're still not ready for another war. Auror's are still running short. We've only just picked up our numbers and just finished the repairs. The people are ready for a break. I'm ready for a break."

"I know, Harry! It's not like I can go waltzing over to this Lord what's-his-face and tell him to wait a few more years, until we are ready. It's not the best time either, with elections for a new minister coming up soon." The Minister, Kingsley Shacklebolt, snapped at his Department Head. He looked at the one photo they had of this mysterious new threat. The photographer had only managed to catch the man's right arm. The new threatening Dark Lord wasn't wearing the traditional robes of the magic world. He was wearing some sort of a black short sleeve shirt with a hood that hid his face very well. The arm revealed the only clue to the man's identity. An odd black and blue tattoo. The design was so detailed, showing the lines and swirls perfectly. The lines were so close together, yet did not run into each other. It was a magical tattoo. The lines and swirls moving at a medium pace. "Have we found the artist of the tattoo, yet?"

Harry nodded his head. "Yes, a Markus Ballomont did the tattoo. But he couldn't remember face or name. He remembered doing the tattoo. He said it took too long to do so he only did it once. From what he recalls it was a young lad from Hogwarts sometime in the early 1990's. He said that the boy must have been between a second and fourth year student." He reached over to grab his report from the Minister's desk. He flipped through it. "He remembers the actual year he did it, but not the month or day." He paused and read something before nodding. He snapped the file shut. "Summer of 1993." He threw the file back on the desk. "That's the only clue we have to identifying him."

"A young kid getting a tattoo; you would have thought people remembered that." Kingsley said, offhandedly. Tiredly, he rubbed the bridge of his nose and leaned back in his chair. "How many have died so far?"

"How many families or how many individually?"


"Four families have been killed so far. Twelve individual people and the numbers are increasing. There are currently seven people missing." Harry said on the top of his head. No matter how many deaths he witness, it still pained him and he still remembered every single death, still felt responsible for every single one.

Kingsley shook his head sadly at the numbers. He sighed. "We'll have to think of something to do and fast. We have to get rid of the threat before it gets any bigger."

Harry James Potter tiredly closed the door behind him. He can hear his wife, Ginny, in the kitchen with their three children and his godson. The smell of leftover dinner made Harry's stomach growl, reminding him he hadn't eaten since breakfast.

"Uncle Harry!"

Harry looked up just in time to see his thirteen year old godson greet him with a smile on his face and blue hair. "Evening, Teddy." He greeted back, wrapping his godson into a hug. "What was for dinner? Anything good?"

Before Teddy can answer a shout interrupted them. "Dada!" Harry's three year old daughter ran to him with a big bright smile on her face. Her red hair flew behind her as she raced into his arms.

Harry gladly picked her up and kissed her cheek. "How's my favorite little daughter?" She giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Daddy!" "Daddy!" Two more shouts and two more bodies flew from the kitchen. They rammed into his legs, almost throwing him off balance.

Harry looked down at his two sons. Bright green eyes that matched his own stared up at him. "Daddy, we haven't seen in forever!" Albus stressed.

Harry nodded. "I know and I'm sorry, Al. Forgive me?"

Albus seriously thought about it before giving a huge smile and nodding. "I forgive you, Daddy."

"You didn't come home for lunch, Daddy and you missed dinner." James quickly said.

Ginny suddenly appeared with her arms folded. "I just managed to settle them down, dear."

Harry gave her a side grin and shrugged sheepishly. "Sorry, love." He said as he slightly bent over the heads of his two sons to give his wife a kiss.

"Ewww…gross." His sons gagged. Lily giggled and Teddy respectfully looked away.

Harry chuckled as he pushed his sons towards the kitchen. "Alright you two, off to the kitchen and finish cleaning up." Ginny followed her two sons to the kitchen. Teddy turned to go with them but Harry stopped him. "Wait a moment, Teddy. I need to talk to you alone for a second." Teddy gave his godfather a questioning look, but stayed where he was. Harry set his daughter back down. "Lily, run to Mommy."

Lily pouted. "Me want to say wif you."

