This story wouldn't have been created if it wasn't for Myde the Turk and her series of PoM humanized one-shots/drabbles from the collection called Moments. Infact the intro is based off of 'Demise' in Chapter 4 number 92. I absolutely love Kico and that was all it took to lock the plot together. This is slash, they are human, but their personalities follow more of my humanized versions of the penguins such as from my story An Artist's Agonized Addictions.

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Operation: Poisoned Heart

-Clank- Rico felt himself going numb, the dented crowbar slipping from his hand, no telling where the rust began and the blood ended. It was all over, their bitter enemy finally meeting his demise. Automatically his body moved forward to where Kowalski lay still unconscious from the punch he had landed earlier, falling to his knees to hold the scientist. The weapon expert swallowed thickly his fingers brushing against the bruise from where had injected the taller man. Nothing else mattered now, his mind focused on only one thing.

"Rico…" Skipper's voice trailed off in shock seeing the sight before him. Dr. Blowhole's battered body laying mere feet from the other two members of his team, blood splatters and an abused crowbar laying between them.

"What's wrong Skippa?" rushed footsteps quickly ended from right behind, his hand quickly snapping up to block the teen's view of the scene.

"Private, start looking in Blowhole's lab for the cure. I'll call in to HQ, let them know we need a sweep team."

"O-on it, Sir." Silence filling the room once Private left, leaving Skipper to observe the remaining two members of his team. Everything coming clear in that one moment, it made perfect sense that Rico was able to defeat Blowhole's minions, Blowhole himself, and a brainwashed Kowalski.

"It's amazing what things love can make possible." That one word caused Rico's head to snap up his blue green eyes shining with fear and surprise.