MAR crossover challange naruto and a MAR Crossover with Bleach Ichigo

Ok what I want is 2 Naruto and 2 Bleach storys crossovered with MAR

The First Naruto crossover is Itachi(healed somehow or another) with a None blinded eyes and has the powers of the eternal mangakyo Sharingan but none of the Inmortal parts(and again anyway you want to have that happen) but he need to be weakened when he first gets there till he get out of the first training Gate that all for this one. o and you can do any pairing you want was long as they are not the ugly knight chick and any of the guys on the show so not yaoi.

Ok the 2nd one use Naruto and give him any powers with wind and some type of bloodline limit(he to need to be weakened till the first gate trainning is over), same deal with pairings

Ok for the first Bleach you can have ichigo be his powerfull self (the one for when he beat Aizen's with) but he only at that stage when he is in bankai full form like here are the state for ichigos power with is swords state sealed, shikai,bankai, full bankai(the one were he has the really long chain on his arm and a handle for his sword. he can not use the final move thing he use on Aizen or go into that from. same with the other two storys no full power till first training gate but until he get the 2nd training gate he cant use full bankai.

For the 2nd Bleach story the main char is ... Byakuya Kuchiki again no full power till first training gate that mean no bankai and he only get bankai after and cant use that final move were he has wings till after the 2nd training gate.

Pairing for both storys are the same and in all these story ginta does not go to MAR Heaven

let see who can do a great job keep it up if you have question just pm me.