Harry knelt in front of her. "I need you to go tell Mommy that I needed to have a quick private talk with Teddy. Tell her I'll be there to eat shortly. Will you do that for me?" Lily smiled and nodded, glad to be doing something for her daddy. Harry smiled. "Thank you, Lily." She raced off to the kitchen as Harry stood back up. He placed a hand on Teddy's shoulders and led him to his office.

"I'm not in trouble, am I?" Teddy asked as they walked up the stairs to the second floor.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Harry chuckled at Teddy's worried look. He shook his head. "No, you're not in trouble. Why? Is there a reason you should be?" Teddy shook his head…a little too quickly for Harry's taste, but he had no time to find out what it was. "I need to talk to you about a…mission that was brought up in passing. The details have yet to be said and Ginny would murder me when she finds out I volunteered you, but this is important and you would benefit from it."

"What is it?" He asked as Harry opened his office door and led him in. Teddy sat on one the chairs by the desk and Harry, instead of sitting in his desk chair, sat in the chair next to Teddy. He turned his chair to face him.

"First, have you heard anything about the new threat?" He asked.

Teddy nodded. "Yeah, it's been in the Daily Prophet. Some new Dark Lord has been killing innocent people."

Harry nodded. "As you know, we had just finished rebuilding the wizarding world after the defeat of Voldemort. We aren't ready for another war." Teddy nodded. "I was with the Minister all day discussing a plan that would get rid of the threat without much death and without a war outbreak. Seeing how I didn't come home for a lunch break and just getting home now, you can see how well that went." He said sarcastically. "Minister Shacklebolt had offhandedly and sarcastically mentioned going back in time to stop him before he became a threat. I grasped onto the remark and realized just how good of an idea that is."

"So, you want me to go back in time to stop this new Dark Lord?" Teddy asked, not really believing that his godfather would let him do such a thing.

Harry quickly shook his head. "No, no. Merlin, no! I would be doing the stopping."

"Then what am I doing?" Teddy asked confused.

Harry inhaled heavily then exhaled. "The problem is we do not know who this Dark Lord is. We only have one clue and a time period to go to." He reached into his robes and pulled out a photo. He handed it to Teddy as he explained. "This is our only clue. The tattoo is one of a kind, making it easier for us. The artist of the tattoo said that it was a Hogwarts student between the age of twelve and fourteen."

Teddy nodded, as he studied the photo. "So you want me to find out who it is. Then what? Come back and tell you?"

Harry chuckled. "You thinkin' you're going by yourself? I'll be going with you, Teddy. I will not let you go by yourself and you'll need me."

"Oh. So, I'll find out how it is then you'll stop him? How? By killing him? Harry, I don't like that plan at all." Teddy said passionately, handing the photo back to his godfather.

Harry shook his head. "No. I cannot and will not kill a child." He said passionately. "We'll going to have to find out why the boy decided to go all dark and stop him that way. For example, it's to my belief that Tom Riddle went down the path he did because of his messed up childhood. If he had two loving parents, I highly doubt he would be so hateful towards muggles and muggleborns. See what I'm saying?"

Teddy nodded. "I see what you're saying, Harry, but what if he didn't become dark 'til later? Let's say, he has a loving home, everything he ever wanted. His parents are Auror's with a steady income. But then years later the Ministry sends them on a mission that gets them killed. He now blames the Ministry for their deaths and wants to strike back. Do we continue to travel through different periods of time to find the reason of him turning dark?"

Harry shook his head. "No, we will not do that. It would be too dangerous. That thought has crossed my mind, but I believe we'll just have to cross that bridge if we come to it."

Teddy nodded, accepting the answer with reluctance. He liked to be ready for anything. Not knowing a plan ahead of time bugged him a little. "But why me?"

Harry sighed as he leaned forward in his seat, his elbows rest on his knees. "Because I know you, Teddy. I trust you and you're thirteen which is in the kid's age range. You're a friendly person who can get along with almost everyone. That trait would be helpful. Plus, you should have a chance to get to meet your father."

Teddy automatically sat up in his seat, scotching to the very edge. "What?"

