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Welcome, to Weapons of Escape.


The judge looked down at his newest victim. It had finally happened.

The Arms Dealer had finally been caught.

Everyone was shocked at how young the boy was. He was no older than 17! This couldn't be possible. He had to be covering up for someone. After all, they had been after the Arms Dealer for over twelve years! The judge ran a hand through his grey hair, his honey eyes looking down at the boy.

The so called Arms Dealer had long golden hair that fell to his mid-back with some pulled into a high pony tail. His eyes were such a magnificent blue; they could make sapphires hide in shame. Dressed in typical convict wear, he never seemed to lose his pride…not even knowing that all of his magical abilities were locked away thanks to a collar around his neck.

"I'll ask you once more Katsu Deidara…Who are you taking the fall for?" asked the judge. The boy, now known as Deidara, looked up at the judge with a bored expression, "I've told you ten times already. I am not lying. You wanted the Arms Dealer? You got me. Fucking Hidan distracted me and your little cops were able to get into my shop." "You do realize that you are facing over 500 years of prison don't you?" Deidara shrugged, not really caring what this man had to say. "You don't deny that you've committed the murders and sold illegal weapons, among many other things, that should sentence you to death? You're lucky we're going easy on you because of your age." Deidara nodded, "I know."

Looking up at him with those arrogant, sapphire eyes, Deidara seemed to be studying him. With a sigh, the judge asked, "Well, Arms Dealer, how do you plead?" Deidara looked over at the jury, "It doesn't matter does it?" he stated. The judge raised a silver brow in question and the young blonde teen continued, "After all, If I don't have the right amount of money, it doesn't matter."

The judge's eyes widened. What did this boy mean? "What?" "Don't play dumb. You are Yoku are you not?" asked the boy. "What does that have to do with anything?" asked Yoku. Deidara smirked, "Justice is corrupt." He stated, shocking, not only the judge, but the jurors as well. "Here, fate is determined by how high astatus." Continued Deidara as he looked up at the judge. "You're the master ofthe courtroom…but all you want is what's in my wallet more than anything." Yoku narrowed his eyes at him this time, "How dare you, you insolent brat!" he growled. Deidara laughed, "Shall I tell what you are? And maybe what your fate will be un?"

Not losing his composure, Yoku straightened up, "You have nothing to tell." He said. Deidara merely laughed, "Even a rapist can be saved if he slips you enough to get what you want. For you see my friends its simple-Money's a hell of a D.A." There were gasps from the jurors as they listened to the blonde. Yoku merely cleared his throat, "What makes you think he's telling the truth?" "No matter the appearance, the age, the race, the sex, it means nothing to you. The only thing that matters-you got the cash, the green, the dough? Good, then it's a deal."

The audience in the courtroom started to whisper among themselves as Deidara smirked and continued, "Our lives are on the line, you see, determined by-" he pointed at Yoku, "Yours truly. 'If you want salvation hand over your money'!" "ORDER! ORDER IN THE COURT!" (A/n: I HAD to do it. XD) exclaimed Yoku as he banged his gavel to try and quiet down everyone, especially Deidara. "What right do you have to spew such lies?" he asked in disgust.

With a wide smirk, Deidara ignored the question, "So what if sin is the only thing on your resume`? This is a corrupted form of judgment! If I want to climb out of the pit of false accusations, I'll have to fork it over, hand it over, all of my money!" "You are under oath Deidara!" "I know. And I haven't broken that oath at all. For your 'baby girl', who will never stand on her legs, you need money! So, if you bring forth envy, gluttony, pride, and lust, all you wish will come to be?"

Yoku was losing his patience. Why wouldn't this boy shut up? "Your Honor, today the court of doubt assembles again! The good weep while those evil have a grin! If you to grant the wish you crave most, harder and harder the unjust hammer will blow!" explained Deidara. Yoku sighed, "Anything else?" The blonde's smirk widened and his eyes brightened, "Oh yes. Next is your fate. A dastardly mass killer who led the red army, naturally a crime of state. A bribe of all bribes given to you so gladly. 'The Defendant is not guilty!' Civil war breaks out because of the unfair verdict; Leader of red shot. Grotesque bodies litter the fields once so pretty."

How did that have to do with Yoku? He sighed and gave up trying to shut the boy up. It didn't seem like anything fazed him. "The wrath will find its way to you- you should've seen it. Your white house will burn in fire. Your beloved 'baby girl', you have no fear when she's safely in your arms. In the burnt white house, people will be sure to find the cuddling bodies a 'father and his child'."

"Guilty!" exclaimed the judge, his temper finally at its limit, "Take him away!"

Deidara laughed maniacally, "Aw, but you didn't let me finish! I was just getting to the good part! When you wake up, you will be alone, in an unbearably warm place. So this is the gate to Hell. Whether it is Heaven or Lucifer- who has the right to judge? The one from the flaming yard? Even the most evil can be free if they pay the lovely fee, right? After all, this is the truth- Money is a Hell of a D.A." The security guards went over and grabbed the boy roughly. Though, that did nothing to silence him, "You smile at the Grim Reaper like he's an old friend, and whisper into his ear, 'You can roll in shit, I'll never give up my fortune. It's mine, all mine, you know.' You head for the exit with a prideful stance…And you fall through a hole straight into the depths of Hell!"

The Guards began to drag the boy away, but his gaze locked with the judge, Yoku, "So what if sin is the only thing on your resume`? This is a corrupted form of judgment! Even if someone- oh let's just say you- doesn't get to walk away from all that he has done. So someday you'll make a deal and collect once again, sin of Greed made into a fragment! As soon-" Luckily, the door shut, cutting off the boy that was known as the Arms Dealer.

Yoku looked around the courtroom. All eyes were on him, and all eyes held doubt. Damn that boy. How did he know so much? And would that really be his fate?…of course not…and even if it was… 'As soon as I do…I promise Hell will turn into a Utopia meant for only me and my little girl.' "Bring on the next case…"…


Deidara laughed as the guards shoved him in the back of a truck. "Too bad he won't listen to me un! Oh well, just means that one less corrupt official is on Raito's side!" he said as the door slammed…

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