Harry nodded. "We'll be going to the year 1993, which is, ironically, when your father taught at Hogwarts. I'm going to apply for the Care of Magical Creatures position. That's why the sooner we leave the better." He continued to say, ignoring Teddy's shock face. "I want you to pack up now so you can quickly grab your stuff as soon as we find a way to travel through time that far. The Unspeakables, apparently, found a way to travel one year back in time, but now they need to work on getting us eighteen years back. Hopefully, it won't take too long. I need to get that teaching position before Albus Dumbledore gives it to Hagrid."

"I—I'm going to met my father?" Teddy finally managed to say, still shock at the thought of it.

Harry nodded with an understanding smile. "You'll meet your dad. Now, come on. Ginny would skin me alive if I don't get down to eat some of the leftover dinner." He said standing up.

Teddy stood up as well. "I'll do it, Harry."

Harry smiled. "I knew you would."

Telling Teddy was one thing. Telling Ginny was a different story. It was after dinner was all cleaned up and after they put the children to bed that Harry told his wife. Thank Merlin Harry remembered to put up silence wards before telling her or she would have wakened up the whole neighborhood with her yelling. She did managed to calm down and accept, but she still didn't look to happy about it. It was decided that they won't tell their children about it. They were much too young to understand, anyways. Harry informed Teddy to avoid the subject around the kids just before going to bed himself.

Teddy, being a newly teenager decided to stay up half the night. He was an insomniac anyways. Sleep was never an easy thing for him. The thought that he might be seeing his father and meeting him would have kept him up, even if he wasn't. He couldn't wait, but he was nervous. Would he be proud of him? Would he like him? It disappointed Teddy to realize that he wouldn't be able to meet his mother. At that time Harry hadn't even met her yet. He was just going to have to deal with meeting only his father. 'I know more about mum then dad.' He tried to reason with himself.

A week later was when Harry got the floo call to get to the Ministry with his godson. They were relaxing in the living room. James and Al were playing in James room and Lily had climbed onto Harry's lap for a short nap. Teddy was sitting next to Harry asking questions about the mission and Ginny was watching over the two boys. James might have been only six but he was turning out like his grandfather, a prankster. They were beginning to watch out for him.

"What are you going to do about your scar?" Teddy asked, realizing it would raise questions.

"Make-up, sadly. Magic doesn't hide curse scars to well, apparently. And speaking of hiding features, you should pick a color and stick with it. The less attention the better. That goes for your eyes too." Harry said, looking to Teddy's bright green hair and neon green eyes. Since Teddy had turned twelve he's been able to change his eye color and his hair at will, those were the only features so far. If he gets too emotional, though, it was beyond his control; the color usually depended on his mood.

"Speaking of which, what would our story be?" Teddy asked as he changed his eye color to their natural color of blue-ish amber. He kept his hair the same.

"We'll stick to the truth as much as possible. Your parents were murdered when you were only a month old. You'd lived with your grandmother until she was unable to care for you because of an illness. Then you moved in with me. I have a wife and three children. My wife's name is Jennifer, Jenny for short. Call Albus, Al. People would think its short for Albert or something similar. James would still be James. It's a popular enough name. Call Lily, Lillian. Having a James, Lily, and a Harry in the same family might be too suspicious."

"Do you really think you should mention your family? Wouldn't they expect you to receive owls from them? Which, if you haven't notice, you wouldn't be able to." Teddy pointed out.

Harry paused to think. "Good point. They live in far west America, much too far for an owl to travel."

"Why would you be in the United Kingdom if your family live in America?" One of the many reasons Harry loved talking to his godson. He was smart for his age and made Harry think, much like his father.

"Maybe at this point I'll lie and say my wife just divorced me. I came to Scotland to find a job. You're in my custody because you are my godson and not hers. She get's the kids, but I have them for holidays, a month in summer, and see them on their birthday."

"So, I'm guessing we won't stay at Hogwarts for Christmas then? Where would we go since Aunt Ginny isn't really living in America?"

"We'll stay at Hogwarts. This year Ginny's parents are coming over for Christmas. They don't see their grandchildren often. So, I allowed the children to stay with Ginny this Christmas only if she allows them to stay the whole summer with me."

Teddy thought before nodding. "This just might work."

It was this point that the floo opened up and Kingsley's face showed up. "Harry it's time." He said before disappearing.

Harry stood up with Lily still in his arms. "Get your stuff, Teddy. Say goodbye. We'll stop at your grandmothers and the Burrows before we go."

Teddy stood up and rushed out of the room. Harry went much slower, trying not to wake his daughter. Ginny met him halfway up the stairs.

"Let me take her. Do you know how long you'll be gone?"

Harry passed his daughter over to his wife. "I don't know how long we'll be gone in this time, but we would most likely stay until the end of the school year."

Ginny stared at him. "You know you can't change time. You're going to have to let Malfoy get 'hurt' by Buckbeak. You have to let Wormtail escape." She said gently.

Harry sighed sadly and nodded. "I know." He kissed her. "I'm going to say bye to the boys now."

Harry and Teddy stood next to each other nodding at the instructions given to them by the Unspeakable. He was really just warning them about the dangers of time travel and don't change anything you don't have too…blah, blah, blah…Harry had already had this talk with Hermione back in his third year! Then with his wife this morning and once again with Hermione when he went to the Burrows to say his goodbyes! Not to mention Mrs. Tonks had some words to say about it.

"Are you ready?" The Unspeakable finally asked. The two nodded and Harry quickly grabbed his godson's hand. The Unspeakable put a larger version of the time turner around both of their necks and messed with the dials before stepping back.

The wind picked up and blew wildly around them, forcing them to close their eyes. The feeling of flying overcame them and Teddy grasped tightly onto his godfather for support. As suddenly as the feeling came it went. The wind died down.

They were still in the Minister's office. Teddy let go of Harry as he looked around the room. "Did it work?" He asked, taking off the chain from around his neck.

Harry nodded as he pulled out his Invisibility Cloak. He looked around. "I may not have been here when Fudge was in office, but that's his picture on the desk right there. We are really lucky he wasn't in the office. Why didn't we think about that possibility?" He murmured more to himself then to his godson.

Teddy picked up the photo and grimaced. "That's him?" He asked looking at the portly little man, with rumpled grey hair. He was wearing a rather bizarre dress style: pinstriped suit, scarlet tie, long black travelling cloak, and lime green bowler hat. He was standing next to a man Teddy recognized as Lucius Malfoy.

"Come, Teddy. Under the Cloak."

Teddy placed the photo back down and rushed to Harry's side. "Now, what?" He asked once he was safely hidden inside the Cloak.

"Now we wait for someone to open the door."

They sat there for a few minutes before Teddy broke the silence. "Do you know what the date is?"

"If it's the same month and day when we left, which I think it is, then early June, but we may have gone back a week or two. We needed to make sure I get the job. Professor Dumbledore gave the job to Hagrid right after the previous CoMC retired. That would have been near the end of the term. Sirius hasn't escaped from Azkaban yet, for sure. This means Professor Dumbledore hasn't hired your father yet, either."

"When does he escape?" Teddy asked, not knowing the man personally, but he knew all about him from his godfather. It was like having an uncle die before you have a chance to meet him.

"Around my birthday…" Harry was going to say more but at that moment the door to the office opened. Minister Fudge and Lucius Malfoy entered. Knowing their one-on-one meeting had nothing to do with their mission, Harry and Teddy snuck out of the office before the door closed.

The first place they went was the men's washroom. Harry took out the make-up to hide his scar and took great care in covering it. After that was done, he took off his glasses and put in blue color contacts. The blue mixed in with his green eyes made his eyes look a bit unnatural, but there was nothing he can do about it. He had grown out his hair a little. It made it easier to manage; less messy. With a gray ribbon, he tied his hair into a low ponytail. He looked at himself in the mirror and didn't see much of Harry James Potter, the boy-who-lived. He had a scar going from his left eye to the middle of his cheek. He had gotten that at the last battle. The scar would help keep his identity hidden as well. No one would notice who he was if they didn't know already.

Teddy eyes were his naturally born eyes, his father's eyes. He wanted to change his hair color to their natural shade, but it made him look too much like his father. He, instead, changed it to dark brown, almost black.

Before leaving the men's room, Harry gave Teddy a few last words of caution. "We're going to straight to Hogwarts now. Remember don't look Albus Dumbledore in the eye, or Severus Snape. No one, and I mean no one, can know we're from the future. Remember our mission, Teddy. And don't try to change the future, no matter how much you want to."

"The same goes to you, Uncle Harry." Teddy warned with a bored look. He's been told this many, many, many times now.

Hogwarts looked no different. It had the same green grass, the same sparkling lake, the same creepy forest, and the same large towers. Confidently, Harry entered with his godson following behind him.

"Harry. Uncle Harry!" Teddy called out, rushing up to his godfather. He pulled his arm.

Harry stopped and looked down. "What, Teddy?"

Teddy rolled his eyes. "You can't go marching up to the Headmasters office when you don't know where it is!" He stressed, remembering the stories about Professor Dumbledore and how he seemed to know everything that went on at Hogwarts.

Harry chuckled dryly, realizing he almost made a mistake. Dumbledore for sure would have questioned how he knew the way to his office when he never been there before. "Nice save, Teddy. I would have gotten us lost for sure." He looked around, wondering what to do now. "Well, I guess we'll just have to wait until someone realizes we're here. Hope it won't take too long." He knew it won't. Dumbledore would have been notified they were there the moment they stepped onto the grounds. It was only a matter of time before one of the professor, most likely Professor McGonagall, would come to help them.

Just as this thought passed him, Professor McGonagall appeared. "May I help you?"

Harry stepped forward with a kind smile, acting like he never met her. He held a hand out to her. "Good afternoon, Professor. My name is Harry Harrison and this is my godson, Theodore Moon." He introduced, shaking her hand in greeting. "I'm here to apply for the Care of Magical Creatures position and to enroll Teddy into Hogwarts."

Being introduced to McGonagall was one thing. Being introduced to Albus Dumbledore was a completely different thing. He knew McGonagall, he only heard about Dumbledore. Teddy stared at the old man in wide-eyed wonder. He was just as they said; grandfatherly, loony, with sparkle in his eyes.

"Please, Mr. Harrison, sit. You too, Mr. Moon."

Harry sat down in front of the desk and Teddy nervously followed his example, sitting as close to his godfather as possible.

"Thank you for seeing us on short notice, Headmaster." Harry said.

The old man smiled and shook his head. "It's alright, Mr. Harrison. I had just finished my bubble bath and haven't started anything else."

Harry chuckled, but Teddy raised an eyebrow in question. This man really was loony.

The Headmaster reached into his desk and pulled out a tin can of lemon drops. He held it out to them. "Lemon drops before we begin?"

Harry chuckled again, though Teddy did not see the humor in it. He shook his head. "No thank you, Headmaster. They are much too sweet for me, but I'm sure my godson wouldn't mind one." Harry looked down at him. "You may have one, Teddy." He gave his permission. Teddy glanced at the smiling old man, nervously, before taking one of the yellow sweets. He placed it in his mouth and let the candy calm his nerves.

The Headmaster popped one in his mouth as well before getting back to the business at hand. "First order of business, enrolling you into Hogwarts." He said looking over his glasses as him. Teddy didn't say anything.

Harry nodded. "Yes." He said bringing the Headmasters attention to him. "Teddy is thirteen years old. So, he'll be entering his third year, I believe. He was born in April..." Teddy blocked the rest of it out, only answering the questions the Headmaster directed towards him. The questions were usually about how he did in school back at home in 'America'. Harry took care of everything else, pulling out Teddy's transcripts that they had to alter before coming here and his fake birth certificate.

"Well..." Teddy was brought back to the present by the Headmaster. "...Mr. Moon, I welcome you to Hogwarts and I hope you would enjoy your stay. If you just walk down those stairs..." He said indicating the stairs out of his office. "...Professor McGonagall will be waiting for you with instructions and papers on your entry to Hogwarts." He finished with a kind smile and sparkling eyes.

Teddy looked towards his godfather for instruction. He nodded his head, signaling it was alright for him to go. Teddy nodded and stood. "Thank you, Headmaster."

"It's no problem, my dear boy."

Teddy left the office.

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